Happy Wednesday my fellow scrapbookers and artisans!  Its warming up in Missouri, USA where I live.  And unfortunately, ticks are making a big comeback.  My trail walking days are over, so sad.  But it is absolutely gorgeous out with all the wildflowers and Dogwood Trees in bloom.  We have lots of Red Bud too.  But the flowers are wilting away already.  I hope wherever you are in the world, you are having beautiful days too!

Exploring by jk703

First up this evening is Exploring by Jk703.  I was pulled in by the strong use of a burnt orange color and upon closer look, I absolutely love the gradient on the large title. The juxtaposition between clean lines of the design style and the “messy” photos and splatters is spot on too.

The Future is Green by SanVHM

Happy early Earth Day (22APR)!  I am in awe of the artistry of this layout.  The use of watercolor elements so perfectly blended into one another is absolutely gorgeous.

Dream by Scrappydonna

Scrappydonna is a master at making magical layouts, and this one is no different.  The overall look reminds me a hot air balloon with her adorable little daughter riding inside.  The cluster behind the photo is oh-so dreamy too!

4-23-mask-chal-jan (Wisteria) by Ariadne_Janet

Wisteria is such a gorgeous vine with its purple flowers and green foliage.  I enjoyed reading the journaling here and learning about it’s symbology. What a beautiful layout and the heart shaped mask is such a wonderful detail.

JBS-Laughter by Carolwenxin

I picked this layout because it is super cute and made me smile.  I adore the black and white photos which are perfect as they do not clash with the colors or elements of the layout.  That newspaper background is fabulous too!

lad-5-chimney-rock by mary-lynne

I am such the sucker for large, gorgeous landscape photos.  The simple colors and design of this page let the Chimney Rock take center stage!

I do hope the remainder of your week is fabulous! Happy creating and scrapping!

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)



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