Hello again! Hope everyone is having a great week,  or at least the best possible as these days allow…  Around our household things are chaotic, trying to get rid of tons of stuff by giving it to people who need it, no house/flat/home I ever lived in looked the way ours look right now : almost fitting to an episode of “hoarders”!  But lets dive into the marvellous point that brings me here again, which is, as I said in the previous post, shining a light on the [awesome!] ladies who are the GSO team. As I also keep saying, not only these talented artists make every gallery proud, but the “work” we all do here is something from the heart…. we don’t get anything material (in this case not even digital?) but we do get the beauty in our souls by going around the talent in the galleries, but also that priceless feeling that is to know that we can, even if in a slightest of ways, make someone’s day a bit better  🙂

I’m going to start with Oh Christmas Tree by lizziet5,  a work of art and I am lacking words to describe the magnitude of perfection I feel here! The depth of field is so much of an impact, perfection in colors, perfection on the choosing of the text brushes, and together with the embellishing of it, Lizzie’s usual elegance taken to a maximum makes this absolutely fabulous!

Another one with gifted elegance, ArmyGrl with MOC1_BlindScrap_FoxRunTrail, another rare moment in which I’m left speechless…she always does! I already thought when I first saw her pages 10 years ago that she was amazing perfection, but she still keeps amazing me with growth and beauty… Here the strength of the photo, the stylish elements kept to the minimum, the tilt of that frame and that cracked paper all work beautifully, it feels like I wanna step inside that path …gorgeousness!!!

Next is Christmas 2021 by Heidi Nicole, another one of my Queens of Elegance, she can tell a story , be minimalist or fill the page with layered perfection, but no matter what, she always creates awesomeness. Love this composition, the amount of different textures, the super amazing shadows that give a handmade feel, love particularly the way the numbers are attached to the page, all, papers and most elements have a vintage feel, and then appears that photo with all the warmth and beauty of this family, those smiles….. wonderful all over!

This is Like Mother, Like Daughter by dotcomkari, and from the start with the title this comes straight into my heart! I have been amazed by Kari for 7 or 8 years… she is another life warrior who translates emotion into the page with perfection. There is so much here so beautiful, the blended photo in the background, the awesome composition and the crazy layering, the inked dates, the scatters, the perfection in which colors combine in style with the photos, that little cluster of word strips…. joyful entirely!

Now I have a couple of pages that are what I consider to be the soul of scrapbooking, by two fantastic ladies. This one is My Pregnancy by Cutiejo1. I love Joanna, have for years now even though I don’t get to see her pages often, when I do, my heart sings, each and every time. In this one, first she explains us this is about her niece’s pregnancy, she had an awful time in it, but is considering doing it all again. I know sometimes we gravitate to nice visuals, artsy compositions or just giving a wonderful “environment” for our photos, but, to me, it is even more important to be able to scrap the difficult times, the ugly events, certain feelings and even photos where we think we look bad …. and these will be the pages that will be treasured, not just by us and immediate family, but for the ones who will know about our family’s history (as opposite my parents having amazing and interesting photos from centuries ago, but can’t remember who half of the people where) and (coming to the point!) when it is done like this…. the gift of being able to transform something not good, sad, difficult and turning it into a piece of art…. Joanna does it with perfection here. From the way the photos, cards and journaling are placed, to the big title and gorgeous clusters, and the ripped paper layered with  the rest of the patterns…all in perfect harmony!  Hope if she goes for it again, she will have a much better time!

The next one is also on that line of thought, Don’t Reject Me by pachimac. I have become a fan of her pages and love that I get to see her more often now, always creating gorgeous pages and she is as great thinking outside the box as much as she is when going minimalist, Susie always makes an impact, and here is a strong feeling I know so many of us go through at some point or another (or a million times!) in our lives, and she translated it to perfection! The photo with lower opacity, the layering and the use of the alpha and word art a bit messy… exactly like our planet is now!  Once again: the power of storytelling, the key that takes scrapbooking from a craft and transforms it in art….and Susie achieves it wonderfully!

Last, but not in the very least least, is our newest addition to the team:  agoymerac with Sweet Brenna, an amazingly beautiful page for n amazingly beautiful child! love the stacked papers, the way those stitches frame the photos in the centre, love the choices for background, that brilliant floral heart brining up the beaming smiles…. something I find marvellous is the fact that, despite of not having any of the traditional elements or patterns for the season, the whole page does have that festive feeling…… pure awesome!!!

This will be all from me today, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Hope we all will have a bit of a break and soon the world can start to heal…. in the mean time, here we are, making memories and making sure they are documented! TFL!!!


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