Hello lovely scrappers!  I hope this Tuesday finds you all well. I’ve started doing my “leaf watch” every day to see if the trees are starting to turn and took a long drive yesterday but didn’t see much color yet.  I’m still on the lookout, though.

Let’s get started with the Finger-Pointing for today, what do you say?

Bewitched by Agoymerac

The photographs on this page really grabbed my attention and I love that they’re all in black and white!  The story to go along with the pictures is so well-documented and the cute orange elements make this page a total winner!

Calendar Fun by Jeannette

I simply adore the way this calendar elements kit is showcased on one page.  It really intrigues me, and I’m now inspired to play with a digital calendar of my own.  I love that so many of the different elements are displayed, with so much creativity!

JA5 by LiesB

I love everything about this page!  The beautiful, fall color hues are so rich and saturated and the blending is fantastic.  I also love the big circle with the pumpkin “scene” in the middle.  Pure fall deliciousness!

Fall Barn by ksacry

I just love seeing old barns when I’m driving through the countryside.  This barn scene is so beautiful and tranquil, and I can totally see is on the front of a greeting card.  The different blending modes used on this page are just wonderful, too.

Slow Scrap 9/30/22 by Janelle12

This page literally warms my heart – it’s all about family and how awesome would it be to find a home like this, with this amazing porch to line the whole family up for photos?  I fell in love with simply every detail of this page!

Friends Forever by EvelynD2

The vertical design of this page is what initially caught my eye.  I simply adore all of the lovely layering and clustering, too.  The photographs are wonderful and so is the addition of the clock.  Beautiful, eye-catching page!

Well, that’s it for me today.  I sure enjoyed going through the galleries and finding these picks for you.  Be sure to click on the name of the page and leave these artists some love.  Take care and keep on scrapping.


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