Happy May and happy NSD everyone!!! OH there is so much I would LOVE to say… I started my NSD earlier on hosting a chat and getting overflowed with beautiful feelings, then the gallery filled my heart … in a LOT of cases my most favorite ladies have become so very prolific, you have given me A LOT of work trying to choose just ONE of the pages posted to bring here…. there is that camaraderie and excitement and so much to see, so much to play and scrap….wishing you all the best for the weekend, I bring you today’s post with some AWESOME talent for our inspiration!

Starting by an old time favorite that never ceases to impress : Ellen T with Click, a template take on that amazing way she has of leaving us speechless… Love the combo of patterns, the photo peeking from behind the lens, the perfection of those shadows..the big title and gorgeous elements choices…LOVE!!!!!

Next marvel comes from another hyper talented favorite of mine: Christa aka cfile with Sometimes. As she does, the visual impact is elegant and perfectly balanced, the colors coming to form the background with softness, love the way those flowers go perfectly together without cramping the area, and the photo shines in the fabulous framing  she has given it, with a cluster gaining more dimension and then, as if all the beauty wasn’t enough, she brings the story and shares interesting facts. To crown the whole thing beautifully, the added  metallic borders top & bottom bring a feeling of something that fits perfectly hanging on an art exhibition!!!!

Taking us on another beautiful fantasy adventure is Marilyn aka mcurtt with Mirror Mirror.  Elegance meets the forest by her hand, and the way she played beautifully with the elements  inviting us to take a step into the land of Grimm’s brothers…. total perfection!

Going from one style of fantasy to another, this one is so super cute!!! A beautiful creation with a touch of humour from Olga aka zinzilah with PIP Guitar, As it happens,  I had not cross path with her in quite a while, so this makes me even happier! The blend of a photo with that super fun cat, , the deep red background and the clever vertical cluster mixing textures…shining as she always does!!!

Moving on to a photo -less, super intense art piece with a thought longing for summer comes I’m Ready for the Sun by Dalis, always impressive and beautiful and this is no exception! There is a joyous feeling in the reds spotted with bits of light, almost wanting the big title to leave that dark patch. The realistic needle and thread giving movement that is shaped also by the journaling text and the perfection of those shadows make it all come together so wonderfully!

Now with this page called TOT 12b, we get to a marvellous girl that has become a top favorite of mine and that today has given me a LOT of hard work as I couldn’t make my mind up about which of all her pages to share with you…!!!! Cassie is probably better known as KingsQueen (I immediately fell in love with her just by the nickname!) or ScrappyHappy82,  but, whatever name, her talent makes a jewel of each page. In this one there is everything you can think needed for a dynamic composition, the colors are wonderful, those circles so perfectly shadowed,  her gorgeous clusters and that perfectly happy little bird, all with the core of that very beautiful photo of the happy couple fills the whole page with a very special light!

My hearts sings with this one. Is Krista aka Norton94 with Neighbourhood Stroll. Not only is this a beauty visually , with that big photo filling the page with light and soft feeling, the way those clouds are one with the trees, the choices that makes the template take perfection, fabulous shadows all round, there is a happy Scout (Krista’s furry girl!) waiting to get on her way… all together awesome but a bit beyond to me,  because often in these strolls, we are on the phone, though in-opposite sides of the ocean, so very close! Seeing this today, is like I’m able to come walk the path too!

Now, a page called 15 by breoniI don’t know breoni beyond her pages, but her pages I know well and love them so so much…. tonight I had to work extra because she has SO many I could have shared with you here, but needing to pick just one, I decided to go for this happy, brilliantly translated template, a marvellous big photo blended beautifully and the shadows on those numbers, there is more warmth and a bit of fun with the smaller photos, all flowing with happiness. Even though I am an element hoarder in my pages, LOVE the fact that here she went for very little, leaving the photos and journaling be the stars. Couldn’t read the journaling because of my neurological issues (and the time, 04:02 am Saturday!) but will come back with help tomorrow to do so, I am sure it will bring the page to an even greater place in my heart!

More music for my heart with this , Shirley Heights by msbrad.  She is most definitely my most favorite “tour guide” in digital scrapping! (also a super loved friend even though we had not have an opportunity to catch up for ages!) Michelle’s pages take you on sightseeing trips with the most amazing photography, like here, we can find ourselves in awesome spots all over the world, and she enhances the experience with beautiful touches. Here in the form of a delicate cluster in pastels with beautiful shells and star fish, a bit of journaling and, off course, their happy presence in the page!!!! Want to be there!!!!

Another very dear lady to many of us, Angela Toucan with Finish the Sentence – Sometimes, Here she captures a feeling that can sometimes be a burden, but looking into this gorgeous blue amazing paper, turns into a beauty, a sky or a sea made into blank space, giving that cluster a main role, absolutely wonderful shadows and a bit of journaling on reflection….no words needed here, just perfect!

Before I say good night, I need to share a couple of the amazingly put together, both fabulous thought in different approach, jewels of the Art Journal.

One is from Poppy, an almost stream punched doll with a flamenco touch on that crazy gorgeous fan! Love how all those goldens play with  reds, and how the doll turned , fabulous!

And last but not least is Wilma Ali with a marvellous explosion in purple, flowers, butterflies, text/word art and even some demo strips, the blend of the doll, those intense eyes, the light achieved…. gorgeous!!!!!!

Now I will really need to leave you!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!  Hope you are enjoying NSD festivities, playing a lot, scrapping a lot and getting marvellous shopping! See you soon!















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  1. Wow.. thank you so very much, Cynthia, for the GSO to be showcased with the rest of these talented ladies is so wonderful and made my day and weekend! Thank you!!

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