Finger Pointing – August 26th

It’s Monday! The week is off and running. If the galleries are any indication, many of us are running to school this week. I absolutely loved all the Back to School pages around digiland. I have a few to share with you tonight as well as some other stand outs. Let’s get to it!

Love School by misslovescraps
The excitement of Back to School and the nostalgia that goes along with it is captured perfectly here. I love that this photoless page uses such detailed element work to capture everything that makes up returning to the classroom. So cool!


Learn by tracermajig
The stamping and brush work on this page are awesome. They really pull the palette and composition together. The black and white photo is a good choice too, as it gives nice balance to the design.


Hello School by jenevang
School pages don’t have to be primary colors. Check out this fantastic back to school layout that uses trendy colors and design elements. The chevron paper and chalkboard card both give a more tween feel to this fun page.


Pure Love by CindyS
How cute! The photos are darling and remain the focus with the strong visual triangle here. I think the tight color palette also makes the layout very cohesive. Great work!


Cool Colors by ouisiekelly
The fantastic blending and artistic design really caught my eye. The repetition of the journaling adds such drama to the page as well. Gorgeous!


PL Week 34 by mrivas2181
Even if you’re not on the Project Life bandwagon, the crisp photos and heartfelt journaling are worth adding to your repertoire. There’s incredible storytelling happening on this page. I love the interplay of the different patterns with the pictures. It has such a lovely organic feel.
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Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you’ve been inspired!


Finger Pointing – August 18th

Hit the pause button on your busy weekend and take some time to soak up the creativity of these talented scrappers. I have 5 beautiful layouts to share with you today.

M-WAH! by amandaresende
One of the most inspiring things about Amanda’s pages is the realistic detail. This page is no exception! The hand-cut and perfectly shadowed paper pieces are a brilliant anchor in her composition. The painted paper edge and touches of black ink throughout the design lend a wonderful artistic flair. She pulls it all together perfectly- love this page!

love thing by honeybScrapping isn’t limited to memory keeping. It can be therapeutic too! Check out this fantastic art therapy page. The Spice Girls lyrics in the background made me laugh…haven’t we all felt that scrapping obsession at times? The depth and detail in this page is fantastic. The layout is a great reminder that sometimes you need to create pages that are just for YOU.

Travel by dianepsmith
Such a standout concept here! I really LOVE the globe with the photos on it. Those are some rocking program skills! The reflection really kicks it up another notch too. The layout also adds just the right amount of with the edge and brushwork. Really well done!Sphere-2

Journey by Caramellche

I love the bold composition here. The strong focal photo with a tight crop really draws the eye. By contrast, the small embellishments work to add lots of lovely detail without taking away from the picture. The palette is wonderful too. This is a beautifully executed page.

Week 25 by Kayleigh
Despite the Project Life phenomena that has been sweeping through the industry, pocket scrapbooking isn’t for everyone. If you’re interested in a daily or weekly approach to memory keeping, here’s an inspiring take! I love how the linear grid design allows her to include so many photos but also keeps the page design clean. The simple flash card peeking out marks the week number. The takeaway from this gorgeous page: find a method that works for you and your style.
Thanks for stopping by GSO! I hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration.

Finger Pointing – August 4th

Hi gang! It’s Laura here with a late night edition of the GSO. I hope you’re inspired by these wonderful pages.

Biggest Cache Ever by Small Moments
I am a huge fan of creative title work. I simply love the mix of texture and size in these alphas. The energy in this page is fantastic – there’s so much movement with the arrows and dotted circles. Overall, this is page is well-designed and perfectly embellished too. Great layout!

The Six of Us by zenjen
This page utilizes really awesome layering and matting to anchor the photo. The different textures give the layout loads of depth and visual interest. I especially like the stitching and multiple frames. It’s a beautiful page!

Awesome Cousins by KatherineHansen
How much do those black frames and high key photos pop against the weathered white background? I love the bold contrasts in this page, particularly with the zings of color. They add just the right touch. I also love that this scrapper made the journaling an integral part of the design. It’s nice to see the story front and center. Super work!

Ice cream by Stephanie
This happy, bright page makes wonderful use of shape repetition. It makes the page really cohesive, yet the variety of shapes is so playful. I really like the mix of patterns on the pennants and the sweet photo. This is a darling layout!

Friends by glitterqueen
This is another layout that uses strong repetition to great effect. The grid of squares is a classic design, but the tilt adds that bit of whimsy. The fun series of photos and playful patterned papers work well together, while the addition of the stitches is an excellent focal anchor in the design. Well done!


Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you have a wonderful week!


Finger Pointing – July 21st

Let’s end the weekend with some eye candy from the beautiful galleries of digi-land. It never ceases to amaze me how many talented artists make up this community as well as the many gorgeous styles of layouts. Let’s get started!

To the beach by stevens89
I love the large, bold focal photo with the three additional photos layered over it. The background paper really supports the beach theme, along with the simple pops of orange and sea foam. Those accent colors in the element work are just enough to add visual interest and tie in the palette of the photos. Very well done!

Summer Bucket List by star74
The patterned background, amped up colors and fun paint splatters give this page such great energy! I love the centered composition and layering. The list style journaling adds to the freestyle fun on this layout. Awesome page!

Boys and their toys by Britgirl
The paint and brushwork on this layout are really phenomenal. I love how they are subtly layered and used together to such great effect. The small pop of red also draws your eye right into the photo, which is another well-composed touch. Fantastic work!!

Be by canadianmommy
The repetition of the circles in both the paper shapes and element work give this layout such a cohesive look. I love how the circles in the arrow move your eye around the page so that you can really take in all of the beautiful elements. The happy, fun colors and cute little photos combine to make a fun page!

Give Care, Take Care by casbury
This incredibly poignant and stunning page does everything right. The journaling is so heartfelt and introspective. The tender photo is beautifully framed with just the right amount of color as an anchor and sparkle as an accent. I simply adore this layout!

Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you enjoyed the standouts!

Finger Pointing – May 27th

Welcome to another week of Finger Pointing here at Gallery Standouts! For those of us in the States, I hope you enjoyed the 3 day weekend. I am wrapping up a lovely Memorial Day, full of friends, BBQ and apple pie with this bit of inspiration from the galleries. Let’s get started!

Pledge by mhreen08
It seems appropriate to mark this holiday by recognizing this gorgeous layout. I love the centered composition and fantastic clustering here. I am huge fan of photoless page, particularly when they are so beautifully executed. The repetition of the stars, both the large ones as anchors and the smaller ones in the scatters, gives this page such cohesiveness. Great work!

Not Born for Sewing by MrsPeelI really love the layered details on this awesome page, especially the stitched title work. It’s so perfect for the theme! This page tells a great story through the photos, journaling and wonderful element work. I always enjoy pages that use all of those pieces harmoniously and this one does it exceedingly well. Lovely page!

Hello Summer by morgana
The crisp colors really pop against the white space here. Both the patterned paper and paint add fantastic artistic touches that contribute to a very cool freestyle look on this layout. The bold dashes of black really amp up the wow factor too. Super work!



Play Ball by SandyHenderson
The crisp, linear composition and All-American color palette make this page a home run. (OK, groan if you want, but I couldn’t pass up that pun!) The mix of patterned papers in the accent gives the layout a nice punch of color and additional visual interest. Really fun page!



52 weeks – 21 by mugsbigsis
The photography is especially beautiful in this standout page. Not only are the photographs well shot, but they are also perfectly cropped and composed here. The clean white background and simple title work allow the pictures to shine – as they should. What a wonderful Project 52!

Thanks for stopping by tonight! I hope you are inspired to leave these talented scrappers some praise and to add their work to your favorites!

Finger Pointing – April 29th

Happy Monday! Here’s some gallery inspiration to brighten the start of your week!

Carousel by roxana
This is such a delight of color and element work! The layout is so well-crafted to support the carousel theme, from the arched cutout over the main picture to the horses tucked around the page. It makes great use of multiple pictures and tells the story perfectly. So fun!!


Sunshine by mollyc
I adore the recent trend of full page or large photos. They give such a pop to the page, especially when they are deftly accented. The border and banner give just the right amount of color but still allow the photo to be the star. Beautiful work!


I Can Fly by Tinkelbel
I love the creative, art journaling feel to this page. The rainbow palette and fun play with paint are very expressive of page’s overall exuberance.

i wanna go by mrs. hobbes
The use of the scallops on this page is absolutely wonderful. They are such a visual anchor for the page and also provide great composition for being able to tuck in the photos. The dreamy quality of this travel bucket list is supported by the soft colors and heartfelt journaling. Well done!


So Pretty by nataliekw
The paper piecing on this page really caught my eye. I love how mix of patterns in the shapes becomes a strong design element for setting the palette of the page as well as a great foundation for the layers of elements. Super sweet and pretty!


I hope you enjoyed these standouts! Have a great week!

Finger Pointing – Feb. 25th

Happy Monday! I was so glad to end a very, long busy day with a relaxing stroll through the beautiful galleries of digiland. I have 5 inspiring layouts to share with you tonight.

9.28.12 by nikkiARNGwife
I adore all of the details here, from the paper borders to the stitches and stamping. I think she has really rocked the realistic paper style here! Of course, I am also a huge fan of everyday pages, so this lovely collection of memories from a random day spoke to me as well.


this love by mollyc
The photography on this layout is gorgeous and it’s further enhanced by the carefully selected embellishments. The restrained, balanced elements definitely complement the photo and make for a very cohesive page.

Froyo by stevens89
I really love the assymetrical blocking and mix of patterns here, as they make for quite a stunning composition. The title work adds just the right amount of whimsy to this beautiful and fun layout.

Soon Summer by helensenator
This page has a definite wow factor with its amazing photo blending and brushwork. I feel like boat is going to sail right off the page. I am eager for the end of winter too, so I was moved by the evocative images here.

Yes You Can Fly by JenLin
The bold, grungy title work and mix of brush work really caught my eye. The clustered elements do a great job of keeping that adorable photo the focal point and provide a nice balance on the page. So cute!

Thanks for visiting! Please remember to leave some love for these talented ladies!