Hello Digi-friends!!!

This month has been quite a whirlwind!!! So much going on with graduations, and end of the school year, and just the crazy things happening in our world today. Let’s all take a break for a moment and just enjoy some beauty that has been created in the galleries!!

First up is Birds of a Feather by nibylandia

That baby!!! Oh, my ovaries ache just looking at that precious bundle! I love the heart cardboard and the fantastic shadowing on the flower clusters!! The dark background makes that adorable face just stand out!!!

Hamer Lodge is next with “Precious Memories”

I am really entranced by this vintage photo, and I want to know this lady’s story!! I love the paper pile and it’s fun intricate details, and the cluster of flowers give a nice splash of color to make this heritage page shine!

“Hey You”, by Jak is up next!

Uh oh – butterflies!!! You had me at butterflies!!!! Jak’s color sense is absolutely spot on. The teal and yellow together is stunning!!! Her shadowing is very realistic, and I like the way she piled all different types of papers underneath that fantastic photo to make the depth amazing!! The interesting paint on the background makes for a wonderful texture as well.

Oh, Paula Kesselring…your “Seriously” caught my eye so fast!!!!

I saw the lawn gnome and I was hooked!!! He is seriously so cute and perfect for this page!! The felt grass, and all the “NO’s” are so fun and whimsical! I adore Paula’s designs, and I love seeing her scrap too!! I laughed at her journaling and I want to know who thought this was a good gift to give her!!!

“Enjoy the Moment” by Mother Bear

These photos are positively fantastic!!! I love how she blended the larger photo with sponge paint and the flower pile is gorgeously shadowed. The entire layout screams exactly what the title says: “Enjoy the Moment”. This is wall worthy!

And rounding out our picks for today, “Sunny Days” by agoymerac.

These photos of plants are so very lovely, and I was entranced by the beautiful tree. I want to find out what kind of tree that is! The deer are so cute and I like that she put the picture in a stamp frame. The stitching and foliage underneath the pictures are a perfect touch, and I love the sweet little butterfly holding down the picture is a perfect touch.

Well, there you have it! Just a brief reprieve from the world…until next time!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing ~ May 26, 2022

  1. Thank you, Susan for featuring my layout!
    Congrats to everyone else….your layouts are amazing!

  2. Ohhh Susan THANK YOU!!! You made my day! I was missing scrapping a lot! And to get the GSO makes me feel like WHO WHO! and this sensation is so good! Thank you for you sweet words!

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