It’s the weekend, get your party on!  It’s the weekend, get your scrap on!  It’s the weekend, get your inspiration on!!!  So easy to do today! The galleries are full of delicious layouts and art.

Darjeeling by Pickymom

The clusters full of rich and vibrant flowers caught my attention from the gallery.  Then upon closer look, I see a delightful collection of tea mugs.  What a wonderful layout through and through.

No by Jen Maddocks

I enjoy a dark and moody piece that invites one in for a closer look.  Upon that closer look, there appears to be a hand holding a key on a cord over a heart.  Those connections allude to holding onto something important, something heartfelt.  It is an interesting contrast to the journal strip “they’re just words” and the “no, no, no” journal strips.  The tension between holding on and letting go is palpable.  Head and heart do not always agree.

Taz and Bailey by Garrynkim

Now this is a showstopper in my book.  It’s the combination of bright bold colors with the gritty black and white textures of the photo.  There is just enough of that black and white grittiness showing through light leaks and bokeh that all attention goes to the eyes.  The black and white portions of the photo are the perfect complement to the bold colors – otherwise, those colors would dominate the layout.  But here, the eyes steal the show.

Creative Right Now by Annsofie

Yes, yes, and more yes!  Make art for you!  Make art from the heart.  As long as you love what you make and enjoy the process, what others think is irrelevant.  Gosh, I love a good ooey-gooey art journal styled layout.  I love the splattery paints, the look of gesso, and all the paper bits.

World Traveler by Vrielinkie

I am such a BIG fan of circles as a design element.  And here, the circles are a combination of whimsical and elegant.  Wow!  What a mix. The color palette pops from the gallery and that airplane trail is too cute.  The black and white photos are the perfect touch.  This layout is simply gorgeous.

Exciting by Ferdy

This layout is exciting!  There is lots here to take in.  What an awesome “full” page.  The design and flow are wonderful.  The adorable picture of these two is clearly the focal point.  There is a triangle effect going on with the placement of the elements and word art.  As viewed, the left side “weighs” more than the right.  The right cumulates into an outstanding cluster.  This triangle effect helps the eyes take in the whole page.  My eyes go to the focal point, over to the cluster, then are led down and to the left (where the two is) and back up again to “good times ahead.”  Bravo on achieving this level of movement and cohesion.


Thank you for stopping by for a fresh dose of inspiration!

Until next time, have a great weekend!

Lisa (Armygrl)

One thought on “Finger Pointing – February 18th

  1. Lisa, it’s a pleasure to be featured here along with so many gorgeous pages…thank you so much for choosing my page and all the things you said, I wasn’t even thinking about it when I created it!!

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