Welcome all!!! I am coming to you from the sticky hot city of Las Vegas! I am hiding under my AC vent and thanking God for William Carrier – the inventor of the air conditioner!! I just took a long trek through digi-land and picked out 6 layouts to share with you that made me smile!!

Kayleigh’s Together

This layout just jumped out at me in the galleries over at Katie Petite Designs! I was captivated by the fact that she was able to do a rainbow of colors around the circle and have them all be cohesive! I especially love the sweet butterflies and the background paint/textures!

Mother Bear’s “Sweet September”

These fabulous pictures caught my attention, but the beautiful colors and that huge cluster really kept me looking! I love the pops of purple and lavender and the sweet little butterflies. I’m a sucker for dogs and butterflies!!! The shadowing on her pictures is wonderful!

Miki’s “Barn Silos” 

I really love this!!! She took a very mundane, yet important thing and made it into art!!! I love the blending and the text on the small silo for texture!!!! The background paper choice is perfect for the sky and the tan ground. Her paint below to gate makes me think of golden waves of wheat! The one lone flower and the gold beads are the bomb!!

SeattleSheri “Capilano Bridge Park”

I really like the bold bright colors of this layout!!! The fall colors are just so wonderful to see coming into the galleries!! The mushroom cluster is just SOO cute and her shadowing is top notch! I love the bark background on the Title and the beautiful photos!

Alannabanana’s “Sweet September”

Alannabanana is well known for her amazing shadowing and clustering skills, and this page is following suit! The colors are amazing and there is nothing like a beautiful photo to make a layout shine!! I like the dragonflies and the Kraft paper.

JenEm “Find Your Wings”

This page is sheer magic! The photo of the dragonfly and the water-beaded spider web is fantastic!! I love how she kept the photo somewhat big so we could see what was going on, and her use of muted jewel-toned colors is a perfect choice.  Her use of the visual triangle brings my eyes right around the page so that I make sure to see it all!

Well, there you have it! Another day in the can! I hope that you have an amazing rest of the day, and do take the time to leave some love for these ladies – their pages are really top-notch!!!

Stay cool everyone – the holiday season and fall is almost here!!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing ~ September 5, 2022

  1. Susie, I’m ridiculously flattered to have my page chosen! I’m just giddy! Thank you for making my week brighter! I just adore all of the pages you chose, as per usual!

  2. What a kind thing to do! Thank you so much, Susie, for including my page with all of these beautiful pages. Congrats to all the other artists featured in this post. xo

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