Hi everyone!

Sorry I am super late today, I have to confess I was busy having a fun day and time ran away with me, as I was having all the fun!

Lynnette – New Car Love

That smile! I know that smile, the one where life is sweet and you just got a new car. Such a happy photo. And I love the way that Lynnette has ensured that the elements used just to enhance the photo, not mask it. I am a big fan of the cloud-like font for ‘new car’ such a perfect detail. I name everything too, so the fact that Zach’s car has a name too made me SO happy – my car is a He and his name is Benny.

Tativero – Big Girls Don’t Cry

This is so powerful. The colours are so strong and that broken/torn photo is just perfect with the word strips. I love the cluster, with tears in it, so moving. And finally her shadows are amazing.

*sylvia* – Salty Air

Sylvia is the queen of elegance for me. This is just so simple and elegant and 100% stunning! Love the bold striped paper, making the blues in the photo pop. And her selection of the perfect elements to ‘frame’ her photo.

Kythe – 52 Inspirations

I was blown away the minute I saw this! It’s gorgeous and I love that it feels like it has several layers, her blending is so so good. The gesso overlay is just perfection, a great way to add in some texture.

Caapmun – Early Morning

I love everything about this. The amazing photo and the treatment and blending to just make it even more amazing! The scattered paint nestled hearts are wonderful and if that wasn’t enough the scripty title is so right for this page, every detail is perfection.

Romajo – Into the Unknown

Another layout using a bold background paper and I am totally into it! I love the large clusters framing the photos, so full and I am a sucker for twine! I love the colour palette too it feels really fresh.

That’s all from me, I hope you will leave these talented scrappers some love and are inspired to create. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Claire x



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