Oh my fur and whiskers!  I’m late… Actually, I am pretty late with getting this posting done this evening.  Ha!  I am feeling like the White Rabbit.  So what an awesome pick to begin tonight’s GSO post.

Don’t Be Late by Fiddlette Designs

I love a good Art Journal page, or page that is pure art.  I also love Alice in Wonderland themes and art.  Designer Fiddlette nails it across all fronts! This layout is whimsical and fun and channels my inner Alice.

Rj-lg-hmv2-hurting by Veronique PINCEMIN

I found this image to be full of emotion – the downtrodden face, the tears on the vest.  Beautifully melancholy.  The placement of the stitches are fantastic (I almost did not recognize them as stitched elements) and the shadows are superb.

June by Lynnette

Although it is not winter yet, with temps in the 20s (F) and snow, it sure feels like winter.  Thus, I was pleasantly surprised and felt a smidgen of warmth when I saw Lynnette’s layout June in the galleries.  The summer vibes with the hiking trail and beach scene brought a smile to my face.

Instalove by Kiana

I think the photos with the black and white stripped backgrounds are super cute…as is the layout!  Kiana rocks the shadows and I adore her choice of elements – the big flowers and the camera especially.

Pajamas All Day Zippyoh

What’s not to love here? The girl illustration is adorable, the clustering amazing, and that cup of coffee looks delicious!  And YES to pajamas all day!

Art is Life by Sylvia

For me, art is a significant part of life!  And this beauty pulled me right in.  The arty pieces on the white background POP!  I love the color palette and the styling.  And, I am incredibly inspired by the workmanship here.

Oh no, I think I hear the Red Queen, “Off with his head!.”  It is time for me to go!

Until next time – Have a wonderful and Thankful week!

Lisa (Armygrl)

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