Finger Pointing – November 15th

Hi there scrappers and art lovers! I’m sitting here in my porch feeling privileged that I get to share with you some of the digi goodness I’ve found in the galleries today. What a fun way to spend some time this afternoon! It feels so cozy to be warm inside listening to the cold wind howling outside and the only challenge at the moment (is it really a challenge?) is that my sweet pup just came up to me when I sat down and curled up next to me and I had to reject her laying her head on my laptop. (She really loves to do that!) It’s just too hard to type over her head. Ha! Now she’s just snuggled up really close to me and all is good and I quite possibly may not get anything else done for quite a while because I can’t bear to disturb her. Man I really love doggy snuggles! 🙂 Anyway … on to the beauties I want to share with you today…

Swan by Katell | This layout is absolutely beautiful in its simplicity. The photo stands out on its own and is accented perfectly with the simple leaf atop and the justified journaling, the simple graphic line, and a date tag. The use of white space is perfect and I love the addition of the coffee stain on the bottom with the title. Simply lovely and so very peaceful!

RE Nov Stories by CathQuillScrap | Oooh I love the angled stacks of papers leading the viewer’s eye to the lovely photo. The title work is lovely and I like the way she repeated the stitching on each side and the way she typed the date on one of the angled papers. And of course … I need to mention that she did great, realistic shadowing on the photo/paper stack! Lovely!

This Moment by cnewby | OMG. Could that photo be more sweet?! I love that she split the layout with the light and the dark and the shades of grey and black and paired it with a black and white photo. I really like the way she used a button as part of her titlework and the beautiful grungy brushwork and just now I noticed the doiley border on the left. What a wonderful loving moment captured!

Rugby by Merylbartho | OMG OMG OMG! What a fantastic layout. I love the way that adorable little boy is running out of the photos and that amazing realistic shadow work on the extracted photo. (Awesome extraction BTW!) I like the way she used a paper with clouds above the photos and the blended grass below to ground it all. What an amazing piece of art – definitely why I love digi scrapping so very much! Also … I want to mention I like that the background framed photos are all black and white and the color is saved for the large focal photo. Everything about this page is genius!

No thank you by Britgirl | This layout cracks me up. “No thank you” is EXACTLY my pup’s response when she’s heading outside and she realizes it’s raining. Suddenly going outside is not necessary in the least. 🙂 Clearly that is what these pups think too. Ha! I love the way she tucked the photo into the envelope and she repeated the umbrellas with the wood umbrella and the really pretty painted umbrella. I love the tucked in wood clouds and cloud brushwork in the background along with the varying fonts she used for all her rain quotes. I love those pouty faced pups! This layout is so very fun!

Very Merry by Mywisecrafts | This layout just makes me smile. I love the wonder in the little guy’s face as he’s gazing at Santa. I like how she separated the photo into two frames. Aren’t those doodled string lights adorable and the hanging dimensional doodled ornaments?! Her brushwork tucked behind the photos is a perfect pop of color and I love that glittery snowflake. What a beautiful Christmas layout!

Well, that’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my choices. It’s always a difficult choice. I wish I could share so many more layouts but I’ve got to keep it to six. A rule’s a rule, right?! Have a great day and I hope you find some time today to treat your creative side!

Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – October 4th

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you found some time this busy DSD weekend to scrap and be creative. The artists I am sharing with you today certainly did!

Handsome by ~cheryl~ | I love the design of this page … the large photo and the shapes of papers atop the photo that lead your eyes to the great photo. I love the large letter “B” and the stamped “Handsome.” What a perfect, masculine page!

Evan(1styear)pg25 (SSL-photo strips) by Ernie88 | OOOH that sweet face. 🙂 I love the soft aqua color paired with the black and white image of that sweet baby. It’s so very striking. The page is so serene and comforting. I like the strips of polka dot paper set behind the photo and the simple clustering of elements atop the photo. I also love the beautiful title work. Ahhh … absolutely gorgeous!

October Snaps by Shannel Tamara | I absolutely love this page … with the bold colors and the beautiful inset design of the patterned papers. I love the way everything is set atop the circle design and the way she surrounded the photo with flowers and leaves and the wood title work. Beautiful!

2020-Slow-speed-crop-w-Cynthia by easyeyes4you | What great documentation. I too am finding life to be very overwhelming these days. While I’m overwhelmed with the news and keep vowing to quit listening, I continue to be sucked back into the drama of these days. The struggle truly is real in 2020. Reading through all the things she has documented on this page is going to be a great reminder of the goings on this year – a time we are all sure to want to put behind us. As for the art of the page … I really like the textures of the papers and varying tapes. It’s quite striking!

School in the Time of Covid-19 by digigrandma | What great documentation of these COVID days. I love the little inch worm set atop the word “School” and the scribbled arrow pointing to the new way of doing schoolwork … snuggled in a comfy chair at home with a pup sitting beside. (I’m working from home these days too and my pup, who we adopted during these COVID times, loves the company too!). I like the way she “painted” the photo onto the paper and the scribbled border encircling the entire page.

Maybe by pagefrocks | This page really highlights the uncertainty of these days. While I’m not immune compromised like the artist … I too take the same, careful views of public interaction. I love the giant word “Maybe?” that sums it all up so very well. Everything is so up in the air these days. I love her little Uhmmm and Shrugs tags with the dripping paint. Great documentation!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for you today. If you’ve got some time, treat yourself to some scrapping time today! And of course, leave a little love for the artists and their great designs! Happy DSD weekend friend!


Finger Pointing – September 26

Happy fall everyone. I’m just getting back to my post. I picked out all these lovely layouts for you this morning and then headed out to an apple orchard to pick apples and then to a vineyard for a nice socially distanced outside wi)ne tasting. It felt so good to leave the house for a change. It felt at least a little like normal life again. BUT … now I’m back home and sharing these lovely layouts with you!

Rules Rules by Carolee | OMG. I love absolutely everything about this layout (except of course for the reason for it). It’s definitely a layout that I intent to scraplift. What a great way to document some of the things we’re going through in these crazy awful times. I love the simple tags and the smattering of red elements and the curly stitching holes in the background. It’s perfect … and I read every note.

Rainy Day by Cherrylej | What fun. I love the gleeful look on her face as she’s playing and running around with her umbrella. I love the great colors and all the dimensional element clusters. I also really like the stack of varying patterned papers tucked behind the photo and the elements. It’s such a happy page!

Wander by JenEm | Wow. What a great way to highlight that scenic photo I love the way she’s blended the photo into the background and then popped the same sections of the photo. Very clever! I also love all the realistic elements. I also really like the subtle reminder at the bottom of the page to never lose sight of the beauty on this earth even with all the crazy-ness going on. 🙂

Fresh Start by Megs1016 | I love the before and after/compare and contrast of this page. I like that she’s got the plain white background with the “before” photo and the pretty patterned paper behind the “after” photo. That epoxy button with the “fresh start” is a perfect touch. FYI … love the look of the new room!

Home Life by AmyL | Truly … what a lovely place to call home. It’s such a peaceful setting … and with the cute pup lying in the middle relaxing. Awesome! It’s nice to document and appreciate everyday life. The bits of grunginess stamped behind the dimensional element cluster is a pretty touch and I love the messy painted squares. Very pretty!

September Template_2 Sahlin Designs by Ctmm4 | What great documentation of a trip to San Francisco … my favorite city! I lived there for a couple years and I absolutely loved it! I like the graphic look with the simple framed photos and the blocked text. I love the pretty script font and the little element clusters. Absolutely lovely!

I hope you enjoyed the layouts I chose for you today. I’ve provided a link to all of the layouts and if one (or more!) of these layouts “speak to you” I’m sure the artists would appreciate receiving some love. Enjoy the rest of your day and weekend and I wish you all safety and health!

Happy scrapping


Finger Pointing – August 31st

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a good weekend and got to enjoy some nice weather this weekend. Now though, it’s back to the regular Monday through Friday work week routine. It’s unusual for me to do a GSO post on a week day so right away Monday morning I changed up my weekly routine … definitely for the better. Seeing these beauties in the galleries was definitely a bright spot in my day!

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart by Akizo | What a beautiful page! First off … what a cutie! I love that she used blew up the photo nice and big on the page. My favorite parts of this page are the punched out letters with the varied patterned papers clipped to them, the popped dragonfly along with the hatched flight path and of course I also love her beautiful element cluster. What a fun page!

Special Place by JenEm | OMG. This page is gorgeous! I love the blending of the photo and the framing/accent of the center part of the photo as it leads off down the road. It’s just such a dreamy page. It’s so peaceful and makes me want to go off for a drive (which if you knew me you’d know that’s weird because I HATE long car rides with a passion!) 🙂

fields of gold by Katie Pertiet | Katie’s page popped right out at me in the gallery. I love that photo and the beautiful yellow paint brushwork and the pretty yellow title.I love the grunginess of the page and the text path along the arch of the photo. What an absolutely gorgeous layout!

Impressions by Traumelefe | Wow. What a stunning page. The photo is beautiful of course but it’s made even more beautiful with the brushwork and all the accents overlaid and blended into it. Really … WOW says it all.

Tea Tree Lake by carollee | What a beautiful page in its simplicity. The scene is gorgeous and I like how the artist overlaid some sun spots and sunbursts. All the page needed was the simple journaling and the tag and it really is perfection!

Caught on Camera by smwhite | So pretty! I love that she captured a beautiful everyday photo of her backyard … a wonderful reminder to appreciate the beautify of everyday life. Her shadow work on the bird is perfection and I love the addition of the ripped pages and the dimensional berries with the brushwork and plants in the background. It really is a lovely page and a beautiful scene I’m sure she loves seeing everyday!

I hope you enjoyed the layouts I chose for you today. If you’ve got a moment, I’m sure the artists would appreciate it if you’d leave them some love! 🙂

Thanks for visiting today and please stay safe everyone! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – July 19th


I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. It was unbearably hot here where I live yesterday but today the weater turned around it was absolutely a perfect weather day. We took advantage of the nice weather and met up with my in laws at a park two hours away and enjoyed a nice social distance visit of course while enjoying a Dairy Queen blizzard. What a lovely day!

Favorite TV Shows Growing Up by projectlifeappdude | OMG! What an incredibly fun idea for a page! I remember watching almost all of those shows. 🙂 I love that he was able to find the images from each of the tv shows. I also really like how he described how the tv watching experience has changed from the olden days (which I’m going to call it … since I watched those shows whenI was young too!) to today’s experience.

Beach by OKate | This page is absolutely stunning in its simplicity. That photo is beautiful and peaceful. I like the mix of fonts in her title work that blends so perfectly into the photo and the overlaid circles and sunburst. This page is absolute perfection!

Dawn by cfile | What a beautiful sunrise photo! I love that artsy painted bird and the bird button The leaf brushwork is so pretty the way she used it to frame the photo and I like the beautiful paint drawing your eye through the page. Gorgeous!

Tourist Memories by ~*Kiana*~ | What a lovely travel page. I like how she repeated the photo painted onto the background paper and again in the photo with the amazing shadowing making it look like it’s popping off the page. I like the curling papers tucked behind the photo and the scattering of elements.  What a lovely page. It’s reminding me how much I am missing traveling in these days of covid.

Boat Day (July Color Challenge) by adrianita | What a gorgeous page. I love the muted colors throughout and the geometric shapes of the photos and papers and the way she attached the postage stamp photos. This page has such a lovely mix of shapes and colors and patterns and of course wonderful photos from what looks like a picture perfect day!

Road Trip by shannonroller | And last but not least (I had to limit myself to only 6 pages) is this lovely grid styled layout. I really like the text atop the photos and that beautiful sunset (or sunrise?) photo. I love the title work and the light “this is my heart” type behind the title. What fun memories from their roadtrip!

Well, that’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my picks for you today and that you have a great rest of your day! Happy scrapping! Stay safe everyone!


Finger Pointing – June 21st

Happy Father’s Day all! In the midst of Father’s Day activities and a big thunderstorm rolling through that necessitated me spending the last hour or so snuggling and comforting my new pup who is terrified of thunderstorms (it’s nice to feel needed – ha!), my day almost got away from me and I almost forgot to make my post. I’m glad I remembered because I found some awesome stuff to share with you today!

20-06_lgrieveson_challenge_tp_june-copy by marijke | The monochrome coloring of this page is amazing. The photo effect is absolutely dreamy .. making the title perfect. I love the simple buttons, the grungy paint in the background and the split of the patterned paper on the bottom. And of course it goes without saying, I love the wonderful shadowing on the tags and the frame.

My Story- Summer Jobs in College by Stacia | What a great idea for a page! I love that she recapped three summers of jobs on the one page so you can get a big picture of her summers during her college years. The storytelling is great and I like the light brushwork in the background and the vintage free of the taped matt behind the photos.

Summer Memories by Ga_L | What a simple and beautiful page. I really like digital pages that look like photos taken of a notebook/journal. I love the pop of the bold yellows and blues and the black and white photo. She chose such fun little elements to affix to her “book.”

Summer Fun by Biancka | What a super fun, happy page! That baby is absolutely adorable too. I love the sunshiny background paper and the awesome clustering of elements. I love the summery elements with the ice cream and flamingos and flowers and butterflies. What fun! Also … the great dimensional shadowing.

Good Times and Good Vibes by tracermajig | Tracermajig is such a talented artist. I don’t think I’ve ever run across a page of hers that I haven’t loved. I am always drawn to the way she mixes such bold colors and her fun mix of elements scattered throughout the page. I really enjoy the pages she designs that have the colors changing throughout the page. This page is simply HAPPY!

Sunshine by Roxana | I absolutely love the art journal feel of this page with all the beautiful painted element, the messy stitching, doodling and the ink spatters. I like the thick white frame with the photo with that beautiful blue sky and then the rainbow and doodled/painted clouds painted behind the photo. What a lovely page!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for you today and that you’ve found some time today to do something fun … maybe even something scrapping related. Until next time … happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing – May 24th

Hi! I hope you’re all having a great day and, if you’re in the US, that you’re managing to do something fun this Memorial Day weekend. Of course I also hope you fit in some creative scrap time this weekend as well. Obviously the talented artists I’m showcasing for you today have been busy and creative!

Dunia_RE Sweet Summer by CathQuillScrap | This layout jumped out at me right away because of the bright beautiful summer colors that work so well with the fun water photos. I love the grid design and the way she bordered the photos with the pretty patterned papers. I love the little wordart strips and the careful placement of the other elements. What a cherry summer page!

You Melt Me by Ernie88 | OOOH … what a sweet photo! I love that she’s converted the photo to black and white and that she blew it up to take up so much real estate on the page. I love the heart she overlaid over the photo and the repeating heart element clusters. Her title work is great as well with the mix of font styles. What an adorable page!

20-05_NBK-Design-Advanced-Challenge by marijke | OMG … what a fabulous page. I love the way girl is peeking out from behind the letter P. The background paper is great and I like the way the artist blended the circles into the background and added the doodley lines. I really like that quote and needless to say, the extraction is perfection. This is really a very striking page!

Paradise by AZK | Wow. What an amazing, artsy page! I love her watercolor birds of paradise flowers and the way they blend into the textured paper. I loved the doodled lines and the circles. I just noticed the touch of the printed book in the background – what a nice touch. There are so many details added in to this beautiful piece of art. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Wonder Mom by Jheri | What a lovely page and such a sweet photo. I like how the artist repeated the photo in the two differently sized frames. I love the blended outline of stems under the painted stems and then the dimensional leaves. It’s really quite a lovely, artsy page! 

Mexico Memories by Tedasgram | This page jumped right out at me. The artist’s shadow work is total PERFECTION. It looks completely like a paper scrapped page, but we’d never be able to put a page like that in our traditional paper scrapbooks would we? They’d never shut! One of the things I love about digital is the amount of dimension and thickness we can add to our pages … and still close them. (Although it does remind me of the happiness I feel when I page through my paper scrapped books and hear the clink of metal, etc.!) I love the seashells and sand and beach sign. Fantastic page!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for you today. I’ve linked you up to the pages so if you have a moment and are inspired by one (or some!) of these pages, I’m sure the artists would appreciate it if you’d leave them some love. Have a great rest of your day!