Hello everyone out in Digi-land!! I’m typing this on a very blustery day here in Las Vegas! Winds are supposed to get upwards of 60-70mph!! We’re holding down the dogs when we walk them – chihuahuas are not very heavy!

I am happy to bring these six pages to your attention. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Settle in, get a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever your choice is, and enjoy!!

svanderhaegen   “AJ Challenge – Sleep Deprivation”

Boy can I relate to this subject!! I was really drawn to this page because of the moon and the bird, but then all the fun little pieces drew my attention in – the butterflies, the branches the paint splashes – and that wonderful cluster!! Great job!!!

All Things Natural by Janik

This is a fantastic page, isn’t it? The photo is perfect for all the elements surrounding it, and Janik has these clusters shadowed so beautifully!! Every piece is placed perfectly! It took a moment for me to notice, but look at those cut out circles with the blue behind it. Aren’t they fabulous?????

Sowa by Grazyna Wrzask

I had to look twice to see if that adorable girl was actually holding the owl! Such a great job melding it with the photo! I love all the text in circles and the water color paint background! Such a beautiful page!!!

Wandering Mind by Nemla

How can you not love a page where butterflies exist???!! I was really drawn to the golden color of the background and the fun little stamps all around. I also relate to the wandering mind syndrome!!! I love the ghosted/blended leaves and the text tears at the edge of the page!

Time with Sandy by bcgal00

I couldn’t resist that doggy face!! Such a loving tribute to a beloved member of the family! I really like the textured background and all the fun little paper tags and flowers all around.  I like the way she used the journal card as well.

Laugh Out Loud Funny by wendymck

Ok so, who can pass up a page on laughter? We all need a little more of that in our lives, don’t we? I absolutely adore this page – how she used the worn photo edges and matched the kit perfectly to the clothes they are wearing! The stitching is a great way to bring attention to the photos and those two heart buttons are a perfect choice!

And this concludes our tour for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pages I brought to you, and please do leave some love for them if you have the time!!

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