Hello all – and happy New Year! This is the first blog post I’ve done since we turned into 2023!! Can you believe it? I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to a new year!

Let’s jump on in…

Our first stop is to oScraps…

Your Future by EvelynD2

The delicate beauty of this is outstanding!! I especially love the natural lines that the photographer captured to draw your eyes directly to the beautiful couple! I love the ghosted cursive text behind everything, and her collages are shadowed and placed so perfectly! What a treasure for this couple!

Next up, we have The Lily Pad – let’s see what they have to tantalize us with!

“Ray’s Wallet” by Mingo08

Oh my!! I saw this and didn’t surf any further. This is amazing!!!! What an inventive way to show the contents of this man’s wallet, and how much his family meant to him. I love the photos, the cards, and the way everything is so tucked into other pages. It just gives a feeling of such LOVE. I want to know this man, and this layout says worlds about him!

Over at Sweet Shoppe – I give you…

“Let’s Just Go!” by Ga_L

The second I saw this, I felt like traveling!! The Eiffel Tower is perfectly placed, and I l love the balloon – it makes me feel l like I’m taking off into the wild blue yonder – wondering when I’ll land! The triangle car stamp is so cute, and the collage paper background is perfect for this!

We can’t have a trip without stopping by at Katie Pertiet’s site!

“So Freezin'” by Kayleigh

I’m shivering just seeing the colors of this page, but it’s so perfect!! I love the neutral old fashioned feel to this, and the photos are so wonderful! Every inch of this page is full of visual interest – texture AND color!

We’re rounding the corner now to GingerScraps!

“Streets of Firenze” by Lilweb

I guess I’m in a traveling mood!! I saw all these amazing statues and photos of buildings and had to click in and see what she did! I love the fact that she let the photos talk, yet she still had a few well-placed elements that work perfectly!

Finally, we hit the last gallery at PickleBerry Pop.

“Smile”, by YorkieMom

What a fantastic photo!! It certainly looks like she is happy, and turning it black and white really brings attention to it. I adore the large butterfly and the color choices you made. Even the paint on the background paper matches the flowers perfectly!

Well, there you have it. 6 pages to show you that exude beauty, fun, joy, and the human experience! I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me!


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