Hello my friends!!

I hope today finds you well and enjoying your day! I was browsing the galleries and I am just awed at all the talent that is out there!!! I tried to pick something from the different styles that are out there and popular right now. Enjoy!

Life in the Country – Lindsay

This is a wonderful example of two styles that are very popular: White space (or negative space) and masking with out of bounds photos. I really enjoy both of these styles, and Lindsay did a great job of really showing off that wonderful country scene. I enjoy the sketch technique she used on the photo and the mask is perfect. I like that she made the top of the oil rig come out of the photo!

Family: I Love Us ~ Dotcomkari

Kari did wonderfully with showcasing those amazing photos of her wedding. The red pops of color are magnified by the elements that she chose. I really like the way she left the background and the white paper plain so that our eyes are drawn to the photos and the elements. She is a master at shadowing as well!

Magic ~ Ana_Santos

This is a style that I am seeing more and more. Art is coming to play and many people are not simply scrapping memories with personal photos. This one by Ana is out of this world!! The beautifully extracted woman is just an amazing pop of color. Then the gorgeous unicorn brings magic into the page. Finally, the small bits of flowers and the dragon fly just make this page so visually interesting! I love the artistry of it!

Aces. ~ MusicMom3

This page is an artsy style with a lot of blending and texture. The Ana Lift Challenges over at Oscraps is where this came from, and the challenges there are always this type of scrapping. You should come over and try them out!  I love the lone playing card and the way she duplicated the photo to bring attention to it. The textures and layers are amazing. I adore the pop of color of red. The lone leave with red splotches on it is really cool too!

Everything ~ Chunlin

This page is a mix of styles that I love. Most of all, I feel like this is a great example of a way to art journal!! We have 4  art journaling challenges each month at Oscraps, and I think this would fit perfectly in those challenges!  The Lilypad also has 4 art journaling challenges monthly.  The sketch of the girl, layered with texture and blending and paint is just fantastic. I love the text background and how she used a variety of colors of paint to tie the entire page together. Finally, her title work is wonderful – using the same blending of colors!!

Natural Beauty ~ Adrianita

Rounding out the choices is this beauty by Adrianita! It is more of a classic scrapbook design, and it has some really great artsy touches!! I love the stitched down triangles! (I have to get this kit – I LOVE small fat straight stitches and they are hard to find lately!!) The photo is adorable, and I like the torn edge on the bottom. The foliage behind the photo gives a wonderful pop of color, and the title work with the sweet butterfly is perfect! I also really like the text behind the photo and the paint that grounds the photo into the page.

Well, there you have it!! I hope you enjoyed the mix up of styles I brought to you today!

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