Happy Monday!

I am starting the week off with an eclectic blend of digital artistry from the sad and melancholy to the fun and cute.  In between we are reminded to hit the pause button and enjoy life’s moments, no matter the season or location – a late summer day on the coast or a winter’s day up in the mountains.

1. Beautiful People by Jayne

First up are sad, melancholy, broken but beautiful people by Jayne. I find I like quad designs that radiate from the center.  Each quarter is a little mini work of art and could stand on its own.  Together, they paint a beautiful picture.

2. This Winters Love by Anja_77

This past weekend I took a pause from digital creations.  I opened up my art journals and created organically.  Hitting the pause button, stepping away for a few days allows my batteries to recharge.  I come back refreshed and full ideas.  Creativity flows.  I picked this page today because someone out there might need permission (from themselves) to hit the pause button.  This is my gentle encouragement to do so.  Allow yourself time to recharge and refresh.

3. Day 12 by Tedasgram

The bokeh pulled me in.  It’s so magical!  And so is this layout. That photo belongs in Stampington’s Bella Grace magazine.  The lavender cluster and grungy painterly background are as equally magical and complement the photo beautifully.

4. Sun, Sand, Surf, Santa Lucea Beach, FL by Shannon

This split page design created with the “sun and surf” text is simply marvelous! And gosh, I just spent the last five minutes gazing off into the photo’s horizon and wishing I were closer to a costal beach.

5. Winter Wonder by Conniemiles

I am in awe of the color palette here.  The blues are so icy cold, but the red flowers and word art add a touch of warmth and help lead the eyes around the layout.

6. Snap Chat Fun by Robinsismai

These photos were way too cute to pass up in the gallery.  I find myself grinning from ear to ear.  And I must say, I love getting lost in all the details of the cluster…the bits of dried foliage and leafy vines that lead up to the adorable bird houses are full of whimsy of depth and add such character to the layout.  Not that those photos need any more character – lol!

Till next time!

Have a lovely, magical, creative week!

Lisa (Armygrl)

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