Kari here. How is everyone? It has been awhile since I last posted. Since than a lot has changed in my life, I became a Mrs. and got a new name! and gained a husband! We had been together 10 years but now that we are married it seems so unreal. I am still adjusting to life as a Mrs. and remembering to use my new last name. And of course coming up with a fancy way to sign it.

On top of everything else I start a new job tomorrow! Which I am super duper excited about! Going to be working part time at Sam’s Club. Since I got hurt last year at my old job, I had to quit my previous job earlier this year. (it was not an easy choice). Finding new work that worked with my restrictions wasn’t easy. But I am hoping I have found a good fit. To tell you the truth down deep I am a tad bit nervous!

I can not believe it is November already! Fall is here and all around me in Wisconsin the leaves have fallen off the trees. (which my dog Neelix loves!). He thinks the trees shake off their leaves just for him. A special crunchy buffet of color all over the ground just for him to scoop up and eat. But seriously I love this time of year! The beautiful colors, the weather not too warm nor to cold, the apple cider, boots, walks with loved ones and cuddling under warm blankets watching movies! Who could ask for anything more? What is your favorite fall activity?

Now on to my picks

My first pick of the night is that of

Just Because by AJM 

I am a huge fan of her work and this one is just perfect! I love the simple-ness of it and all the white space. It is so elegantly done. What isn’t there to love?

My second pick of the night screams autumn to me!

Autumn Splendor by mywisecrafts

I am so in love with this layout by Esther! The colors are just stunning and I love her use of the butterflies and vines.

this third pick blew me away. I found this beauty at Oscraps

Forbidden Seas by Adryane

I love the blend work here and the color choices reminds me of the ocean. And I love her how title work just seems to blend right into the image. Such amazing work!

My final pick for the night I traveled over the Pickle Berry Pop and found this masterpiece:

Busy Days by NHDesignz

I am a sucker for a bunch of paint and this one really grabbed at the messy paint heart strings. I mean just look at all that wonderful painty mess! And I love the photo flitter she chose also! What a great design!

That is all for tonight! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week! Keep scrapping your memories! and take care! Until next time!

Kari signing off! 🙂



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