Next weekend is National Scrapbook Day!  Are you as excited as I am?  It is time to be inspired and get your wish list ready!

Today I found great inspiration in the following layouts…

Early 1940 by kabrak1207

What a great way to start today’s post – a layout that captures the essence of scrapbooking and memory keeping.  The photo of her mother in law is priceless; and I adore the soft blended edges of the photo.


Soulful Serenity by Ginette

Next up is one of my favorite art styles – art journaling!  And this one is with pocket cards.  How marvelous is that!  This layout is full of positive Earth energy vibes! While many scrapbook to preserve memories of places and people, some simply like to make art.  I am often one of those people.  And digital scrapbooking supplies are a great tool that can help one express their inner self.


Eat Healthy! By Norma

I was pulled into this layout because my husband I and are making great efforts in eating heathier…and those dishes look delicious!  The clusters do too!  In addition to traditional scrapbooking to preserve memories of people and places, scrapbooks can be a great place to preserve recipes!


Darkness by CaroR

This layout is a great example of complementary colors in action.  The orange POPs from the blue.  This layout also has wonderful cascading – from the top with the ephemera bits all the way down to the paint splatters.  The beautiful artistry of scrapbooking is a fantastic form of self expression.  All the little elements and bits make me happy and get me excited – how about you?


Destination Yellowstone by Psawyer04

Scrapbooks are a wonderful place to relive moments in time and to revisit places that touch our hearts.  This traditional styled layout is endearing.  I love the sunflower with the Earth and vertical bits of paper.  There is such joy in preserving memories and reliving beautiful moments.  This layout exudes happiness.


A Beautiful Day by Romajo

I am always a sucker for rainbow colors and this layout is pure gorgeousness with its pastel rainbow.  I feel a scrap-lift coming on!  LOL!  I love making scrapbook pages – and I love being inspired by other’s artistry!  Our digital scrapbooking communities are full of awe-inspiring layouts!


My dear artisans and scrapbookers, I hope you found inspirations in today’s picks.  Keep visiting the galleries and remember to leave a comment or two on your favorites!  The love and light you spread can brighten someone’s day!

Till next time – happy scrapping (and NSD shopping!)

Lisa – Armygrl

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