Inquiring minds want to know – do you consider Sunday to be the first day of the week, or the last day of the week?  I have calendars that spread the week from Sunday to Saturday and others that spread the week from Monday to Sunday.  I often considered Monday the first day of week because that is the traditional start of the work week in the USA.  Anyways…whether it’s the first day of your week or the last day of your weekend, I hope you are having and excellent Sunday!

The galleries are sure popping today and picking a few standouts was super fast and easy!

Wish Come True by Omlialie

Much love for the neutral papers and doodled elements.  Combined with the circle cut out, photos, and whimsical font – this layout is a dream come true.

Inspiration by Scrap by Irre

I am a fan of the bold color choices with the orangey peaches.  Using a black and white photo is perfect – no chance of colors clashing. This is such a beautiful and romantic layout.

Us by Shunnstergirl

This is a perfect example of how colors POP on a black background. In addition to the fun colors and heart shapes, the photos made me giggle!  I love it when people do not take themselves too seriously.

Artic Tundra by Zippyoh

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are not out of the snow and cold temperatures yet!  This layout is like walking in a winter wonderland!  The three photos with bold title and whimsical elements are perfect compliments to the snowflake filled background.

A Day in the Life by Demma

This layout is exquisite and so well put together.  The baby blue of the title and the little flowers pop on the otherwise neutral colors.  I am so glad this layout drew me in because it has an important message about ticks.  I am so sorry for Scamper’s bad day, but very happy he recovered.

Home Girl by Chaos Lounge

There is so much to love about this layout – from the whimsical heart background, to the large, bold title, and the gorgeous clusters!  This is such an awesome example of a filled page with great flow.  Your eyes are drawn into the title and the little arrow at the top…then work their way down to the little word art “best of friends.”  Bravo!

Thank you for joining me and leaving lots of love in the galleries!  February is the month for love!

Till next time, take care!

Lisa – Armygrl

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