Finger Pointing – January 19th

Me again!!! woo hoo, I just got back from a 3 mile walk with my hubby and then bebopped thru the galleries! After pointing at so many beauties this Saturday, I couldn’t believe I found 6 so fast! Wowza!!

On Froze Pond by Djp331. The title work, both the alpha and play on words caught me, and then I came in to see.  The background photo has such a great linen blend and then my heart caught.  The QR code up in the corner!! oh this is a multimedia page..She is blowing my mind again and again! This is the page of things to come!


11 Janvier by ValeJules. I could go on about the art touch this page brings, but instead, I just want to let you look and just remember.  It is important not to forget!


Shades of Love by ykkka. I adore the pull back curtain feel and the deep colors of the photo against the creamy loveliness of the rest of the page. The tri placement of the butterfly brings you back around to the photo…fun and beautiful all together.


Brothers with father by Anne PC. She gets points right off for having the lovely E on the end of her name! Then the title work is outrageously awesome, then the framed colorful family and b&w background.  I love it all over again….and Dad’s hat! oh I think this is just pure wonderful.


Stroll by Songbirdy. Dr. Doolittle takes  a stroll, and I am right there with him, happy and enjoying the amazement and magic created all over this page. The brilliant colors and well, for crying out loud, it makes you smile just looking at it!


Be Happy by thomsen.  I am and hope you will be too.  I clicked because I am drawn to happy.  Then I looked more at everything on this page, it is full of so much without being so busy.  The center paper is the perfect touch to make you look again at those adorable cubes with smiles on them.


I leave you and hope you enjoyed your day too.

~never lose your joy


Finger Pointing – January 17th

Happy WeekEND! The sun came out in full glory today in my little town in the middle of nowhere, so we did a three mile hike! It was so beautiful! My kids were running, the dogs so happy to be out and about.  I came back quite refreshed and full of vigor to gallivant thru the galleries! Why don’t you get cozy and be inspired:

Oh Christmas Tree by AmieN1. Christmas is always makes for special pages.  Just take a look at the focus on the sprinkles.  The richness and crispness of this photo is fantastic! The fact that it is not “traditional” Christmas green makes me happy too!  Having the journaling tucked in the plastic pocket is adorable, and I plan on doing that soon, like tonight! lol


She by Lindzee. I am not a professional dancer, I am one who just loves music that makes you move, and this page is full of movement that happens when you are enjoying the process of creating!! The duplication is perfection and then using the puppet warp makes me just thrilled! This is a page that I think I can almost hear the slight tinkling of bells, because it does feel alive!


Love by breakingbrie.  BAM! there it is, jumping off the page as a thumbnail, must click to find out more about the design.  I love this idea of using a Pocket Template for an everyday moment.  Of course, when you have a face this adorable on the page it helps too! I keep looking and love the diverse patterns, and fun color play in the pockets. This is top notch!


 All About by Natas11. I had to read every bit on this page. Amazing the pain our sister in scrap has, and then the diagnosis is something I never even knew existed.  The page is full of facts, and not the most happy thing to scrap about, but it still has a real fighters spirit, even her use of the word strip; optimistic presses in. This is a page to be savored and held into your mind.  We don’t know what our fellow scrappers go thru in life, but they all want to create, and that brings us close.


Hatred by nessita. The power and energy that flows from this page is so tangible and deep.  I want to print it out and touch it, because the grungy metal bits along with the powerful stamp designs. This is akin to an old Japanese ink block meets the Iron age.  Oh do I love it!


 Week 2 Pl- Moments Remembered by Jane_Bond7(whose screen name makes me happy too). I am one who starts Project Life, and fails.  Then I see pages like this, I want to begin all  over again.  The use of  the white journaling on the black is butt kicking awesome, and then the words. This woman can journal like no tomorrow.  I love that she keeps a daily journal to help her with the PL.  Then her photos are gasp producing also. I put both pages in, because they work together, and you have to appreciate that!



There we go, fun and finger pointing all at the same time!

~never lose you joy

Finger Pointing – January 5th 2015

Two Thousand Fifteen! It is here! After a long Christmas break of eating and celebrating, we are back in full force! I am raring to tear up the galleries. I love how many people are also fired up and full of MOJO! The galleries are full to the brim!

Challenge 3_Webspiration_Solitary by SharLamb grabbed my eyes, and brought me in closer to enjoy the wow moment from her page! I just keep staring at this canvas with awe. I want to take all her elements, and just try to emulate it, but I can’t even begin…this is a page of pure wonder!


08 by Mary-11 completely epitomizes the feel of a snow ball fight! The rosy cheeks in the photo, then blending it into a circle, add the dimension of the snowball.  I love the idea of date stamp around the photo too, and think January 6 was a great day in 2011.


Journey by asali. Can you just feel the warmth? I am sitting at my computer with a heater blasting at my feet and this page makes me remember that summer is coming! The photos all by themselves are contain the WOW factor, then toss in the brilliant blue paint and it is a winner for me!


It’s Playtime by zanthia122.  From her way cool, I don’t know how she did it, but it is so awesome lines, to the matching the paper alpha (IT’S), I am happy! I have to admit to also loving the stripey pants too!


Not a Diet by Rae. It’s a lifestyle change.  Those words are so important! Her page is powerful as a statement and reminder of how to do this right! I am cheering her and joining her in this journey!  Go girl, you rocked this page and made me so proud!


Shredding the Gnar by Brandi Sutherlin. This is my first time browsing thru ScrapStacks for Finger Pointing, so I hope I get it all right! My little brother was a huge snowboarder..HUGE! This made a lump of remembrance come to my throat and heart, and tears flow. My first Christmas without him, but this page is like seeing him all over again. The photo treatment is so phenomenally perfect for the shot, I just keep staring and love it more and more.  Having their names typed out in caps, just is such a great idea. I love this page for so many reasons, thank you for making me remember good today!


That is all for me, I am off to scrap memories too and

~Never Lose the JOY!



Finger Pointing – November 8th

Here in the Southwest of America (imagine cowboys running thru the desert plains) we have cool breeze of fall, and you can almost taste the chill.  It has been a beautiful day.   Having the honor to finger point on Saturday is quite a joy!  I am just blown away again and again!!! I am excited to share the glorious pages with you today!

Starting off with My Space by stampin_rachel. the colored in paper and arrangement go so perfectly, with her words.  Words I felt could have been typed about my own life.  The title with the brilliant stitch just caught my eye and I knew it would have to be featured!


I saw this page on ScrapStacks, and I am just really learning how to use it, so I went and searched it out in another gallery.   No Kissing by Lynnette Wilkens.  Look at the extraction of his adorable face!!! I mean, this face alone, with his eyebrows and half smile of NO, absolutely NO all over it is just the bomb.  Then the wildness of the geometric shapes! I am just flabberghasted, and wish I had thought of it first! hahah


Fall Colors by Scrappie Irene! No matter where you live right now, this page just exudes the feeling of fall.  I  could get lost in the blends of the background.  She masterfully brings in the paleness, and then the stark white frames are just so dynamic!  You get the whole feel of the time spent in this glorious place!


This page, @Home by Naadi,  made me want to take a closer look.  I am so glad I did.  Her brush work is something I just want to delve into.  I have been watching YOUtube videos of water color techniques and this page makes me want to experiment and try new things.  Her font work makes me all happy too.  Fonts are so fun, we can collect thousands, and find ourselves using the same 10.  She breaks the mold with her rockin title too!


If I could insert a sound right now, it would be me squealing with complete and utter delight at this page, Gratitude_07 by mugsbigsis.  I am doing the month of Gratitude for my first time on Facebook, but never thought to make a book about it.  This page has me so determined to do it.  A carmel apple, no, not just an ordinary carmel apple, but a gorgeous one with yumminess! I love her spirit, I am gonna have it and be grateful for it too! Woot to you and power on!Gratitude_07

I am a geek about learning, teaching and recording my kids getting both.  I saw this page African Dwarf Frogs by Karen and about swooned with delight at the pure intensity of fun happening on her counter! This is what life is all about!  This memory is forever caught by her photos and journaling on a page that exudes learning (and they don’t even realize it is happening).  Such a smart mom and lucky boys!



There ya go, the light is quickly disappearing here in my part of the world. Enjoy the pages and enjoy your memories, and

~never lose your joy

Finger Pointing – November 3rd

What a fun job tonight, the Monday after Digital Scrapbooking  weekend!!!!!  I felt like I was at a buffet of excellence in EVERY gallery! Wow, seriously, I had 20 pages up in tabs and had to narrow it down to just 6! YIKES!

I begin with earlofoxford’s GUM(I).  Just look upon this page in awe. I love the perspective of the photo which is by itself majestic.  Then it blends with perfection at the top, the torn paper brings your eye to the bit of history added. Le’ Sigh, but I adore this page:


Big Picture, and big smiles and if this doesn’t make you laugh and smile and well just all around happy, check your pulse! Simple. Awesome and I love every inch! Together by joey, thank you for the extra fun added to today for me!


The photos grabbed me in the gallery,   the tilt of the horizon in the bottom photo made me want to know more about this page. floO6nice’s Sweet Home has a classic scrapbook feel that I love, with a bit of a twist of clustery fun! Her journaling is precious and I would so love to look at that window!


I will not be stopped by hekas.  If anyone stops her, they gotta go thru me first. This page is like a cool breeze on a hot summer night. The wetness of grass in the early morning. It has a heartbeat of awesome that I totally fell for…wow is a small word, but imagine it being said and my mouth left open in total awe!


This page is gonna make you look, then look again. See that crop? PURE dynamic and makes you go, dang, I need to go thru my photos and try this! But wait, JenEm pops this way cool extra frame circle on the page to draw you down that path! My head and heart go together and make this cooing sound of amazement for this page! Journey by JenEm.  I am so thankful for this page!


I think many of the people I meet in the digital world of scrapbooking, are also voracious readers. They love the written word and the images it inspires in their minds.  If we had more time, we would scrap and read more! This page Reading is Dreaming by Ann combines both worlds of reading and scrapping with such wonder! I am also a lover of shoes…tee hee, and want hers! hahha


My 6 picks are here, but oh so many more out there.  I hope you all got great deals this weekend, and have unzipped and are scrapping memories and dreams!

~never lose your joy




Finger Pointing – October 31st

It is all hallows eve here in America.  I am sitting in the dark, scrapping.  My kids are out going from event to event filling pillowcases with calorie laden candy.  I am waiting for them to get home, so I can check it before they eat it. YES! I admit it I also make them pay a tax! All Reesee Peanut Butter Cups belong to me! I went to through the galleries today and had great plans of filling this post with ghouls and ghastly pages…but there was more talent and outrageously awesome pages of ALL kinds I couldn’t keep it to one genre!!

Starting off with Anja_77’s page Only for Boys.  I love how she took the ribbon and it feels almost like a street! The circles all over to include the frames that shine so spectacularly, and the lights all come together for a top notch page!


RED! I love RED! I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame! This is beyond amazing, I want to print and frame it HUGE on my wall! LOOK at the way cool out of bounds in the round frame! wow, oh wow and add ten more wows.  I don’t know what I love more, the composition of the page or the dynamic photographs by Timounette on her in Red page!


I Have a Story to Tell You by Iowan.  This has to be a photograph of a page, I just know it…look at the shadows, the depth, I want to look and see if there is glue behind these layers.  Her work on this page screams, I had fun MAKING THIS PAGE! Can’t you feel it??


Project Life. I could just type those two words and walk away. You see I am petrified and at the same time mesmerized by those that keep the pages going. I keep trying to pump myself up to do it. I give up, and then…a page like this one makes me want to try it again.  The cropped photos, make this page even more stunning.  Justagirl (really I am not stalking you, just love your view on life) page Mudgeeraba Show 2014(which I had to google, because the word is just a giggle on my lips!  oh oh and how cool are the apps squares? I don’t know for sure what they are called, but I know they do something with a smart phone!


This is something I believe EVERYone should try! Black and White a photo and then plop (although I believe that bao didn’t just plop) a frame and keep the color on the framed cropped part of the photo.  Isn’t is marvelous? I think the page Art’ by bao is fascinating, and as one of the commentators said it is clever! Her soft fade on the photo is phenomenal too!


The last page is another fun technique that I forget about, selective color! This photo is hilarious and perfect with the color selection! Quirky by Justme Trace is what scrapping is about to me, taking a photo and  when this page is printed and looked at conversation will blossom and laughter of that memory lives again!


oooooooooooooh the candy collecting children are home…and I need to feed on chocolate! Enjoy the picks tonight and laugh when you take pictures, giggle when you scrap them, and

~never lose your joy!



Finger Pointing – October 23rd

Wild and Wonderful Thursday! I sit and go thru the gallery, while listening to the giggles of my boys on the Kindle! I love that sound! I get giggling at them.  One of my favorite type of pages are ones that make you laugh…don’t you ?

Iowan’s Fantastic Conner 2013 will make you burst into smiles and giggles! I love the eyeball paper, and that title and oh oh I am just seeing this..the hands reaching up are just so cool! This is one fun and fabulous page!Fangtastic_Connor_2013

I can’t fight the weather changing, the days getting shorter and sweaters being pulled out! Ania-maria’s Cozy Sweater & ETC is worthy to hang on a door and announce that Fall is here, and well…uhm Pumpkin EVERYThing! lol, I love the fun all over, but look at that leaf, and the shadow! Pure delightful!


Another part of the Fall season I love is Baseball, and AmberR’s Major Players pulls the whole spirit of the joy of going to a game! I love how she layers up the adventure of the park, and that ball comes right off the page in perfect HOMErun fashion!


I seriously cried.  I lost my little brother this year to cancer(hate hate hate cancer).  My brother fought it to the bitter end.  He was strong, watching my parents suffer thru his death and how they are still suffering. The scripture on this page has strengthened me.  I am touched by the artistic flair, using the chalkboard and the different alpha/fonts is just amazing. Thank you ouisiekelly’s for your heart on your page Nothing Worse. 


Then a page of pure wonder and what is all right in the world.  This little boys face is delightful, his eyes dance with mischief and adventure. I am in awe of the mixtures of b&w with the dynamic reds! That beatricemi journals about his struggles and happiness on the page Littlest is done with such a loving heart, it makes me want to cheer Jacob on!


Finally, a page that gives me fist pumping victory! I want to leave you with it, and thoughts to ponder…living without regrets, looking back! What a beautiful purpose! Aino’s  Right Track is artsy and still takes on strength and oh my gosh, I think that stem is real and I could touch it!


Bedtime for my giggling boys and I am close behind, but please

~never love your joy