Hello again! Hope everyone is doing well and ready to enjoy the weekend! England is still very, very cold, though they are predicting a better week for this one coming, can’t believe we are almost in May and is still this cold!  I most definitely needed a mood lift, so here I am with you to share some beauty that can make our hearts sing and give us some inspiration!

Starting with Garden Blessings by ArmyGrl, without a doubt one of the most talented artists we have in the whole industry, she has been captivating my awe since 2011, making me love her more with each page. I’m speechless with this, the way she puts together different pieces that one wouldn’t think could go together and make it seamlessly fit, turning it all into a master piece. Love every bit of this, the green tones so perfectly in sync, the cleverly placed flashes of red…. the feeling of nature and mystical symbols is present with all the power…garden blessings indeed!

Gonna follow with Beltrane by AnjaDD, another hugely talented lady whom I already admired before she turned her talents into designing, now marvelling us with not just her pages but giving us all the chance to create some beauties with her collections. Also with a deep nature feeling, here the layering with subtle shadows, the many colors put together in elegance, the  whole thing tells me some festive time is coming!

Next page took me quite a while to decide as there were so SOooo many pages she posted today that I couldn’t make my mind up which one to share with you….. is yet another incredibly talented lady, Carol aka Iowan with 2011-Click Connor. Her talent is super eclectic and she can put together any style, any type of page you can ever imagine, and here this piece of memory keeping is just a delightful example of her perfection! Love the notebook format, those photos that shine with happiness, the many pieces of word art without overflowing the composition and…oh …those shadows!!!!! Marvellous perfection in every way possible!

One more lady who never fails to bring my jaw down in awe with each and every page,  SeattleSheri with The American Adventure, an explosion of red blue & white in such a magical way, makes my heart sing very loud! The beyond amazing blending of the big photo, the circular composition slightly (very slightly) off centre,  the way she makes the whole page shine, everything here captures the attention, one can keep discovering elements in the perfect layering,  being marvelled by the gorgeous clusters, and, of course, the beauty of her handsome baby boy,  all so very beautiful, I’m having trouble taking my eyes out of the page!!!!

Another fabulous designer who scrap, and one who shares with us her making of the pages….a VERY favorite of mine and I am sure she needs no introduction, plus I wont speak about my love for her or we will be here till next week LOL, but I know you know her and agree, she is the amazing hand that creates the Fiddle Dee Dee Designs products , Cheryl aka gonewiththewind with Ocean Child.  The way she creates spaces in the page, the absolutely fabulous clusters,  the amazing photos and her choices of elements, with a mixture of textures and elegance all over, plus the most perfect shadows….. Pure.Awesome!

I’m always amazed by scrappers who turn images into something that feels like a painting, but they totally gain my heart when memory keeping comes into it, even more when they give us the story in their page description, like in this case, The Mirror by Applechick, a work of art with so much heart, beauty and a magnificent show of talent!  Love the story, being that I too have huge issues with partying with inanimate objects to which feelings are always attached…. her mum looks beautiful here and one can feel a life well lived, the mirror is so gorgeous, I would most definitely had difficulty in letting it go…!. The story put together with the awesome technics, the Out Of Bounds framing, extraction, blending, the delicate pieces enhancing the whole thing, a piece worth having on an exhibition wall!!!! Sorry for your loss…how beautiful that we have our scrapping to keep them a bit closer to us through the pages!!!!

Last but not least, (never!) another favorite lady of mine who has turned into hybrid and is amazing our hearts with her creations, is Marijke ‘s 23-04_vrd-Field-notes-1. I love the notebook, so much, I think I’m gonna need to get one! The beautiful feeling of spring is brought to us here with this hybrid planner, and she, as she does, shows us how sometimes less is more, in this side there is simplicity with the full strength of nature, gorgeous overall! You can see the other side HERE.

This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed the post, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 28th-

  1. Thanks so much dear sweet Cynthia 😘😘. What an honor to be included in this group of magical layouts. Congratulations all!

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much Cynthia! What a wonderful surprise!! I’m so honored you chose one of my pages. Such fabulous picks!!!

  3. Thank you, dear Cynthia, for loving on me and my layout. I’m honored to be here amongst so many fabulous creatives and their art. You always have so much description and accolades on your GSO picks. Thank you for investing your time in making digi land such a happy, welcoming place.

    1. ny pleasure!!!!! it is always a huge delight to be able to show case your marvellous pages!!!! thanks so much h for your kind words, I admire you and consider myself blessed with having you in our lives!!!!!

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