Hello all! It’s Addie (agoymerac) here with today’s shout outs! It is always such a pleasure to look through the galleries–so many amazing layouts out there!!

The first page that caught my eye was “Eeek” by ClaireG. First off, that photo was awesome….I would love to see that! The layering and elements are super fun!!

Next, “My Little Pumpkin” by little pixie is one of my favorite layouts in a while! She started with a Layer Works template and totally made it her own! And that photo—so cute!!!

Next, “Fancy Free” by KayTeaPea is so fresh and delightful! The photos are darling, and I love the colors and fun elements on this expertly designed page!

Next, “Venice Beach Pier” by AmySolovay has such a lovely color palette, and that photo drew me in! Wonderful layering made for a spectacular layout!

Next, “Mushrooms” by onaponakookt is so awesome! I LOVE hunting for and photographing mushrooms, so this one immediately spoke to me! The photos, the paint, the journal book….all just wonderful!

Finally, “Halloween Cookies” by corrin is just delightful! Holiday traditions are wonderful, and this cookie making event is documented perfectly!

Thanks so much for reading. Please pop into the galleries and give my shout outs some love! Have a wonderful day. -Addie

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