Hello everyone! Hope the weekend has started well and there is lots to enjoy still! It is incredible that we are mid April! Here in my end of the world, we are suffering from unusually cold weather for April, which makes things more difficult for the ones of us with health issues (and very high priced energy bills!) but I’m delighted in knowing coming to the galleries and findings pieces of life turned into gorgeous art pieces brings up a warmth that helps keep going, and here I am to share them with you! Will try be brief ( I swear, I do try! LOL) as I had a flare up with my right hand yesterday after over-doing it on Wednesday. Here are some of the most gorgeous pages I found! I checked and re-checked and edited typos and grammar horrors, but just in case something escaped my attention, apologies before hand.

To start on a marvellous note, is Rae aka bcgal00, with Happy Day. A beautiful tribute to her granddaughter who sadly isn’t with us anymore, her beauty is surrounded by Rae’s created beauty with fabulous clusters, the vivid colors of her hair mirrored in some of the flowers gorgeously arranged, the bits of word art, the light coming out of the blinds in the photo creating a happy atmosphere, all tied up with perfect shadows. The way she blended the photo so seamlessly with the polka dot paper using bits of paints is fantastic! Pure Awesome!!!

Another spectacular page with a beautiful young lady at the heart of it,  Moon Child by Kayla aka keepscrappin is as impressive and happy with a dreamy night feeling. Here too, the photo is framed by amazing clustered flowers mixed with bits and pieces that give volume, love the old photo flair, that moon with woman element is absolutely wonderful, the way the background creates light, the beauty of the big title and all over stunning shadows is complete perfection! Superstar as always!

And more beauty from beautiful inside and out people, a photo-less page from Susie aka Pachimac,  AJ Week 1 Refuse is such a delicate piece of beauty with a powerful message, love how she complemented the Art Journal Doll with a mixture of delicate touches, the butterflies, the pieces of word art and dripping paint, all in sync creating a beautiful feeling with a strong message!

Next comes a stunning piece from Krista aka norton94 called Falling Apart. I know I maybe a bit biased when talking about the artist here, but also know she is loved and admired for her pages by so many of us, I feel perfectly allowed to sing her praises! This is an intense, beyond awesome piece of art journal, appeals to me strongly as this is very much the way I am crazy to achieve  for my own pages: lots of little bits & pieces to find in the foundation created for the cards and photo, I think it describes well the way many of us feel these days…a ton of bit and pieces that sometimes support us, sometimes drag us down… love the choice of cards and the way she framed one of them and, once again…the discovering of different elements nested with the flowers, the perfection of those shadows….a reflection of feelings from another family of warriors.

Next is Do What You Love Notebook by Angie Key.  Now this piece made me so so happy, because I have not seen anything from her whilst on blog duty for ages, and for about 10 years seeing her creations here and there, I know many of us find inspiration and are in awe of her skills. This is a hybrid project, which makes me stand in admiration even more…! The beauty of these colours, the awesome perfection of those clusters, am amazed by the shine of it all…  perfection sounds just right!

This next page is from Nietis…. oh…. my… Sherly keeps making me go back to her gallery and wishing I have more time to sit staring at her pages for longer…. and she has a 4 posted yesterday, and these 4  had me going back and forth without being able to decide…finally I decided on 2 of them. I will show you here the less traditional one, as I am always looking for things that stand out, new ways to keep memories with beauty and fun…. but you should make some time for her gallery here– if you do not have much time, I suggest you stop on THIS ONE here too…..  The one I am showing you here is called Spring Feels, and the feels are wonderful!!!! I remember hosting a chat challenge where I asked to make a page in which the main focus was on an element …this is so much more than the ideas I had then!!! LOVE how she was able to fit not one but two photos, the dynamic of it all with the gorgeous feel of warmth, love that border and the elements chosen to embellish that amazing bike… Also the way on which she combined template and a couple of kits for her sources, always love a credits list like this!!! As if that all wasn’t enough, she also tells about the day with a bit of journaling that lifted my spirits even more! LOVE the scrappers with whom I can follow the family lives (both the ones I communicate a lot 1 to 1 AND, like in Sherly’s case, the ones who we only speak once in a while but you can feel the greatness of the person…and they become your family too!), see them having children and raise them, and this is the kind of page that adds a little bit to the whole in more than perfect harmony!!!!! OK…      I stop talking now (I did say I would TRY to be brief LOL) here is Sherry’s Spring Feels!

Last but not least (never!) is a wonderful page from tanteva,  April 13 2023. I always love Eva’s pages, no matter what style she takes on, she is always impressive in beauty and technic, and when she goes for sharing her feelings on a text journaling form, love it even more! She lets us  know her a bit more with each page, and loving what we learn! This one is visually gorgeous, with a photo of herself, an awesome mixture of textures with stamps, brushes and bits and pieces of more corporeal elements with gorgeous shadows… love that she transcribe and translated her journaling…which I agree in part, I most definitely agree on the part of society being a bit crazy and things being different and wondering at times if the net has made us all retrieve into ourselves….I definitely dislike social media these days,  and even had my daughter earlier on telling me how she met a kid neighbour from when they were little, and them commenting how the kids in our place (we have huge communal gardens) no longer play outside like they used to…. so yes, in part I agree…but, to me, I think with Face Time, WhatsApp and all that kind of apps…we can be closer to loved ones, and the friendships I have made with scrappers, the many women I have met, some alone, some with their families, meeting in person…. I think if you look closer, Eva, you will find you have SO many friends,….. with this industry, I reckon the nature of it makes us close without needing to speak to one another that much….. you can count on us here, any time! And now I really need got stop talking LOL Here is Eva’s marvellous page!

This is all from me today.

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!


7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 14th-

  1. My goodness Cynthia – thank you for your kind words and the honor. I know you understand the heaviness of this page. xo Such an honor to be considered with these lovely artists

    1. I am so grateful, blessed with the magic of your pages and the blessing of your friendship….. every page is marvellous buy I had to share this one….. <3

    1. <3 you are one HUGE inspiration, I remember 'meeting" you for the first time years and years ago and your pages, the substance of your story and the beauty and elegance that you give through them, the marvellous way your personality shines through them.... already were awesome GSO worth then, and through the years my admiration keeps growing!!!!! <3

  2. Cynthia! If I ever pass by London again, I’d so so gonna make it a mission to meet up with you! I so want to give you a big squishy hug for bringing a smile on my face with your beautiful words, my dear. You are truly one of those people that, while I don’t talk to you often, pop in to my thoughts often, and, when it happens, I pray that you are in a good health and filled with joy.
    I love you, my dear, and I thank God that we cross paths through scrapbooking. *hugs*

    1. OH my dear girl… now you got me to tears….. love you too, my lovely, and sam her, we may not talk often but the intensity of your presence always brings you into our prayers here <3

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my page! It’s always an honor to be recognized with such amazing scrappers.

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