I can’t help it.  I LOVE this season full of skulls and spider webs!  I enjoy all the creepy bits and seeing them in layouts.  And that’s why Spooky Season is my first pick of the day.  From ghosts to skeletons and everything in between, especially the jack-o-lanterns, this layout is frightfully delightful!

Spooky Season 3 by Erika (et designs)


Yes.  I did it.  I picked a layout with a grotesque bug.  The reason – it produced a reaction.  My reaction might have been “eeek!”  But I love that a response was produced.  And let’s be real, that’s some fantastic blending behind the bug.

Oddities & Curiosities by AngeBrands


Wow!  This is just a cool layout!  I love the man/woman imagery and the space between them. The embellishments on either side are wonderfully balanced and placed.

Ying and Yang by Ginette


I’m not trying to pick predominately black and white layouts today, but gosh – they are rocking the galleries.  In this one, I once again like the space between the two main focal points.  It is interesting how that negative space captures the eyes. Then, when my eyes take in additional imagery, I am simply in love with all the arty bits and brushes.

Stop dark times by *gina*


“Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary…”  With his flair for mystery, macabre, and as a central figure for gothic fiction, October is the perfect month to celebrate Poe.  This is a wonderful tribute page. The faint bits on the background paper are especially delightful.

Edgar Allan Poe by Profolly


I did it!  I found some color!  Lol!  Seriously though, this is all sorts of wonderful color.  The background reminds me of a Flora Bowley piece – abstract art at its finest.

P52 Week 41 – Color by Moni

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

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