Hello hello!!!! Hope you are all with your hearts full of happiness and hope!!! I know only too well how difficult the past few years have been for so many of us…but here we are still, sharing pieces of our lives and art, making the galleries shine…. and despite the chaos around this planet of ours, if you are reading means you are blessed, I know I am, despite the pandemic, the being far from family, the having lost two computers and not being able to scrap…. I know I count so many of you as my chosen family, I am sure everyone of you feel like this to some extend!

I know I am a bit late this year (I usually post within the holidays), but couldn’t start the new year without highlighting the marvellous ladies who are the heart of the GSO. Some for over 10 years, others much more recent, all are brilliant artists and memory keepers, with the added value that is that they are giving their time in exchange of nothing but the (for us better and more amazing than any money or all the kits in the world) beautiful emotion of knowing we can bring a bit of happiness, make a day better for another fellow scrapper… that is always a ray of light in our hearts. 🙂

I still can’t type much so I ll be brief but will ask you to give these ladies a bit of all that love they spread during the year… click on the name of the LO and artist and you will be at the page here featured, leave them some love!

Starting with SeattleSheri Hopeful 2022, I think so very appropriate, and, as always, Sheri makes magic with those awesome lights, the marvellous tittle with, literally, the heart of her family, those handsome, sweet boys melting hearts with the smile…absolute beauty!!!! I already admired all her talent and feel blessed to have been able to get to know more and keep getting inspired by her a bit closer up….and this is such a wonderful way to start the year. Let it Be Hopeful!

Our fearless leader, Jan aka IntenseMagic, she is the one who spends time and energy making all our schedules fit so that we can share all the talent (trust me, not an easy job, the scheduling thing!) here with a page she calls New Year. A wonderful composition full of her always elegance, the gorgeous combination of wood with florals, perfect shadows making the textures show, the super beautiful layering …I could go on and on!!!!! She is one of the most inspiring ladies in the industry!

Here is one of our newest part of the team, she arrived not too long ago in the communities and with her cheerful beauty and talent gained our hearts, becoming a sister to me, gifting all galleries with her pages, shining in any style….you know her as Cherylindesigns and here she is portrayed in this magical, inspiring page, By the Pond, soooo amazingly composed the scene and making my country girl heart fill with light!!!! The whole thing is so inviting, I wish we could step into this amazing place and share that peace, thanks for giving us this, Cher!!!!

Another one who arrived a couple of years ago and took all our hearts like a hurricane, and with this page made me soooooooooo jealous …. because I SO want to be in that photo!!!!! She calls herself Claire Grantham (oh the temptation to call her Lady- you won’t understand if you aren’t a Downton Abbey fan!)  here with a page for Document Your December, Celebrating New Friends… oozing all that wonderful personality with another two ladies who have also won our hearts in so many ways, (and healed mine beautifully too!) Debborah (DivaMom96) & Esther (MyWiseCrafts)  The page, pristine as always, reflects all 3 of them talent, and, I’m sure, even if you don’t know them, will get a smile to brighten your heart with this!!!!!

Next page is from our Debborah, DivaMom96, the middle one in the photos above, another marvellous lady in more ways than I can describe, her pages always full of beauty, style and memories shown in the most amazing way no matter what style she goes for… you can tell by this, MOC10-1. Change is Good. And not only her visuals here are delightful, the perfection of that blending, almost feeling like a painting, that sun bringing so much light one can almost feel the warmth… all rounded into something magical. I encourage you  to read and treasure these words…, so truthful and full of heart, full of understanding…..! Pure awesome and I want to swim the whole ocean to go give you a hug!!!!

The third lady in the photo, (on the right) another smile that shines as much in her face as it does in her always jaw dropping pages,  Esther aka mywisecrafts with this awesome Winter Wonderland. In the past couple (or 3?) years since she arrived bringing beauty into memory keeping, inspiring and really impressing, more and more, and in this one….the extraction, the elegance of the composition, the way the light follows all over the page…and one of the things that impressed me the most…this is a scraplift, so, so very well excecuted, that she brought her own persona into it… another fabulous page!!!

Hope you enjoyed and got inspired, I will be back tomorrow  or in a few hours to bring you the rest of the team, I know many of us need inspiration so hold on for tomorrow’s awesome pages!!!! Please, visit the galleries, let’s keep encouraging one another, keeping the sharing love, memory keeping, artful friendships and more, let’s keep walking towards light and hope. Thanks for always encouraging us!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – New Year’s Edition! Part 1- January 2nd.

  1. Thank you so much for all of your kind and beautiful words, Cynthia! You know how to make a person’s heart sing. I hope this New Year is a good one for you and your family!!!!

  2. Thank you SO much, Dear Cynthia! I’m so sorry the link didn’t work – I fixed it and messaged you. I’m SO happy and humbled to be included in this group of talented scrappers!! You just turned my whole day around.

  3. Happy New Year! Cynthia! Thank you so much for the lovely words. You really made my day. It’s truly an honour to be a part of this talented group. I love GSO it’s a gateway to seeing all the amazing creations and discovering new scrappers. x

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