I cannot believe that we are to the middle of September. I feel like I’m going to blink and it will be 2024. I don’ t need life to pass by this fast. That’s why it is always nice to take a moment and peruse the digiscrapping galleries and look at all the amazing pages.

Autumn from JANIK

I was in love with this page the moment I saw it. Such great element clustering across the page. And I love the use of patterned paper. Plus that owl element is just so very cute.

You Me Love from smileark

I love the large black & white photo used on this page. I love the word art created for the title. The alpha choices are just so good. The small element clusters are really great too.

Punpkin Patch from EllenT

The great use of white space on this page was what first caught my eye. I love the element clustering. Plus the layering under the photos is so great. This is a wonderful autumn page.

Autumn Sunrise from cinderella

This is one of those pages that just grabbed me from the moment I saw it in the gallery. The element placement on this page is fantastic and I really like the element clusters. Plus the sunrise is just gorgeous.

Little Sparkles from Ria

This page really does sparkle in the gallery and I absolutely love it. The element cluster under the photo is so pretty. And the photo work, including the blending on the page, is fantastic.

Nebraska 1887 from Susan – s3js

Last up is this great family history page. I love that it looks like a real traveler’s notebook. Great use of stamps under the photos. And I love that so many photos were included on the page.

Thank y’all for taking a moment to stop by and check out these amazing pages. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for your next page. And don’t forget that today is a great day to document your memories.


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