Good evening (afternoon/morning wherever you are!!!) Cynthia- MrsPeel- here, after quite a long time absence, health is not on my side and the world is imploding…well, nothing new here LOL, but with family (both blood & chosen) help, surviving once again, and hyper delighted to be back here with you! I just had an injection of beauty to my day with so much talent we have in the communities, I’m now almost ready to share with you some of it. I will be adding a few more as I saw we missed a couple of days, and is Friday and the heart sings with so much inspiration!!!! Hope you enjoy!

Gonna start with one of the most amazing ladies in the whole industry, someone who has not just a gift bringing elegance and fabulousness to her pages, but is a huge delight to have in any community, Anne Marie aka A-M with this absolutely gorgeous, 1st class beauty of a sunshine. The combo of doodled lines, shiny sequin’s scatter and the transfer bring the gorgeous image (even though she thinks is not a great one, I disagree!)  to attention and the whole page is pure beauty!

Another marvellous talent, I will never forget she was the first page I picked when I started here at blog, and have been amazed by her with every page since. This is from Carol aka Iowan, shining a light with this brilliant composition. This comes also with that emotional attachment I always make a point it is, to me at least and a few others I know, one of the most important things in the industry…we share our family lives and feelings, and seeing children & grandchildren growing up into young adults, it always moves my heart! The page has so much show of talent, the pristine extraction, the amazing way in which the background pattern is continued in her embellishing, a super cute cluster on top right and those text path letters from Liz I am so, so in love with!!!!! Topping it with all over marvellous shadows….Everything shines to perfection!!!!

This next one gives me complete pleasure as I am very rarely able to highlight this talented girl, I am sure she is one of your favorite inspirational people too, I know I have been a fan for over 10 years and the difficulty in choosing just one page from her is a constant dilemma…. This is from Lisa aka ArmyGrl, a page she appropriately calls Quality Time, I chose this one as it is a celebration of their wedding anniversary (again, that sharing of our life that bring us close!)  The photo is such a fabulous shot, giving us a glimpse into the beauty of the scenery, the warm feel of woods cabin featuring so perfectly, and on a close up of those super cute mugs…I want one!!!!!! The beautiful framing of the image, the addition of gorgeous elements clustered elegantly and a semi-hiding title…all with perfection in shadows all around, the heart carries on singing!!!!

More ultra fabulous talented people with Marilyn aka mcurtt with To the Girl I was Then. Here again she shines with an out of this world beautiful back in time photo, the black and white and intense contrast makes a beam of light and is so perfectly in sync with the elegant  embellishing, , the perfect way in which she combines more corporeal elements with inked stamps and the beauty of the word art and strips, more perfection in the shadows… just wonderful all over!!!

Another one of those talented ladies I have been admiring for a very long time, one who allow us to live a bit of her life through her pages, is Sherly aka nietis with meh, proving once more the power of our scrapping, the ability to create extremely beautiful pieces of art from not so beautiful or even down right depressing moments, feelings…. I am sure I can say all of us have felt or still is feeling one of those moments… I love the gift some people have to translate this feelings in pages like this, combining humour with marvellous choices of  different textures, LOVE the cluster she created with the top felt board, the photo angle that brings a strong pop of colour (and her beauty!), the detail of that speech bubble makes it even more amazing, and the journaling so heartfelt… hope you get a well deserved rest!!! The page is most definitely awesome!!!!

Next page is from a more recent discovery, but equally marvellous, fast gaining a space in my scrappy heart, is SweetChar with Enjoy Each Day, a show of absolutely awesome creativity, the marvel of this composition based in numbers…a super sweet photo (I always have to remind myself she is a mum… always think she is 16!!!! sweetness indeed!!!!) Love how greatly she shadowed those numbers giving amazing dimension to the page, how beautifully she framed the photo, the perfection of that base cluster with so much perfection! Love the framing of the page with the flowery pattern border, there is so much to look at, so much to discover, all so elegantly placed, love the composed title, and the “brooch d’or” in that beautiful little cluster in the bottom right…..everything here is beyond fabulous!!!!

More music to my heart finding this page, another one of those more recent sisterhood binding, but big time regardless, shining with her talented soul in a brilliant photo-less page, is Cheryl aka Cherylndesigns with Space Cadet. Love the light she created here with the space doll and multitude of black word strips, the glitter stars banner giving more shine, all together oozing love!!!!

Next one is such a beauty, a perfection of memory keeping with a collection that makes me wanna jump to shop, I always think the family history pages need one of those black and white, more neutral base and everything shining in this page is just it!! It comes from another talented lady we have been enjoying for quite a whole now, Olga aka Jam-on-toast  with Kindergarten. This is actually  a gorgeous double pager , this is the left side, you can find the right side here. The photo has this melancholic feeling, a beautiful tiny face of a sweet younger self she shares with us, a super elegant embellishing in details added with perfect shadows, and wonderful body of journaling to share her story and feelings…. this is the kind of stuff that makes my heart sing even louder!!!!

To finish with today’s post, last but never least, actually a first class talent, her pages always a fabulous show of elegance, her personality shining through all those pages that makes you want to invite her in, is ClaireG with Still Changing. Love the background paper with all the definitions, the different text sizes give dynamic to the page, the photo with her honest, beautiful smile shining here, the details added as a base and the cluster bringing the eye to the photo, all in perfect harmony with that word strip, so much beauty!!! I think there is a bit of journaling in that tag, in between my old age sight and my neurological issues I can’t tell for sure, but she gives us in the page description she is turning 50, and that feeling of feeling comfortable on our own skin, I can sign under that most definitely, and her wish to learn more too… surely you will, my dear girl, I am 14 years ahead of you and can tell you, we keep learning and keep changing! Gorgeous, amazingly gorgeous page with a feeling I wish we could give to every woman no matter what age!!!

So this is all from me today, hoping to be able to be with you soon again, and also that you enjoy the post and find inspiration for your own! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!









14 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 10th –

    1. Thanks so much Connie!!!!! is my first day properly back, I will make sure I find you to catch up[ with your gallery, you are one of my most loved people!!!! <3

  1. Thanks so much, Cynthia, for including my layout. You had such wonderful things to say about it. I loved looking at the other layouts you chose. Such gorgeous creations and reading what you had to say about them was a delight. Thanks again.

    1. My sweet girl…. such a happy feeling when I saw you weren’t in our 7 days list… it happened the past couple of times I wanted to pick a page of yours….it isn;’t easy to pick just one, you are a truly talented artist…. and this one is just so awesome!!!!!!!! Will try catch up with your gallery properly soon!!!!! <3

  2. Gosh, Cynthia! You make my heart warm and fuzzy! Thank you so much for the sweet words and wishes.
    I’ve missed you and have been wondering about you, sweet lady. I hope your health is improving steadily, my dear, I’ll be lifting you in my prayers. Hugs.

    1. ohhh my lovely!!!! you make my heart sing with your pages and I always remember first time I saw your pages when you were in Liverpool…. it is such a delight to see you scrapping more now… will try catch up properly soon, you truly fill my heart with joy!!!! Thanks for the prayers, definitely grateful for that!!!!! You know you & family are in ours!!!! <3

  3. You’re back. That just makes me turn cartwheels which is a pretty good trick for an old gal. Thanks so much for your kind words. I remember my first GSO from you. Alex was pictured in that layout too. Congrats to all who had layouts featured today.

    1. I ll update you properly later on the phone, Carol, now I can type I can message you, need a good catch up with you, and you know, every page of yours is a work of art!!!! <3

  4. Thank you SO much for your sweet words, my dear Cynthia and for chosing my page for your post today. I’m SO honored and sending you all of my love.

    1. ahhhhhh my sister!!!!!! was so great to find pages of yours in my day back after so long!!!! Lets catch up properly when you have time, LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! <3

  5. AW! Cynthia, you sweetie pie, thanks for the shoutout – You are correct my journaling does talking about turning 50 and being comfortable in my own skin. I am just very happy with who I am, what I have and where I am in life. Kisses to you, glad that you are back in our scrappy world, it feels odd without you my love. Cx

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