February already??? How did that happen? I know for me that I was busy with challenges that it just flew by! Now that I’m browsing the galleries – I see that a lot of you were doing the challenges as well! I love the color changes in the galleries and the pages about love that are appearing for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few pages that caught my eye – I hope you like them too!! Both the name and the picture are linked to the gallery I found them in.  Please give them some loving! They deserve it!!

New Beginnings by Jane_Bond07

I was drawn to this page because of the large photo masked so beautifully. I had to click in to see what it was all about. This page has everything: artsy, great photo, meaningful journaling, and wonderful composition! I love how she captured her son “RIGHT NOW”.

Discover Who You Are by Mother Bear

I guess I was drawn to advice to young teens here, but really, this page is so lovely I had to click in and see it! The clusters are beautifully shadowed and crafted, and the photo is made to stand out by making it black and white in a sea of color! The word art is so uplifting and the presentation is flawless. The bokeh background is perfect for this kind of layout!

Nostalgia by Norma

Wow – I DID have a bit of a theme here – young people on their way to adulthood! I just love this page. The masked and blended music, the beautiful flower cluster and the photo all work seamlessly with each other. The colors enhance the photo and I love the touch of blue for a pop of color!

Just Enjoy by TrishD

I love how Trish used a wonderful photo of the cattle and made it still be visible, but slowly disappears behind the fabulous rider. As I continued to look at the page, I saw that she turned the cattle into a sketch near the end!!! What a FANTASTIC effect! Her cluster is simple but wonderfully shadowed and the simple title work is the crowning touch.

Together No More by KarenC

Ok, so I think I would die if I had to give up bread. It’s my comfort food! Karen scrapped this momentous event so wonderfully! The photo looks like it comes from a magazine and the simple cluster and tiny flowers give the page visual interest without overtaking the photo.

Two Scoops by Seniorgal

Have you EVER Seen a page like this?? I haven’t! I absolutely ADORE that she used a pair of perfectly shadowed sun glasses to be her photo frame! The cute sunshine elements on the bottom give it such a beachy feel!! Top notch, my dear!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it. Six pages that caught my eye that I believe deserve some lovin’!!! I’ll Catch you again in a few weeks!! Until then…





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