The senseless violence in Uvalde, Texas has many of us emotionally, physically, and spiritually sad, much like the layouts from Kayla (Keepscrappin) and Ona (Wombat146) depict.  It is in these dark and troubled times that we must continue to seek light and support one another – to perform everyday acts of kindness.  I believe the Gallery Standout Blog is a place that does that – spreads a little bit of appreciation, kindness, and cheer.  And I believe art is a safe place for us to express pain and celebrate life.  My picks tonight are a combination of that – expressions of exhaustion, explosions of brilliant light and color by Kiana and Amanda, and a celebrations of nature by Olga (Jam-on-toast) and Ksacry.  My format is different this evening.  I typically comment on each layout.  But tonight, scrolling through these beautiful layouts, I take a moment of silence.

Permanent exhaustion by Keepscrappin (Kayla):

Not Going to Happen by Wombat146:

Be awesome by Amandaresende:

All You Have to DO is FLY by Kiana:

Day 12 by Jam-on-toast

New Paths by Ksacry:

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing, May 25th

  1. Thanks so much for selecting my layout Lisa for this thread, always an honor and a thrill. Sending my thoughts and love to everyone in Uvalde, Texas as well, so senseless! xxxxx

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