Hello hello!!!! Cynthia/MrsPeel here, back after a few months and (nothing new, really LOL) late in my first day back…should’ve made this post last night, but DD was admitted in hospital a few days ago, things are complicated enough, then my mum arrived early hours of the morning from a 14 hours flight yesterday…I’m grateful for the chosen family we have that allowed all to be fine, many of you here are that family, so thank to you guys! I’m so very pleased to get back to highlight the awesome talent we have in this industry! As always, my heart breaks having to pick just a few… (so I added one more!!!) But enough of me, here they are, enjoy & get inspired!!!

Starting with one of industry’s most favorite artists, personally mine too, is Ona aka wombat146 with Rainbow of Autumn colors.  As she does, the whole thing is a marvel, from the depth of field focused as a main star in the page, to the fabulousness of the cluster and it’s shadows, the wonderfully blend of the photo with a patterned background….Pure.Awesome!

Following the fall feeling is always awesome SeattleSheri with Autumn Smile. She is a professor on clustering and general perfection no matter what style, shining in this one with a mixture of textures, layering delight, a super cute photo and shadows I wish I could emulate… more awesomeness!!!!

Another piece of great art and memory keeping from Melidy in this page she calls Together, love this girl always, and this is a perfect example of why: beautiful. composition, amazing elegance, a so so very sweet photo, and (something extremely important to me) the fact that she transcribed her journaling for us to read, taking the page to a higher level, even more so when you read it…  the power we have with our pages to make amazingly beautiful pieces of not so beautiful, even ugly, events in our lives… LOVE this!!!!!!

Next is Memories by Saar. I would have to write extensible to express my love for Sarah and her pages, but I reckon you know and, more than likely, feel the same way, so I will just bring you the page…. a brilliant composition, a new mum’s pride shining here with the baby’s sweet photo, gorgeous blank space, a mixture of stamps and brushes in a marvellous background, the doodles and perfect shadows, absolutely amazing elegance!!!!

Another one of my most treasured scrapping Queens, Krista aka norton94 with Skate Date, a wonderfully put together double pager. Happy photos, fantastic take on the template, the clusters which play with colors making all sync perfectly, adding the shadows that give dimension so beautifully… makes my heart sing! You can see the whole double pager bellow this one in her gallery, and the other page is HERE. All together awesome!

My heart sings so happily finding her pages, and she never ever fails to amaze! This is As Above So Bellow by faerywings, an image so striking as is the journey she shares of how it was build, marvellously bringing together different pieces and achieving a master piece!

Last but not least, Life Is by Madi, a happy, bright and fun art journal page that closes the amazingly talented list for today!

Hope you get inspired as much as I am, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Oh my dear friend! Thank you so much for picking one of my layouts. Thank you so much for the GSO. Much much much appreciated! xxx

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