Hello hello!!! Cynthia/MrsPeel here with a heart full of joy tonight, despite the freezing cold and the devastating energy bills, I have been so delighted to feel a bit better health wise and able to get around the galleries a bit more…I know I need to catch up with many, many of you still, bear with me, I promise I am determined and will be, just pacing myself so I wont need to be away from all again! I have a bunch of gorgeous pages to inspire you, let’s get to it!

Starting with Oh Heavens! by gonewiththewind. I know here we are all about the scrapper and the page, but when you get people like Cheryl, who is the full package, a fabulous scrapper, an amazing designer of templates that can rock any style, and a person so inspiring in any level….(I’m sure I am not the only one who has been lifted by her many, many times!!!!) who has created an equally beautiful and talented daughter that is following her steps and is rocking the designs, and you get a combo of mother and daughter talents in a page…..well, this NEEDS to be highlighted. The marvellous combo of patterns, the choices of elements beautifully put together in perfection layering, killer shadows and the presence of her beautiful self in an awesome black & white portrait to balance the whole thing….well… PURE AWESOME!

Another favorite lady of mine, Lynette here with April Fools, a super gorgeous, elegantly clean template take that is so very beautiful and sweet, love the amazing shadows that create a dimension so perfect it could be a photo of a paper layout, the colors are great and the mixture of textures brings all together in perfection!

Pizza Pizza by Christa aka cfile is wonderful! I maybe a bit biased here as I adore this lady with all my heart, but as she is often featured by my sisters here too, I know I am not alone in loving every page of hers. She brings memory keeping together with elegance, her style adapts to anything but always keeping that clean, pristine look and the most emotional stories…. LOVE the way she scraps everyday moments like big events, and this one specially, as we share a lot of what we eat and I have incorporated many of her & hubby choices to our own menu…. delightful food, amazing composition, the outstanding beauty of those shadows, the grungy feel of the background, that amazing alpha that gives an impact….all together hyper fabulous!!!



A magnificent art journal composition by one of the most amazing and versatile ladies I know, sharonb with Paula Kesselring MessyMix 1.  The ability to compose a marvel on a red background is amazing, the crazy wonderful layering of all the bits, the gorgeous pieces of torn paper, here again a mixture of textures that lift the page’s dimension…. all over beauty!!!!!

XOXO by Saar is the absolute marvel of parenthood in a page!!!! I could be here for hours, days even, talking about the talent that Sarah shares with us daily, for years I have been falling in love with the perfection of her creations, and motherhood has brought even more love poured in them, here the wonderful elements galore shine, the perfection of those shadows, sweet choice of card, the beauty of mum & dad’s expression and their handsome baby boy, all together makes my heart sing!!!!

Time to Recharge by mrsashbaugh, another awesome lady who has been inspiring us for years, a great clustering masterclass, a marvellous layering of the background papers, so much to discover here, brilliant use of patterns, gorgeous shadows and the beauty of herself in the wonderful portraits, the black and white creating a light that perfectly shines with all those colors in the composition….absolutely amazing!

Another favorite of mine, Carina aka cinna with Slay All the Way, a page so amazing I was impressed big time from the thumbnail and closer look left me in total delight (as she does always!) The deep, blood red in the background with an elegant page border that lends elegance which is continued in her gorgeous design to share with us a number of shows which I can’t really say I agree on loving all, but some of them have been marked as my favourites of the past few months. Then there is an element of fun in her gorgeous cluster of tree and cascading elements, then the addition of that gorgeous composed title (THAT alpha!!! I need!!!) it makes for a superb standout!!!!

Next I have a couple of beyond awesome art journal pages to delight the heart all the way.

Blow the Cobwebs Away by Poppy is the most beautiful, sweetest combination of pieces with magnificent shadows, linked by two perfectly fitting quotes, the addition of the doodled big arrow gives even more movement to the marvel here!!!!

Last, but in NO WAY least… ScrapaholicSherry with March 2023 Mix & Match. This is a kind of emotional thing for me, as she was one of the very first scrappers who made me fall in love with the art….  I met her a bit over 15 years ago in the first place where I learned about scrapbooking, was a site with an online program that was on beta testing…. for over 2 years I kept being marvelled by her, then the program was sold and we went different places, never completely lost the communication, occasionally supported each other in social media, but lately I find myself seeing her more often and still blown away by her creativity. The page not only is a marvel of a piece, but she made this with a freebie mini for a challenge which I also did…and the results of her page show her talent, her ability to make every kit hers, the explosion of color and the perfection of the mixing and matching the pieces giving it all her very own personality, which is awesome. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

This is all from me tonight! hope you are inspired and delighted by the awesome talent shared as much as I am, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!

12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 24th –

  1. Thank you so so so much for showcasing my layout. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to. Much much much appreciated!

    1. always a delight, my lovely, you know you give music to my heart, always!!!! I will catch ups with your gallery soon properly, have been away-ish for a while and just now being able to be at the computer and type by myself…. <3

  2. Thank you so much, I was totally shocked and very pleased that you featured my page…I will be on a high all day now.xx

    1. I spotted it earlier and bookmarked it as I knew I wanted it in my post, but all your pages are a delight, my pleasure and so so glad I came gi9ve a bit of happiness!!!!!!! <3

  3. Thank you so much Cynthia, for choosing my page! I am delighted to be highlighted with all these other wonderful choices. You have made my day… thank you so much!!!

    1. so glad I found you last night, you really are one of my first pocket pages Queen, I have always all those years learned sommuch from you, and when I see you doing other styles…I love you as much!!!!!! <3

  4. Oh my! THANK YOU so much Cynthia for picking my page – and your words makes me blush! I feel honored to be picked together with all these talented ladies. This truly made my day!

    1. Oh my Dear!!!!! I was so amaze with the page (and all your others), you know I may not be around often, but getting to your gallery is always an infinite pleasure!!!!!!! so glad I found you last night!!!! <3

  5. Thank you for your sweet words CYNTHIA/ MrsPeel…You have made my day Whoo Hoo… thank you so much!!!

    Congrats to all ladies here!

    BIG congrats Christa – Cfile and Sharon – SharonB on the GSO! You rock ladies!!!!

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