Finger Pointing – January 28th

Diving into the galleries and soaking up the inspiration is a great way to end a busy Monday! I hope these creative, beautiful layouts make your evening a little brighter.

torn by hutchie
I love everything about this page! The bold background, vibrant mix of patterns and beautiful elements are all perfectly assembled into a really strong visual triangle. The great composition and eye-catching details make this a true standout!

Be Yourself by mummytothree
The riot of fun and color finds a wonderful counterpoint in the kraft paper. The awesome cluster on this layout gets all of the focus with the delicious mix of elements. I also really love the message on this page. Great work!

This is Real by sue.falstaff
This is perfect simplicity. I adore the snowflakes and crystal embellishments as they add just the right amount of sparkle pop. I love how the doily gives a snowy effect to the whole page too. Gorgeous!!


[9] by janyellemayara
What a lush and romantic page! All of the element choices and layering give this such a wonderful vintage feel that complements the photo incredibly well. It’s really a beautiful celebration of marriage.


So very grown up by fruitysuet
There’s a beautiful flow to this page that really makes the photos shine. It also has a certain reflective, nostalgic look that is underscored in the content of the journaling. Truly a lovely page!

Jan Random Challenge by rfeewjlj
Lately, I am sucker for large photos and this one is a superb example, with a great crop and excellent processing. Doesn’t it just grab you? It’s so well-scrapped with a soft palette that supports the tones in the photo and the sweet, perfectly placed word art. Well done!


Thanks for taking a peek tonight!




Finger Pointing – January 21st

Happy Monday, digiland! It’s been a long while since I’ve had a chance to finger point, so I’m excited to get right to my picks tonight.

One of a Kind by Kimberley Morris
I love the juxtaposition of the freestyle clustering with the white space. From the small patterned background paper to the hexagon cuts, there’s so much visual interest on this page, but even more importantly, it wall works well together. It’s quite a yummy page!


Change in 1985 by AnneofAlamo
The is a stellar autobiographical layout. The collaged mix of the photos and ephemera makes it feel like an old school scrapbook, which is so very cool. The paint and brush work, though, make it very fresh. Well done!


Wisdom by jaye
This page is beautifully done! I adore how the serene colors and tightly clustered elements help to project the theme of wisdom. The wonderful mix of textures and media are a delight for the eye.


You + Me by dlhoffer
This clever white space layout just jumped right out of the gallery! The pairing of the doodles with the vertical framing tells a darling story. I love how the main color pop in the page comes from the photo, which makes it a terrific visual anchor. Great work!



Drive a Car by meibritt
There is such dynamic motion in this page, from the circles in the composition, to the road signs and chevron track. I love the playfulness and attention to detail here. It’s so fun and well-crafted!


Videoke Princess by PaulineM
The vintage processing on the photos and the wooden background are perfectly paired. The cute doodles add a nice burst of color and energy. It’s such an adorable page!

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s inspiration. Be sure and leave some love for these talented ladies!


Finger Pointing – October 22nd

Happy Monday! Phew- has it been busy for you too?! I’ve been chasing a brand new puppy around my house all day. She’s sleeping right now, so I am going to get right to the standouts before she wakes up again!

Life is good by Timo
I adore every bit of the painted and stamped goodness on this page! The composition has  a great triangular shape that moves your eye beautifully around the layout. I also really like the subtle, unique mixing of the papers. Such gorgeous work!



Life Together by wombat146
The photo treatment and blending on to the canvas mat is stellar. It is an amazing artistic touch in an incredible layout that clearly has been thoughtfully crafted. Each and every element works harmoniously on this page. Love it!



Madmen by hallymichelle
This layout just about made me swoon. I really love the realistic paper style here! The linear composition and blocking unites all of the patterned papers really effectively and allows the fun photos to shine.



Jumping in the Leaves by heathergw
The awesome energy in the design of this page made it pop right out of the gallery. The cool background paper combined with the swirling strings and cascading clusters gives that feeling of jumping. It’s pure genius on this autumn page!



Monster’s Night by Shawnbear
This page has a really solid design, but it’s truly elevated by the use of light and shadowing throughout the layout. I love how the light play keeps the focus on the cluster and let’s the background paper work as a design element too. This is an adorable and fun page!


Thanks for joining me for tonight’s standouts…and now, I am back to puppy duty!

Finger Pointing – October 8th

Happy Monday! Whether you are back to work or enjoying a long weekend for the holiday, it’s always nice to take some time to soak in gallery inspiration. So, put up your feet, grab a cup of tea and enjoy tonight’s standouts!

Puddle-licious by marnel
I love everything about this page from the brilliant use of paint spatters as mud to the fun mix of patterns. The split composition is really effective in moving your eye across the page and giving energy to the splash. Totally fabulous and fun work here!

In the Moment by jetjez
I am really enjoying the trend of big photos. I really like the creative twist she puts on it with layering additional photos on top of the main one. Echoing the colors in the photos in the element work really makes this page cohesive and beautiful.

Autumn Afternoon by kimpson
I always enjoy layouts with a very realistic paper style. I love how the strips of paper, painted borders and stitching make such a great focal base for the photo. All of the little details add to cool eclectic mix on this page. Well done!

Beach Combing by LovelyMissKait
The photo blending and brushwork on this layout is extraordinary! It’s so seamless that you really can’t tell where the photo ends and the brushwork begins, so that gives an even more artistic effect. The stacked papers and element work on the other side give a super visual balance to this page as well.

Ben by mamabean379
The tonal neutrals and centered composition really allow the adorable photo to shine. I really like the wonderful stacked layers and the addition of bit of flare for an unexpected pop. This is such a sweet page!

turn me on by Keely~B
This is a terrific AAM page! The collage of television ads and the fun title work are so creative, but what elevates the page even more is the story. The journaling has a clear voice and excellent details. This is a page that the scrapper’s family is sure to look back on and love! Fantastic work!


Thanks for stopping by tonight! Please be sure to leave some gallery love for these talented scrappers.



Finger Pointing – September 24th

It’s been a long while since I’ve had the opportunity to finger point, so I am quite excited to share my picks with you tonight! Let’s get to it…

wander by Jopke
The texture and blending on this page is absolutely phenomenal! The diminutive title work and single, perfectly shadowed petal accents the photo perfectly. This layout has a wonderful sense of drama coupled with great artistic restraint – a beautiful combination that made for a truly stunning page.


Little Pig Snort by gracielou
From the penciled title work to the fun use of patterned paper, this layout embraces the eclectic. I love the unexpected blue paint as the matting and the punch of black and white for the photo corner. Those elements really add to the funky, artsy look of this adorable page. Well done!

Carnaval by Ferdy
This layout is a riot of color and boldness, just as a Carnaval layout should be. I love all of the detailed elements, especially how the musical notes pull the eye around the composition.  This layout is playful and packed, but it still extremely cohesive because of the repetition in color palette and elements. Stellar page!


Clowns by AnnieBananie
How clever is this page? Using a clown kit to tell a personal story about a pet peeve is so creative. The choice of orange as the foundation color, gorgeous clustering and stark photo processing all made this layout just pop out of the gallery! Notice the excellent use of the visual triangle she formed with the yellow flowers, as it really draws your eye into the page. Great work!


Kissy Face by Kimberly Morris
The red, white and black color scheme is always an eye-grabber, but the addition of those small pops of lime green elevates the punch of this page even more. I love the playfulness of the zig-zagging banners and mix of patterns. Such a cool, fun page!

Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you enjoyed these standouts. Be sure to leave some praise for these talented ladies!

Finger Pointing – April 30th

Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s the last day of April? This month simply flew past, but I hope you made plenty of great memories and have found time to scrap them too! If you need some inspiration to get that scrapping done, check out the Standout’s tonight!

Differences by christineirion
This page is so clever, well designed and fun! I just love it! The embellishment and journaling are wonderful because they work together extraordinarily well to tell the story fully. Fantastic layout!

21 Seconds by plumdumpling
The photostrips of the different faces are absolutely darling. I like how the circle provides a nice anchor for the composition and balances against the journaling and titlework. Great page!

Sweet Moment by LorieM
The photo is the star of this page, so the scrapper wisely chose to let it shine with simple, restrained element work. They support and enhance the photo without overwhelming it. This can be a difficult task and she accomplished it perfectly.

Earthy Green by domad
The delicate brushwork and dainty scatters are so lovely and artistic. The creative matting and framing of the photo make for a strong focal point with lots of interest. Gorgeous work!


sea by Lisa_mommy2two
What a stunner of a heritage page! The element work and photos are so cohesive in the theme of this page. The layout is very well crafted and tells a great story.

Today by mymalloryboys
This page is very on trend with the twine and hanging pennants, but it’s elevated by the fun paper blocking and blending. I love the muted palette and all of the yummy details. Beautiful layout!

Thanks for stopping by the blog tonight. I hope you enjoyed the picks!