I could seriously have today’s GSO post be all about food layouts!  There are incredibly delicious pages rocking the galleries!  But I’ll keep it to two then diversify.  Otherwise, we’ll be drooling all over our computers and smart phones and eating something even if we are not hungry.  LOL!

Eating Out by Mocamom

I love a good pocket page because photos are worth a thousand words.  And I have no words for that ginormous, juicy looking burger smack dab in the middle of the layout.  Except perhaps “YUM!”  This whole page is yummy!

I love sushi! By Cinna

I could not pass up this page because of the strong and wonderful use of red!  It is eye-catching and mouthwatering.  In this layout Cinna makes wonderful use of pattern papers that simply POP on the red.  Bravo!  And YUM!

Discombobulated by Mcurtt

I find this piece to be incredibly delightful for several reasons – the color blue in the background paper and “3” that keep the eyes bouncing from one side of the page to the other, the repetition of shapes with the hot air balloon and the lightbulb, and once again, the eyes being led across the page with leading lines.  Well done!  Excellent and intriguing design and composition!

No Rain, No Flowers by CaroR

The split design with the background papers is wonderfully eye-catching as are the darker, almost gothic, undertones of the photos.  Once again, I am drawn to the color red.  Here, red is used in the accent pieces and produce a visual triangle that help guide the eyes around the page.

Self Love by Lisa Rosa Designs

I am such a fan of Lisa Rosa and her flowers!!!  This layout is an example of why – that cluster is draw-dropping gorgeous!  And, I love the art journal vibes focusing on self-love.  Ha – and another wonderful split design with the background papers.  There is nothing but Love, Love, Love for this layout!

African Safari by FLKaren

While the cascading clusters are simply gorgeous, it’s the zebra stripe bow and flowers that steal the show!  . . . along with the use of black and white photos which work splendidly within the layout.

I hope you enjoy today’s picks as much as I do!

P.S.  There may be a big juicy burger in my future for bad food Friday.  LOL!  Thanks Mocamom!

‘Til nex time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

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