Life’s just a tad crazy for me right now so just a short post from me today!

Love the simple yet classic design and the subtle use of patterned paper that support the topic of Delish by carollee. Great selective colouring on the image too!

I always enjoy a mixed media age like Embrace by SanVHM. Love the Autumn tones!

Great blending and framing on Mammoth Hot Springs by Stacia… makes me wish blending would work for me!

Always admire those that can work with photo treatments like City Life by Roxana. Love the contrasting colours!

Such a terrific use of elements and great clustering on Everything about Me by sarkavka. Super muted tones with pops of colour too!

Mini Album – Grace by Larissa reminds me how much I used to enjoy my paper scrapping! Check out more images of this cute little number!

As much as I’m a “keep Christmas in December” kinda girl, I couldn’t resist sharing Thankful by adrianita. Loving those greens!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my picks… click on the links when you’ve got a spare moment and leave a comment or two! Till next time, take care and happy scrapping – whether that’s paper or digital!

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