Hello everyone! I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Susie here bringing you 6 of the many wonderful layouts that I have seen this week! They are linked to the galleries, so click through and give them some lovin’! We all need that reinforcement and love!

Vitality by sarkavka

Who can pass up a delighted child?? I know I can’t! I really love all the movement in this page! The clustering is fantastic and the colors she chose match her fabulous pictures so well!!

Believe by Kjersti

I really like the block style of this layout. The colors are joyful and fun and the photos are fantastic! She used just enough elements to be fancier than just the blocks, but let the pictures shine!! Wonderful keepsake!!

Stuck in the Middle With You by elseepe

I have got this song firmly ensconced in my head now – but I love it as well! She was ingenious by picking a very 70’s font and colors! I love the journaling and it reminded me of the times when I made mix tapes as well.  Excellent memory to scrap!

The Abbey by profolly

The large photo in this page just draws one in!! I want to walk down that corridor and discover what’s at the end!! The way she blended that photo into the background is superb and difficult to see where the background starts and the photo ends!! The extra photos piled on top are wonderful and tell the story of a great site.

Joys of Winter by Migueline

I am in love with this beautiful little girl!!! Such an awesome photo and I love how her face just SHINES through this page. The paint trees give a nice mood and the cluster is beautifully shadowed and the perfect size not to overwhelm the photo.

Imagination by zippyoh

I must have kiddos on the brain today! Here’s another adorable child just enjoying life!! The cluster is absolutely fantastic – the shadowing, the placement of the items, and that sweet photo really make this layout fantastic. The spray of flowers at the top is a cute touch!

Well, there you have it! 6 of the many pages that I fell in love with today! Enjoy and I’ll catch you again soon!

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