Goodness, the month of May is going by in a blur!  In just a week and a half, it will be June.  Slow down time!!

Well, maybe we cannot slow time down, but our memory keeping scrapbook pages and art helps us pause time, if only for that moment.

05_PS_05 by Ursula

As a dog-ma I could not agree more!  This page is lovely and soft and so well designed with the elements clustered to the side and bottom.  That’s a lovely picture of Josie and the house blended into the background is perfection.

May Quote Challenge by Moni

This layout is like a fairytale – I can imagine climbing the ladder up to the top and sitting, waiting for the tide to roll in.  The soft blue colors are soothing and inviting.  The photo is beautiful!  And it’s like I can hear the gentle lapping of the water.

May 2023 Scraplift Challenge by Silent Ranks

This layout makes wonderful use of white space mixed with beautiful colors.  It’s like a garden walk in springtime.  The circle on circle design is eye-catching.  And the black and white photo is perfect.

Courage by Electra

This work of art is all sorts of WOW!  The painted face in pink and red is strong and powerful.  The coordinated page petals are a wonderful touch that add balance and three dimensional texture.  The “don’t be afraid to fly” word art takes on a whole new meaning once you read the journaling.

Made From Scratch by Olivia24

I love a fantasy styled layout!  And this one is fun and cute!!! Those little girls have me grinning from ear to ear – what marvelous little princesses!

Harmony by Oldenmeade

With the neutral palette, blending, and use of brushes, this lovely work of art popped out of the gallery for me.  Like being in marshes, there is so much to take in with every glance.  But the muted colors and flow of elements guide me through the layout.  I find I slow my breath and feel the harmony of the nature depicted throughout.

As I look through my picks, I find I am drawn to soft blue colors.  I find them to be peaceful and soothing.  Here’s to the remainder of May being peaceful and soothing!

See you in June!

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)


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