My oh my would you look at the time! I’m late! I’m late for a very important date!  With you!

I didn’t have to go very far to have this art jump right out at me.

The Journey – cinderella

Yes, yes, Me! I want a new adventure. Love the stacking that pulls your eye right to the top. Great color scheme and the hope of the best is yet to come. Thank you cinderella!


Catch the wave by Migueline

I love the blending and the orange and blue. And the arrows across the bottom? Very clever indeed.


Dear Stress – Let’s Break Up by gina

gina said it for me, too. The photo that’s pieced together giving the image a fractured appearance. The black and white with the pops of color. Again, drop shadows on black are very challenging! Well done gina!

nsd 24 chall rock by ad77

Love the simple top white space and then the punches of color and paint on the bottom. Orange combined with pink is a very nice match. Peace out ad77!


The Thinker by mary kate

I love how she documented her results and put together a row of her work with the gentle stitching. And mary kate you are conveying as much information as possible on your 12 x 12 art. Just lovely.

Dreams Are Free by Dorci

I was attracted to this piece because it really looks like she created a book and just layed down on a bunch of cool papers and took a photo. The little bits and pieces are well placed – especially the flowers framing the woman’s face.

Until next time… and I’ll try to be a little earlier!

One thought on “Finger Pointing – July 8th

  1. Great choice, Lauren and congrats to everyone!
    What a big surprise this morning – thank you so much for showing my page here. I feel very honored. You made my day!

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