Fingerpointing – November 27th

Wowza!  There was so much eye candy out there today…. oh hi everybody!  Barb here with lots of sweetness to deliver. I could have picked twenty, I should have picked five. I picked six, but there were so many out there that were worthy tonight.  Lots of bright stars in the digital art galaxy tonight for sure…..

Denial by joannknnrd

Joann has always been one of my favorite digital artists and I ran across this tonight and LOVED it. I think it’s hauntingly beautiful…gorgeous and soft. I can relate to the message too.

Merry Christmas by hekas

I love the rectangle shape, the subtle color, the different textures and angled layering. It’s just beautiful!  It reminds me of a soft winter snow.

Summer Memorie by Celosie

Wowza – those eyes, that color!  I normally don’t gravitate to this style of layout, but this one just grabbed me instead. The layering is superb and I really can’t get over that gorgeous photograph.

Play it Loud by Ana.Paula

We are such a musical family and so I especially love layouts that celebrate the celebration of music! Ana Paula does it so well (as usual!) with awesome layering, a fun color combination, and a funky journaling font.  Love it!  If this was a song, I’d play it loud!

Be A Star by Whatannaloves

I couldn’t let a Tuesday go by without a super cool art journal layout, now could I?  I love this because the pops of green combined with pink kind of make it somewhat holiday-ish but not really. It is really cool, however. We can all be a star and we need to let our stars shine!

Friend by Jumlai

So much fun here…great color, cool blending, and such a cute photo!  This layout just makes me happy, happy, happy and isn’t that what friends really are for? Yes, I thought so too!

That’s it for me tonight. Be sure to let your own star shine!

Fingerpointing – October 30th

Hi Friends!  Barb here with tonight’s spectacular Tuesday night pics. I hope that all of you are warm, safe, and sound on this crazy weather day.

FrameIt Challenge by Whatnext

I just love everything Phylis does so much!  The color, the creativity, the quirkiness…and she has a way with fonts that I sure wish I had.

Sibling User Guide with mum2gnt

I find this so clever and fun – and what a cool “non photo” layout.  So creative!

Life is Good by jumlai

I am such a sucker for dogs in every way. This layout had me at hello. I love the text and the title work and the mixing of fonts. And the dog. Did I mention that I love dogs?

Death by Cfalbro

Quirky, colorful and just a wee bit creepy…perfect for the day before Halloween. I love the quote and the neat flowers as well.

Trip to Maccas by Skippyherron

I love how this layout combines so many different styles into one and makes it work. I especially love the colorful floral photo on the left.  Really cool.

That’s it for me tonight!  I hope you have a great evening and stay safe if you’re in the storm area!

Finger Pointing – October 15th

Hi Friends!  Barb back atcha with today’s Tuesday standouts!  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Honfleur Harbor by Casbury

I just love this for all the great color. Chris always does the most amazing photo treatments with apps on her phone and iPad, i’m constantly amazed and in awe. This is no exception!

Adjusting to Kindergarten by Tiff

I love the sweet photos here, but I really, really love the cool way she added her journaling. What a great graphic way to say a lot and present it with style!

Fall by Heather Prins

I love how Heather took a great pic, and combined it with elements in such an interesting way. It’s almost as if her layout had different “rooms” or areas and they all served their purpose and combined in a harmonious way.  Love it.

My Half Marathon by CindyB

Who wouldn’t love anything that celebrates such a great accomplishment like a half marathon? I love her journaling and how the large number in the foreground illustrates a milestone or distance.  Well done, and congratulations!

Remember This by heathergw

I love the quote and the color in this.  Do we really need anything more? It’s just fun, funky and cool and that works for me.

That’s it for me tonight, I hope you like my standouts!  xoxox


Fingerpointing – September 25th

Hi Friends!  It’s Barb back atcha with some more extraordinary pics of the day. Man, you are all so darned creative and talented!

Pois by Tinklbell

I can’t help staring at this layout.  The graphic feel, the rich colors, the amazing design and detail. It’s truly one of a kind!

Feeling Appreciated by NikkiE

I bet there isn’t a woman alive who can’t relate to this layout. We all have our days of feeling unappreciated and as if we’re somebody else’s servant.  But on top of the super-relatable, I just love the great colors, the excellent layering, and the different areas that just seem to come together so very well.

Magic Tree by whatannaloves

I had originally picked out another layout by whatannaloves, and then I saw this one. There is something about it that just really makes me smile, especially the sparkly flowers on the tree, the bright and cheery colors, and the painted background.

 On This Day by Donna Goar

Weddings are all about love, and I love this layout. I love everything about it…..the muted colors, the soft paint, the very subtle brushwork, and the beautiful photo. It’s perfection!

and finally…

Chat by Ana.Paula

This layout is so much fun. I really like the “sciencey” feel to it, with the attached hexagons and the scientific type ledger paper. I also like how Ana Paula mixes up the grungy grays with the pop of brightly colored patterned paper. Fun stuff!

That’s it for me tonight, I hope you like my choice!



Fingerpointing – September 4th

Greetings friends!  I’m posting this a bit earlier than usual today due to having tickets to our last Cincinnati Reds game tonight. Hopefully we’ll beat up those Phillies (sorry Philly fans!).  There is no shortage of beautiful layouts out there today to choose from, however. I want to thank you all for making this blog such an easy task (well….other than having TOO many beautiful layouts to choose from many times).

The Story of Yesterday by Terryb

I initially saw this layout because the bright colors and beautiful flowers caught my eye, but it’s the journaling that makes it so very special. The words speak for themselves. Be sure to read them.

Nenuphars by faby33

I have two words for this layout – STUNNING PHOTO.  Just amazing. The perspective is so cool. I love the title on the right too.

Enjoy Life by doty40

Such a perfect white-space layout. I adore the photo, the sweet brushwork, and the cool chevron arrows.  Nicely done indeed!

Crankyville by gonewiththewind

This one made me laugh, basically because I have SOOOOOOO been there. If school doesn’t start soon (it starts tomorrow), I’m on the fast train to Crankyville myself.  Great photos, great layering, and I always appreciate a good self-deprecating layout.  People who can laugh at themselves are just the best.

Love You! by joyuslion

Not only is it good to laugh at yourself now and then, but you have to love yourself first, right?  This bright and whimsical layout is all about loving yourself, and I think that’s wise advice for all of us.  The birds and the lady on the top of the house are just so cute.  Love this.

That’s it for me today, Friends!  Have a great week and I’ll see you again soon.


Finger Pointing – August 28th

Hi Friends!  Barb here coming to you earlier than my normal Tuesday night because my fantasy football league draft starts in an hour.  Yes, I’m one of those girls who teaches the boys the rules.  So here we go!

Your Life by emst

I can’t help myself, I love the color, the quote, and the fun and funky faces playing peek-a-boo around the layout.  Really cool art journal style layout.

Guilty by whatannaloves

I can’t help myself, I’m always drawn to layouts that are doodly, a bit random in nature, and have a healthy dose of black and white. This layout delivers on all levels for me! I also love it that her guilty pleasure is taking random photos of just about anything. I can SO relate to that.

Anna Lift (it begins) by Tanderson

I love how she’s documented the beginning of her child’s journey through school. The big numerals at the bottom caught my eye, but everything else held my attention. As a lover of school supplies, of course I loved the photograph.

My Favorite Kind of Day by penkitten

I love everything about this layout – the photo background, the text in the center of the layout, the cool title work, and how the brushwork is so colorful and fun. The cute little crab in the corner is an extra fun bonus!

1st Day by geniaBenea

Color – pow! Layering – shazam! Two kids who are prepped and ready for school – Awesome!  This layout was literally standing out to me. Rock that first day, kids! (did you see the cute stitching…..bam!)

Last but not least tonight is Surfing by madigirl

I love the blocking, the great layering, the color palette, and how she added the journaling. I like how the surfers are all practicing on the sand.  I can’t explain why this one really stood out to me, other than the fact that I just love it!

That’s it for me tonight – I’m outta here. I have some running backs to draft!

For all of you in the path of Isaac, be safe!



Finger Pointing – August 21st

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a great Tuesday so far… I know, there isn’t much left, so let’s get started!

Snapshot 2012 #16 by mmbstaley

This layout just popped out at me, and really…what would we (or should I say I) do without the internet these days?  I rely on it on so many levels, including work. I agree that we don’t realize how dependent we really are on it until we don’t have access to it. I feel that way about coffee too.  I love all the paint splats, and how the whole layout looks like it was built somewhere in outer space.  So totally cool.

Learn by twinsmomflor

This layout caught my eye because of the interesting peek-a-boo of the striped paper in unusual places, and the cool use of mathematical symbols and text to represent the beginning of school.  The layering is also really well done.

In the Moment by Adryane

Another amazing layout here. I think that the high contrast photo is really great, especially paired with the guitar with the splash of bright yellow that really makes it stand out.  Turning the title on the side on the right hand side of the page adds a funky and unique twist.

Just Jellin’ by Squeak

Okay, I really can’t believe that I picked a layout about jellyfish for a GSO, but it is just so cool…even if I do find jellyfish kind of oogie!  The subtle but yet bright colors are just amazing and seeing them layered upon one another is kind of how they look when you see them swimming in an aquarium.  This is just very cool and super creative.

Gekkie by AJM

What caught my eye about this one?  Photos. Great, fun, and really outstanding photographs.  The other stuff is just icing on the Gekkie cake.  I can’t read the journaling, but I think I get a very good idea of what she’s going for her.  I love the ‘marker’ style title work too. Well done!

Art Journal Caravan Week #33 by Strawberryredhead

I am so drawn to art journal style pages, probably because I’m not good at doing my own.  I love the quotes on this one and the great mix of greens and blues, and the blended use of text and paint splats.  Very artistic!

That’s it for me tonight!  I hope you liked my choices.  Have a lovely evening!