Happy Wednesday from my part of the world.  I can’t believe how fast the year and the month is flying by.  Been a little busy on my front.  One kid graduating High School and the other leaving Middle School and onto High School in the fall.  

I know when things get a little busy for me, my inspiration tends to drop, so just wanted to pop into your inbox with a little bit of inspiration to hopefully get those creative juices flowing.

Two Little Bookworms by LisaMT

What a precious moment captured so beautifully.   Love the book shelf display in the background and that front and center cluster is just marvelous!

Night Butterflies by ChristineArt

This artsy layout is just magnificent.  I tend to be partial to saxophone players and this layout does get me in a jazz state of mind.  While I’m not a jazz connoisseur , I do love to listen to it and I just feel the soul of music in this fabulous artsy layout.

Over the Top by Succali

This black and white photo is fabulous.  I love the little corner photo pieces and the word art is just fabulous.

Celebrate by Veronique Pincemin

The photo in the bubbles caught my attention first…. but I have to say, may fave is the framing of the photo inside of the balloon.  Such a gorgeous artsy approach.

TigerTamer by Christellvandyk

I love this alpha title.  The two tone on the alpha is just fabulous.  Not only are the photos gorgeous, but LOOK at those clusters.  They are equally as fab and this whole layout puts me in a circus frame of mind.

Go by JenEm

This photo treatment is spectacular and I LOVE the creative use of the frames that make certain aspects of the layout just pop.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening.  If you get a chance, swing by and leave these amazing artists some love.


Until Next Time,

xxxxx, Esther (aka mywisecrafts)

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing May 24th

  1. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for the GSO Esther. Congrats to the other artists who are featured in this post. xo

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