Good morning Digi-land!!!!! How are you all doing today? It’s the cusp of the holidays, so I’m sure that most of you are pretty busy as am I! Let’s all get our comfy fleece and flannel on, wrap our hands around a cup of warm hot chocolate, put on a Hallmark Christmas movie, and surf the galleries!! I’ve found 6 goodies for you to drool over today!

Brothers by NAdams

I was so in love with this page when I saw it in the galleries! I had to click through and see who made this and what it was all about! There is so much here to be amazed at: I love the ghosted text in the background, the dried bouquet of flowers, and the beautiful photos blended into the background. I can’t imagine another heritage page I’ve seen that rivals this! I even tried to scrap-lift it, but it was not nearly as amazing as this page!

Together by IntenseMagic

What a sweet pair of photos this has! I had to come in and see this more closely! I love the color scheme and the wonderfully shadowed clusters. I’m always in awe of Jan’s ability to take little pieces of a kit and arrange them so perfectly! When I use stitches, they just look messy, but hers are always in the exact perfect place!

Autumn Leaves by Josie

The wood background is a perfect backdrop to both that amazing photo and the wonderful elements she placed onto it. I love the triangles in a circle, and the papers she chose remind me of a wonderfully warm cozy quilt! Lovely shadows and just the perfect amount of color.

You Are A Gift by Adrianita

Isn’t this just fabulous?? It went directly into my scrap lift pile and I’m really going to try to do it justice! The wonderfully placed frames are so perfectly accented by the branch wreath! The paint underneath is just perfect to give a flavor of color, and the blended backgrounds are perfect to not take over the page. The sweet cluster on the left is also perfectly and tastefully done. I love the sewn-down ribbon and that beautiful butterfly helping to tie one side of the page to the other.

Back to  Nature by ConnieMiles

Ok, that’s it. I want to go here. This layout is fantastic! I love how she captured the beauty of the river and in the circle frame, she captured the buildings. It’s hard to know whether or not she took pictures of those fabulous flowers or if they’re part of the page! I’m always a sucker for butterflies, and she didn’t disappoint! The background blending gave wonderful texture.

Time For a Hike by Pizazz

And finally, but most certainly not the least of these pages, is this happy page by Pizazz. I adore the way she blended the photo of the bridge into the page and surrounded it by paint. The torn paper on the bottom is wonderful, and I love the clusters she created. The photos are fantastic and the whole layout and the way she placed everything just feels like I’m on the hike with her! I also enjoyed the cute little girl peeking out of the cluster on the bottom!

Well ladies, I hope you had time to finish your hot chocolate and enjoyed this brief respite. I’m off to the store to buy the fixings for Sweet Sausage Tortellini Soup!! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday!!

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