Hello everyone out there in Digi-land!!! I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and joyful! As I’m going through the galleries, I am seeing so many Autumn / Fall themed pages!  I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. It’s already mid-October! Wasn’t it 2020 just a week ago??

Anyways…on to the galleries!!!

“Fly” by wombat146

I really enjoy when people do things that are surprising to me. I love that she put the journaling on the photo, and the blending is so unbelievably fantastic!! I love the splashes of blue that escape the blue background, and the white gesso/paint that makes it look like the frothy white of the waves at the sea!!

“Art & Soul” by Bellisae

Anything with a butterfly prominently displayed catches my attention, but it was the glowing photo and the fantastic paintwork that kept that attention! The mixes of paints, sprays, and gesso just make this page so amazing in its simplicity!! So tasty!!!

“Let it Be” by AnaSantos

Let it be, indeed. Let’s just sit and enjoy all the layers of this page! First of all, the way she blended the photo into all the background and elements is absolutely perfect. I love how her veil/head scarf blends into the background so that those tastefully chosen elements can adorn it. The color of the paint, gesso, and text make this background really complement the photo.

“My Little President” by Saar

This page is one of those that you look at and say “Man…that’s one of the most gorgeous pages I’ve ever seen!!!” Seriously, the clusters are perfectly shadowed and placed, the adorable baby can’t be topped, and the title work is superb. The sweet butterflies top it off with movement. There is nothing but perfection here!

“Fade into Autumn” by Amy L

The pictures in this page are just so very beautiful and touching! I am always drawn into babies and Moms with babies. What I love most about this page is that she left the photos large enough to see and didn’t cover them all up with way too many elements. The envelope with the butterfly and papers jumping out is adorable, as is the tape she used to “stick” the photos down. I like the font she used for her journaling – makes this page look very realistic.

“Lovely” by GrannyNKy

Yes, indeedy – this page is indeed lovely!! The oranges and light blues just make such a contrast! The flowers are beautifully shadowed, the photo matches perfectly with the paint and butterfly, and I think the quote that is used for the Title is fantastic.

So that’s it! Another installment of the goodies for you to enjoy! Again, take some time and give these ladies some loving! The photo and the title are both linked for your convenience! See you next time!!

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