Finger Pointing October 15th

Wild and wonderful pages all thru the galleries today! I had my heartstrings pulled, laughed and oohed and awed.  I hope you do the same.

I am a lover of books actually printed for our friends and family to see our pages.  Mrymoores is creating a whole book for her husband and his dream come true.  This page is the Peru Dedication Page.  The quote is so perfect and then the cropping of the page with the same photo behind it is just wow.  The prints on the photo makes me happy:


Just the title grabbed me, Photography is an Art of Observation by zanthia122.  Now look and look again and again at her page, the butterflies lifting off the page….oh be still my heart. The blended with brush work or masks, I don’t know, but what I do know is this page is filled with love for the subject and taking photos of them!


Color, vibrant and pure dynamic! Marote05’s page This is Life is full of it all! The stripes going against the tilt of the photo and the horizon gives a rebellious happy to the page that makes me smile!  Look at that smile, tooth missing, tongue out and full of life all captured on one amazing page!


I admit I do love America! I get excited seeing people vacation in my country and love it like oudedame17 amerika page.  The scenic photos all over the page are full of the desire to get across her love of the time spent.  I think I get that feeling.  The lines of the photos are cropped perfectly and the bits of fun up the side are not overdone, but just a bit of fun to add!



Ga_L’s page just be happy. is like a peek into her life.  I feel almost like I am peering into a window with a view of two happy children! I keep looking at the shadow in the photo and just how the papers lay perfectly. Just be happy, aw, I think I will!


I have never seen a Blythe doll, except on Roboliver’s pages.  Everytime, they grab me.  LOOk is the name and I looked and kept looking,  The fact it is a doll gets me, then the juggling of leaves via her photography and digital skills…dang, I love it!


I hope you enjoyed and are feeling a bit happier too!

~never lose your joy

Finger Pointing – October 4th

Saturday in the Galleries!! That has got to be fattening! I can not get over the amazing pages out today!  So many new released designs, and I think I may have had an overdose of wow factor! I haven’t Finger Pointed on a Saturday in a long, long time.  I tell you, if you are feeling mojo-less, just tip toe thru a few galleries today, and you will be scrapping in no time!

I start off with a page that peaked my interest in a project I had totally missed; Record Your World! Wow oh wow.  I know this artist and consider her a dear friend. When I saw this page, I seriously gasped outloud.  The big circle, kinda ying/yang theme…I smiled, laughed and then thought about how she sees herself.  I so see her as kind and precious. Her words were thought out and the page is like a CD waiting to have more of her life added to it. HollyinJapan’s Seeing Me is worth a look and then another:


This page is a cheat on my behalf, as I saw it last night, and if my sister Finger Pointer didn’t grab it yesterday, I was determined too!  I love how she took the fun and grungy background and added such a superb dimension with the stitches and doodles.  Her alpha looks hand cut and placed with perfection in the shadows.  But I absolutely love that photo of her handsome love with the blanket, seriously, it is just a great addition, giving movement to the page.  Iffybean you have a new fan, love picnic is awesome:


I know Week in the LIfe doesn’t officially start til the end of the month, but I along with others did this past week, some are doing next week, and golly we really can do any week we want right!? I am totally in love with Kelly’s (mugsbigsis) idea for her week! This is her Week at a Glance_Day 5! I can not wait for the next edition. It seems so simple, but her journaling is pure fantastic.  The titles to each entry, and the little bits of realization, her weather, oh I am saving each one to try this soon.  I may have to do a whole nother week!!!


Most of you know my love for family! When I see the word, it makes me look a bit closer, but when I see the word with a photo and such beautiful artwork around it, I grab it! I absolutely love how she blended the photo of her family onto the the “F”.  We are also a family into archery, so the recurve bow got me too! 😉 This is an all around remarkable page and I am so happy to have seen it! Family is the key…  solysombra33 is displayed in perfection!


I do believe JennMcCabe has been scrapping non stop for 48 hours, every gallery I went to I kept picking her pages, I had to narrow it down to just one!  I think you will agree how awesome this one really is! That little puppy and shadows on the page and a big ol’ burst of sun flare, le’ sigh.  This is pure dynamic and well impeccable to my eyes and heart! Head over Heels with your page too Jenn!


Squeal! Screaming with delight and pumping my fist to the pure energy on this page! The effect of adrenaline in the arena by P’tiscrap, made me want to know more, see more and still dream about the page I am seeing! The colors and bits off this girl are out of this world. She has executed a work of art and so made me want to go play and experiment!


Well, not a calorie or carb added during this Finger Point! Woo hoo, I am off to enjoy my Saturday, by downloading some new to me things and scrap the afternoon away. I so hope you join me!

~never lose your joy




Finger Pointing – September 15th

Oh yep, it is the 16th, actually 2am on the 16th.  You see it is my day to point at awesome pages from the galleries around Digitown and I ain’t gonna miss it.  So, as my nose runs and my tea cools a bit, I wandered around.  Seasonal allergies got me up! I live in the desert and we have had this strange wet stuff coming out of the sky.  Rain they call it.  Wet in desert makes things I am allergic too grow and bloom, hence 2am tea and Finger Pointing!

I start out with a big photo page, because they grab me everytime! Really by KimR+ I love the piano so soft as the background page, but what totally got me was the way cool fun on top! The cluster and balance paper cuts are pure AWESOME!  The opening and closing of doors in her life as a pianist is a story touching to read also! Thank you for using your gift in such remarkable ways.


I do believe with the ingenious Ladder Challenge for a CT spot of Anna Aspnes Designs is going to fill the pages at our GSO Finger Pointing Blog for the next few weeks! I am in awe of each and every page, and this one Goodbye Summer by Margeda is just my heart right now, as summer is slowly fading.  The frames and pics are just awesome…I can almost feel the waves on my toes.


Gradient papers make me want to scrap! macamom’s being silly page is a superb example of why.  Taking advantage of the hilarious photo of Zach and his way cool adventure hat (and rather dapper outfit) matching the fun of the kit used is perfect. She tells the story in the word arts and title and the journaling brings in all the other fun facts!


The fight between coke and pepsi has raged for years…and I am a COKE(albeit Diet or Coke Zero) fan! Then I saw dotcomkari’s Coca Cola page and fell in love all over again with Coke!! Just so cool with the circles and extracted wicked fun photo.  Taking some really fun patterns and just playing and having a blast is all over this page, and well, I love having fun ya know!?!?



Crisp and on the edge! All the action up on the edge of this page really caught my eye, then again the joy of jumping in leaves, and all the goodies around the photo and you have one fantastic page! Okay, the painted wood background made me love it more, I admit it! Grungy painted wood should be used whenever possible! KingsQueen82, your page Fall Fun is just a winner all the way around!



When people ask me what is your favorite color, I usually say clear, because I love them all.  Pam P answered it so much more remarkable with her page, Sunset is still my favorite color.  Taking the bits of color in the sunset and splashes of paint, and the burst!! Can you all just sigh in wonder at the burst she has used smack dab on the photo…I don’t know how she did it, but I love every bit of it.


There we go, my nose is clearer, my tea is consumed and I believe I can venture back to sleep now.  Enjoy your Tuesday, and watch out for the next FingerPointing in a bit!

~never lose your joy


Finger Pointing – September 8th

September is one of my favorite months.  Life is becoming more organized with school back in and the days becoming shorter here in my little town in the middle of no where!  I sit and enjoy the galleries and listen to my favorite sport Football!! Sadly, my dearest hubby’s team (the Chargers) are not doing so well.

I begin with caapmun’s Flowery.  I admit to loving pink and flowers so much.  I saw the pink and from the thumbnail wasn’t sure if it was a blend or the designers paper.  I clicked and it took a few moments for the page to become clear, even blurry and pixalated I was overjoyed at the page! I so enjoyed viewing!


I have to admit to seeing this page early this morning, and popping it in a TAB to save for this evening! Mollyc’s never stop reaching makes me feel the wind, hear the waves and want to cheer along with the sentiment of the page! Brilliant use of the paper, the paint is exactly where it should be…and I think this page is remarkable!



Black is so dramatic. I am going to use it more, because this page of timounette; St. Cado demands to be seen.  I am drawn to the clean lines and the burst of colors of the photos. I want to recreate it and dig thru photos and memories for pictures filled with bright and lively colors.  The perspective of each photo adds even more to make this page so wonderful!


Veer, I am loving the love you poured into this page.  I can almost feel the fun and adventure on the page.  You bring life to your canvas and I am tickled pink that I am lucky enough to find it!  Across the Miles is one to gaze upon and try and to emulate!


How does Parr1983 make me click so quickly upon a page! Just like Magic is what she did to me with her page of the same name! Look at that face!!! then pure delight all up and down the page! So clean, crisp and still loving and homey? This is grace and memory mixed!


The lines of geoleoan – fishing tales gives the movement of catch and bring forth the full essence of the fishing adventure! I think the line of hooks is such a great touch! This is a memory that will be enjoyed for years to come!


There ya go, six pages pointed at and enjoyed by me! I so hope you enjoy them also!

~never lose your joy




Finger Pointing – August 12th

I have to admit to hearing my mother’s voice each time I write Finger Pointing! “Don’t Point, it isn’t polite!!”  So, maybe it  is the rebel in me that loves this gig so much. POINT, Point, point! I so get like an overdose of mojo going thru the galleries! Thank you all for sharing your lives, memories, emotions and so much more on your pages!

I start off with bbe’s Welcome to the Jungle.  She did this page with a color challenge! I loved the challenge too and the blending and fun all over the page is so top notch.  The grungy BIG alpha for JUNGLE is pure eye candy to me (and no calories)!  I am inspired and love the whole quote that goes with her page! Brilliant!


People may begin talking about the love I have for the talent that Justagirl keeps displaying! I seriously am in jaw dropping awe of her extractions, add remarkable shadowing on them and her son…I adore his expressions and okay, I LURVE her work! X factore by Justagirl!!!


With my heart in my throat, I read the journaling. This page is made with pure love, that a momma who has been thru the wringer watching her baby hurt and having to trust others to fix it.  I can see this brave young man proudly showing this page.  Well done on all counts! The elements are divine and placed with perfection! Big hugs to you TiaAdair and your page Radiate:


Bucket lists are just so flippin cool to me! I love the whole idea of putting dreams, hopes and wanna do somedays on a page.  Taking the ginormous state of Texas and making a Bucket List is pure wonderful! I live next door to that big ol’ state, and enjoyed what she has done and I am betting that Breakinbrie will do her Texas Bucket list! The colors are so American(and Texas is stereo type Americano)! This page just looks like it was fun to make!


Simple and yet so dynamic. Stop and just look at this page, Cherries by Design de Wild. The texture and little touches are magnificent. The credits have 5 different designers.  This page is like a delicate desert, spun softly to capture the light, and gives such a taste of perfection.


I close with one of my favorite scriptures in God’s Word: 2 Corinthians 4:18! I saw this page and was pulled in to SEE it even more closely. I too believe that with faith the future is bright.   Taking the lens on the glasses and using them so dynamically really drew me.  I love the narrow path in the background and so much for my heart to take in on this page.  Thank you lulutoo for your Lens of Faith!


Now I close and head to pick up my young ‘uns from school, I hope you relax and enjoy the pages, perhaps find some inspiration!

~never lose your joy


Finger Pointing – July 31st

AAAAAaaaaaaah? What, this is the last day of July! It can not be so!!! I am tellin’ ya’ll, this year is flying by! I sure hope you are clickin’ your camera and making pages capturing the memories of it!!! Before I start, I had a page, Here & There by caliten all picked out, and was gonna finger point it, but my sister GSO FingerPointer got it yesterday.  I love that page and just wanted to give a shout out!

Now onto my picks, because summer is fading away, and this face with the blends and lights of the paper grabbed my eyes right off the bat.  I am also loving that little bike….adorbs! Sarah001 ber is awesome! 


I seriously gasp when I see that ArmyGrl has a page in the gallery…she has this obscure but dynamic eye for color and wow factor that captures me EVERYtime! I love the paint and how the page seems wet with paint! Captured-in-Boston by ArmyGrl.


I simply squealed at the old photos, and love love love the retro feel to the page, what a great combination of kit, photos and the journaling is pure memories of childhood. gardnwings use of the papers on her page Enchanted Tiki Room is fun and funky! 



Wild Hair, oh yes indeed and the detail and wicked awesome greenery (seriously look at that moss), and you have to read her description….Sometimes I get a wild hair to hang out with my friends! YES YES and YES to wild hairs and hanging with friends.  JustPattyAnne, your Wild Hair is pure majestic! 


This next page is a pure labor of love.  The credits are diverse, a tutorial was taken and as far as I can see, she ACED that class.  The quote makes me think and the photo and use of paint to create an illusion of shadows is fanTABulove it licous! KBlack thank you for your page One Drop! 



If you are having a bad day…stop and just gaze at this page! I seriously laughed and smiled and thought about it. I thought, people need to see this and just enjoy life like this precious boy is! Life is Good! Hold on to that and smile.  A Great Day by karbolik(I’m watching you woman, you got some skillz!!).


Wow, I battled my internet connection and won! woo hoo! Hope you enjoy this post and

~never lose your joy!!!

Finger Pointing – July 28th

Hey ya’ll! I am just back from a much needed vacation from life! Three days of being spoiled by my parents, enjoying the great Pacific Ocean and recharging the ol’ batteries!  To come and go thru the multitude of digital galleries and just go wow was a great welcome home!

I admit, Cratytamm’s title work grabbed me; Oh dear! I love the messy fun all over, the colors are superb, and she mixed and matched multiple kits.  This is a woman with great genes! The photo makes me happy, and I think it is a good thing she has become her mom!!


If this page doesn’t give you Baby-itis, KatieFLapple’s The Details of Jack.  I counted toes and oohed at those adorable lips, and the precious softness to this whole creation is pure delight.


How I love a good story on a page, be it with words or photos, or just a title, but when it is all put together like azrood’s Adventure aka Operation Rescue Grandma, it is just perfect. Her words bring the whole adventure to your mind, aching arms and all!


Magnificent! I can almost see her designing this kit for this very photo.  How I love when a designer scraps her work and especially when it is so flippin’ fantastic.  Dawninskip’s Watch Them Grow is pure wonder.  The inked elements and soft shadows give such depth and cause you to want to know what is in that photo?


The background paper caught my eye in the gallery, the folds are pure delicious, then the cut up b&W photo make a combo of excellence.  I adore this page of Be Brave by mrsashbaugh! It is a scraplift, and I always get a kick out of scraplifts being finger pointed…because they love the page they are lifting so much it adds to their page without even knowing! Brilliant!


I about burst into tears of pure joy with this page A Well Lived Life by JenMaddocks! Sometimes taking the time to reflect on the blessings of your life, and make a page of the wonders and good things withing your heart is so freeing.  Thank you Jen for a page that made me reflect. It is art from the heart and I know that may sound cliche, but it fits it perfect!welllivedlife_72814_resize

There we go, please leave some extra lovin’ for this pages, and be inspired to go and create!

~never lose your joy