After a Sunday spent making an organic/analog art journal page, I cannot help but be blow away by the artistic talent that resides in our galleries.  Home to scrapbookers that excel in the visual art form of storytelling, memory keeping, and documenting, our galleries are also home to many talented artists who simply want to make art for the pure and simple joy of creating.  Today’s post is dedicated to the artists…those featured in a layout, those who splash color around their page, and those who make the most delightfully arty scrapbook layouts.


Graphic Novel Win by Lovely1m

Awesome layout design…yes, that would be awesome comic book layout design and scrapbook design!  Graphic novel win indeed!  Congratulations!  The bubble callouts are superb, and the title is spot on.  This layout is so fun and whimsical!

Wet Paint by Electra

I’ve been following Electra and her smorgasbord style of colorful layouts for quite some time.  Her mixing and matching of colors and patterns are always a feast for the eyes.

A Full Life by AngeBrands

Ange’s creation speaks of late September days out in a field of flaxen grass.  Her muted colors are blended so well.  And I adore the bits of text showing through along with the look of gesso and paint splatters.  This is such a mixed-media delight – digital style of course!

Little English Girly by LynnG

Soft and whimsical and oh-so arty!  Designer Lynn Grieveson is a scrapbook master.

Ann’s Mysty Dream 01 by Kythe

Here we have a delight piece of art that whispers a story to us if we are willing to stop by the fishpond for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We have the inky depths of drama giving way to a fair maiden.  We have dainty florals producing magical bits of light and the dragonflies to carry them away.  We have magic, mystery, and beautiful artistry.

This is Autumn by Betty Jo

There is rhythm, there is flow, and there is also a sense of peace with plenty of white space for the eyes to rest.  I adore the touch of watercolor here, and an ink splatter there, and the illusion of wind carrying newly fallen leaves away.  The touch of brilliant blue is the perfect complement to autumn’s orange.

Sep2022 Chall by Flowersgal

To create art is to reveal the heart, no matter how hidden we may try to be. Bits of the true self is reflected through the artists hands.


Until next time my lovelies!

Have a fantastic week!

Lisa (Armygrl)

One thought on “Finger Pointing – September 18th

  1. Lisa, thank you so very much. It’s an honor to have my page highlighted here at Gallery Standouts among all these beautiful and creative works of art. Your words describe me to a tee – “who simply wants to make art for the pure and simple joy of creating.” ♥

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