To all the mothers, sisters, aunties, and grandmas out there, I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.  And to all our scrappers, organic and digital, I hope you enjoyed iNSD festivities and filled your hard drives and/or craft rooms with boat loads of goodies (I know I did!).

Flower Love by ksacry

My first pick for the evening is based on a flower bouquet from daughter to mother.  And what a lovely bouquet and resulting work of art we have.  I am always impressed with those who have the skill to blend photos into art so seamlessly, as if the photo is paint.

leçon d’équitation N°1 copie by myla

And my second pick once again employs the blending technique where the photo merges with paints and transfers.  Here I adore the ponies as well as the blue skies and green grasses.  What a marvelous scrapbook layout.

wild heart by huyentrang43

Despite wearing a mask, the beauty and cheer of this little girl shines through.  Her eyes smile.  The pink, white and green color palette is lovely and mixed with wood there is a bit of country sheek vibe (even with the Spiderman shirt).  The clusters are lovely and the paint is a delightful arty touch.

Capricorn by Angels

As a Capricorn, of course I am drawn to this layout!  Like a moth to the flame, haha!  Upon closer look, I absolutely adore the zodiac paper blended with a photomask.  This layout is fun and whimsical.  There is so much to see and admire.

You are magic by Angels

Yes, this evening I pick a second layout from Angels.  Here she created a bit of magic with the bold colors!

ThinkSayDo by Janedee

What a marvelous piece of art!  The rich colors are superb and the layer upon layer invites the viewer to keep looking deeper and deeper into the layout.

Road less traveled by JanikN

I tend to be a sucker for large photo layouts; and here we have the large photo mixed with additional photos that tell the hiking story. The colors and tones of the elements compliment the gorgeous greens. And look at the cute squirrel wanting to join the adventure.

15a by Shellbyj

What a gorgeous layout, full of fun colors and elements.  The pops of red lead the eyes around the layout.  And not to mention, the boys are adorable and so cute in their bright red-orange shirts.

Intuition by Dalis

What draws me in is how photorealistic this digital layout looks.  What magic!  The characters are cute and whimsical, and all the paint and mark-making makes me happy!

2022 Week 17 Left by Mrivas

What awesome photos and cropping.  That tall photo with the Apple symbol – wow! This pocket page uses white to the greatest advantage.  It brings out the text and patterned papers.

I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing our galleries rock with all the iNSD goodies you stocked up on.

Take care!

Lisa (Armygrl)


3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 9th

  1. Thanks so much, Lisa! Such an honor to be in the same post as some of my fav scrappers.

    — Dalis

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