Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Hope everyone had a fun and lucky day. I always count it fun when I can chill at with a glass of wine and craft on any level or spend time with the family.

So I’m going to sneak into you inbox really quick and share some gorgeous inspiration with you as the galleries are just brimming with all kinds of gorgeous eye candy!!!

 A New Fragrance by Designer AnjaDD –I admittedly love most things that even suggest cherry blossoms.  This bold background choice with  the red paints mixed in and the pops of black stamps/paints with the scattering of the florals.  It just begged to be stopped and admired.


Fierce by Mijo–Our friend is this photo is showing us just how FIERCE she is.  I love that the photo has similar color palette to the background paper.  The clusters are fabulous and shadows amazing.

18 y0 by Roxanna--Love photo in this layout! It feels like it has a subtle sepia undertone to.  I’m thinking that 18 may not be all it’s cracked up to be, but love that this pensive moment was captured so perfectly and the design of the layout completely supports this mood.  Little bit of darkness, a whole lot of light with new growth and hope shining through.

 Fantasy Creature by Susan-s3js– This layout screams creative FUN. No boundaries, just pure freedom of creating.   This type of creating is not a strong suit of mine, and I’m always in awe when others create these fun layouts that I also feel always have a depth of meaning (but then I do tend to analyze most things for the meaning, lol).

Challenge 7 by kythe– This layout really spoke to me.  The softness of the layout reminded me that balance has a sense of fragility.  But the pops of color reminds that we are strong enough to create it and live beautifully.  This layout beautifully depicts the meaning of the word art.  The brushwork is gorgeous and love the stenciled look of the flowers as bold but subtle accents.

Last but not least and everyone go ahead and join in… and do what this title says…. Stand Up by cutiejo1. Let’s all join in, listen to the music and have our own dance party.  These extractions are fantastic and the movement on this page is amazing.  I feel like we are part of the audience. 

I hope you enjoyed my picks for the day!  If you have a moment, swing by the galleries and leave these fabulous artists some love.

Until Next Time. . . . . . . 

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