Finger Pointing – May 9th

Happy Saturday all! I hope you’re all having a great day and a fun Mother’s Day weekend. I’m getting to my usual GSO posting kind of late in the day for me. We got a dog last night (an adorable, almost 3 year old beagle/hound mix) and I’ve literally spent all day today with my family playing with her and marveling at how incredibly sweet she is. Ahhh … a new furry family member is so fun! xoxo

Where in the World by JaneBond7: OK, I could not love this page any more than I do. It’s amazing! I love the way she included highlight photos of her travels over the years with pins and stitching directing the viewer to their location on the world map and how she talked about how, with today’s current situation, future travels have been put on hold for all of us. (It’s a scary, crazy time isn’t is?!) Oh how much I wish we could travel again – but until then, what a great way to spend some free time … going through old travel photos and reminiscing about the places she’s been and dreaming of the places you’ll see in the future.

Hello Sunshine by ~Cheryl~: OMG. What a great photo and such a sweet pup! That fluffball dog reminds me of our sweet pup who we sadly lost to old age and failing health three months ago. It’s such a happy photo and a happy page. I love the how artsy the page it. You just want to reach out and touch all the elements on the page, from the paint to the popped elements to the funky stitched sun. Simply a beautiful page!

Take Me Back to the Beach by Trish Lowe: What a fantastic beach scene I love the way the photo goes almost edge to edge across the page and the way my eye is drawn top to bottom with the scattering of elements. I agree … I can’t wait for the day when we can all safely get back to a new sort of normal again!

May 2020 Inspiration Huntington Beach by Donitab: What a fabulous beach page. I love the way she topped the page with the blended pier photo and that fabulous photo bleeding from the frame. I love her title work and the alpha she chose for the word “Beach.” The scattering of seashells is an awesome touch! OK … now I wish I were at the beach! 🙂

Story Challenge: Teton Dream by oldbag165: What a beautiful scene! I love the full page photo and how she blended the bottom half of the photo with the trees in the foreground into the the wood paper. I haven’t seen a wood paper like that … looking into the circles of the tree trunk. Very clever! I like the placement of her text and the beautiful element cluster. Oh how I’d love to be experiencing a lovely scene like that!

Every Day of Your Life by Margje: The colors on this page are absolutely stunning! I love the watercolor paints, the dripping paint and the way her photo is spilling from the popped frame. All I really have to say is … WOW!

I hope enjoyed my picks for today. Have a great rest of your day and a happy mother’s day weekend! Until next time … happy scrapping!


Fingerpointing – April 11th

Greetings fellow scrappers. Happy Saturday!

2020AprilMuseW1 by Mrs Peel: What a fun, happy, playful page! I love the geometric design and that each little segment is it’s own little piece of art. What a great mix of little scenes!

All My Heart by Jane_Bond7: How very striking! First off, I love that large gallery-style frame with the grey linen background. I love that it’s all black and white and grey and that each little square is it’s own little scrapbook page/piece of art. And those kiddos … could they be any sweeter and more cute? This would look so great frame and hanging on a wall!

Fabulously Negative v11 by Tia: OK, seriously … that large blended photo in the background is absolutely awesome! I love how the artist paired the black and white look of the large photo onto the textured white paper, with the ink spatters and the bold papers and the colorized photo. What a happy page!

School’s Cancelled by Trish Lowe: What a great way to document the craziness of the world these days. I like the notebook paper background with the bits of ink spatter and doodles. I love the alpha she used for her titling and the way she offset frames on two of the photos. Great journaling too. I’m so glad that in these days of online learning that her daughter and her friends can now be in school together. It’s nice to be able to find something positive in these difficult times. 🙂

Joy – Be Positive by justbnsharon: How very lovely. I really like the beautiful art with the pretty brushwork flowers paired with the dimensional butterfly and tags. I can really use the “Choose Joy” sentiment these days. This page would make a perfect laptop wallpaper!

Spring Roses 2 by cfile: What a beautiful page. I love that large, absolutely gorgeous, brushed and blended photo and that the artist framed and repeated the photos. I also like the angled design leading your eye through the page. The page definitely says “Spring”!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for you today and that you find some time this weekend to scrapbook or be creative in any other way you choose. Wishing you health and safety in this crazy world!


Finger Pointing – February 16th

Happy Saturday all! I hope you’re finding some time today to scrap. I’ve been scrapping myself and as a result almost forgot that I was making a GSO post today. Good thing I remembered … there’s a lot of awesomeness out there to share with you today! xoxo

Crop Template #1 by Tracermajig | Tracy is one of my favorite scrap artists. Every one of her pages is awesome … as is this. I saw a lot of great layouts this weekend using some of these crop templates for a weekend challenge out in digiland, but this one in particular really stood out to me. First off, the title … I love it. I love the way her colors change throughout her layout with each of her descriptive title words. I love her use of elements and her brushwork in the background that direct your eye to the the important stuff. Also … I love when people do pages about themselves. We should all make a point of doing that more often don’t you think?!

May the Forest be With You by Veer | What a stunning, artistic page. I love all the textures throughout. The realistic textures of paints and canvas is such an awesome effect on a digital scrapbook page. I love the way she blended her scene into the background and the mix of fonts she used in her title work.She included just a the perfect amount of dimensional elements to accentuate her lovely page.

New Beginnings by Renata | This page is fantastic. I really like the way she angled her journaling to run from the top left to the bottom right and criss crossed her elements and photos. I really like how she repeated her photo but added a photo effect and blending. It’s lovely. I like the way she repeated her butterflies, the flowers and the blue paint. It’s a beautiful piece of inspirational art.

Fav Writer by Cinderella | You know, I can’t read a darn thing that’s written in the background but I can tell you that I absolutely love the look. I really like the way she’s used the large-sized font with a serif but mixed in some other fun fonts. I love her paint spatters in the background and the fun little elements scattered throughout. Initially, when I wrote that I liked the paint spatter in the background … well I do … but looking at her page even more closely I see that she’s got colored letters lightly scattered in the background as well. What a great touch! This is a super fun page! Oh .. and I also like that, with her colored elements and her mostly black and white background, that she used such a strong black and white image. Perfection!

Don’t Grow Up It’s a Trip by AllisonLP | Oh my gosh. This layout is so very fun! I love the bright colors paired with the black and white photos. I love the two multicolored patterned papers along with the black and white doodle (styled) leaf paper. I like the paints in the background and the cute different dimensional hearts thrown on. The little tags are a great touch and I love the “About that weirdness gene” tag. You know … I’m pretty sure this is a photo of a paper scrapped page and I absolutely love it. If it’s a digital page … the shadow work is PERFECTION!

February Journaling Challenge by Meterr | This is an absolutely fantastic All About Me style of page. I love the retro feel to go with her journaling where she says she feels like she should have been born in 1900 instead of 1970. I love the way she used tags to highlight a few facts about herself and that she used a name tag for her name. I love the pops of red in the hearts and in the apron. There are so very many fun details on this page .. from the black/white/red colors, to the green clothed woman behind the tag, to the paint spatters and the confetti. Everything she’s included on this page works so very well together! Oh … and I love the title font she used … I wish I knew what it was!

I hope you enjoyed my pics for today. If you’ve got a moment and any of these layouts really moves you, leave the artists some love. I’m sure they’d appreciate it!

Happy Scrapping!


Finger Pointing – February 8th

Hello all! I hope you’re having a good day and that your weekend is starting out well. It has been a challenging week for me. Our dear sweet dog passed away last Friday so needless to say it has been a really really sad week at my house and I am sure the sadless will continue for a while. I used my love of scrapbooking to begin processing the loss and it reminds me how very thankful I am for this amazing hobby of ours. Memorykeeping plays a HUGE role in my life and clearly it does the same for many of you as well. We document the good and the not so good. It’s all a part of what makes up the pieces of our lives. Anyway … browsing the galleries for talent to share with you all was a bright spot in my morning so for that I say thank you. That being said … lets get on to the good stuff! 🙂

092819 by Breeoxd | I love this art journal style page. It’s such a lovely piece of art. I love the look of the large blended photo with the brushwork of colors over the top and that she repeated the same photo in black and white in the stacked frames. I love everything she has to say written out on the right side of the page with the varying fonts and styles. “I am a grown ass lady and I want what I want!” I-LOVE-THAT!! 🙂 This page is perfection.

2012 – Niall by the waves – Color Challenge by Stacia | What a stunning page. I love the black and white  look of the entire page with just a touch of blue in the waves and the butterfly.  What an awesome silhouette photo. I really like the two element clusters and the way she drew the two clusters together with the doodling. What an absolutely lovely page!

Happy by Intense Magic | What a perfectly titled page. Happy … it describes this page so well. Jan’s page absolutely made me smile the moment I saw it in the gallery. First off, the photos are beyond adorable. I love her use of the bright colored brushwork and the playful cloud and sun and bird. I really like the dimension of the string flower … and her shadow work on the flower makes it look so very real. I really like the way she used the text and colored paint along the edges to draw your eye in to the page. So adorable!

BYOC_3 by MiekSter | This is another example of a super fun page. She’s got great use of white space. I love the way everything clusters along a line at the top of the page. The colors on her page are so awesomely vibrant. I really like all the different types of elements she included: buttons and stitching and flowers and hearts and brushwork, and more! There’s a lot going on on this page (which I absolutely love!) yet she still kept the focus on the photo. Oh, and I do want to mention that the crop on the photo is very fun. Everything about this page looks cheerful. 🙂

London Calling by OKate | I love travel pages and I do love London so much. You really can’t go to London without getting a photo (or ten!) of a red phone booth. 🙂 I really like the way she’s got the one photo spilling out of three frames, the way she doodled an outline of the flag atop the blended flag and the way she blended some of the background of London so lightly in the paper. Her final page is pretty clean looking but we scrappers all know that a LOT of time and work and love goes in to making a page look clean and simple. Beautiful! The little London’s Calling element cluster is cute by the way! I’ve got to tell you … after seeing this page London is in fact calling me! 🙂

Embrace by Story by AngeB | What a beautiful piece of art this page is. The photo is lovely and blended so perfectly into the papers she used. I really like her title work with the tag and the dimensional flowers and that absolutely perfect inspirational saying. “Whatever you are not changing you are choosing” really speaks to me. I really like all the blended butterflies and paintwork and the light text blended into the background. This is definitely a frame-able piece of art!

I hope you enjoyed the pages I chose to share with you today. Please take a moment and leave these artists a little bit of love. Until next time … happy scrapping!


Gallery Standouts – January 25

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you had a good weekend and that you managed to carve out some time for your creative pursuits – whatever they may have been for you this weekend! I’ve had a busy weekend and have gotten lots done. My house is more organized than it was when I got home from work Friday so that’s a good thing. 🙂 I also spent a fair amount of time scrapbooking and that is an AWESOME thing. I think I’m even done scrapping our Christmas 2019 memories. I’m doing a happy dance here! Anyway … I searched the galleries this evening for layouts to share with you tonight and what I can tell you is that there are obviously many other people who have been busy scrapping and being creative this weekend. So … on that note, I’d love to share with you a few of the favorite layouts that I found.

P.S I Love You (SSL Rip and Layer) by lizziet5 | What a pretty page. I love the soft colors with the pops of red. I like the stacked photos and the bits of papers and tags and elements layered under the photo. The scattered heart brushwork behind it all is perfect … especially with the wood heart atop the photo. I also like the finishing touch of the tiny red brad atop the date tag. Beautiful!

Make Memories by AliceM | I wonder if this is a cover for the artist’s 2020 album or if it is simply an inspirational-type page. Either way, it’s perfect. I like the way the papers are split down the middle of the page and the scatted sequins on top of the solid paper. The element cluster is lovely and I also like the rubber arrows behind the word tag. Lovely!

Favorite Things by Weaselwatchr | What an AMAZING, artistic page! I love the doodles and the way her numbered favorite things are all in different shaped thought balloons and that they’re scattered throughout the page rather than in a nice organized line. I really like absolutely everything about this page! #8 – Whimsical Crap – makes me laugh and #1 – This guy named Mike. So very fun!

MOC8-22-Autumn by merank | How lovey. First off, her photo is so sweet. I like the way the paints line up behind the edge of the photo and her beautiful little element cluster. I really like the subtle texture/pattern of her background paper. This is simply a beautiful layout!

PL – Week 4 by Jheri | What an absolutely gorgeous, clean and classy Project Life page. I love the way the frames edges are curled up and the beautiful Week Four card. I really like the Wake-Work-Home-Eat-Sleep word art and the little circle stamp on the one frame. Great crop on that photo BTW! Her clean and simple design is tempting me to start Project Life again!

Winter Days by Familyhistorysrapper | What a sweet page. I really like the curve of the papers and the way the artist tucked the photos behind the paper. The kids and snowman cutouts are adorable, I like the snowflakes with the jewels and the colorful title.This page makes me smile. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the layouts I chose for you today. Have a great rest of your weekend and I hope you have a great week!


Finger Pointing – January 18th

Happy snowy Saturday everyone. We were all hunkered down here where in live (in the midwest US) for a giant snowstorm. Schools closed early (if they didn’t cancel altogether) and even my office closed early (which never happens). Sure, it snowed and the roads were treacherous … but looking outside it’s absolutely beautiful. Plus, it’s 7am Saturday and it was forecast to snow all day long and it’s done already. I’d planned to stay safely tucked in at home all day, scrapping and relaxing. Even though it’s not snowing anymore I am sticking with my plan! Besides, the temperature is getting colder and colder and my house is toasty warm. Yup. I’m staying in! 🙂

2019 – Days of December – 15 by Carollee | I absolutely love Carolee’s use of this template! Checking out her gallery I see that she is using it every day for a Days of December album. What an awesome, clever idea! The window really makes it a perfect “window” into her world! I love the addition of the little touches of the evergreens, berries and birds to give it the look of being outside looking in. Also, I like the simplicity of the number tag for the day. All around this is a lovely, lovely page!

january vibes by Sylvia | What a clean, beautiful page. I like the fresh white and blue colors with the photo set at center stage with just a few perfect elements to set it off. I like the lovely grey textured paper at the bottom with the notch cut out for the pretty flower. I’m definitely feeling a need to do a scraplift!

moc8-11-20in20 by plumdumpling | What a fabulous way to set out plans and goals for 2020. I like the simple check off list. That title is perfect! I like the way she framed her page with varying elements, how the wood arrows lead your eye into the page and the measuring tape up top. What a fun page to start out 2020!

life by Isa Marks | What a fun adventure page! I love the grid design with the stitching outlines. The bold title work framing the entire page on each side is great and I like that she blended her title into the paper. The pocket cards she used to accent her fun photos are beautiful in and of themselves but most importantn they also set off her photos perfectly. I like the clean design with the touch of the thin strips of patterned paper framing the entire page. Lovely!

January Stories by Tia3966 | I really like the angled design of this page and the way she is using the geometric shapes. Her shadow work is great. I love the look that the patterned papers are cut out and set in. The colors are so pretty and I like the title set at the angle with the paper and photo strip. What a lovely page!

Lets Blend Challenge by MINIDEB | This page is absolutely stunning … breathtaking actually. It’s simple and elegant. The photo says it all, with just the small touches of the word art and the simple title on the bottom. I also like her touch of a detail photo set to the side. Did you notice the light text and brush work blended into the photo? What an absolutely lovely page! (Or is it perhaps two 8-1/2×11 pages? Either way … it’s brilliant!)

I think I’m going to appreciate having a snowy day here at home. I’m feeling very inspired by the pages I chose today and may need to do some scraplifting!

Happy scrapping everyone!


Finger Pointing – December 1st

Happy Sunday all. Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone, that it’s December already and that Christmas is less than a month away?! Where has the time gone? The holiday season is always crazy busy for me … as I am sure it also is for many of you … but it’s just such a wonderful time. 🙂 PLUS … there are always so many awesome holiday layouts in the galleries to inspire me. That being said … check out the lovely layouts I’ve chosen for you today!

5th SSL by Jana | This layout by Jana is just so beautiful. That tree is gorgeous and I love the way she split the page in half and the way she placed the title down the center of the page overlapping the photo and the paper. The grungy, blended poinsettia blossoms and the Santa and carolers, with the light Christmas text blended in the background make this such a beautiful layout!

Merry & Bright by lady22 | This is such a happy page. I love that adorable photo with the santa hat (we have Santa hats laying around the house and throw them on all the time at home during the Christmas season!). I love the way she framed the photo and placed the paper and squares behind the photo and how lovely it all looks on that pretty background paper.

Powder – Week 2 by janedee | Wow. I absolutely love this page! It jumped right out at me when I saw it in the gallery. What a great look to have everything black and white on this page. The photos are awesome and I love the way they blend in together. The large outlined title leading you through the page is perfect and I really like the brushwork inside the outlined lettering. This page looks like it should be in a magazine!

Christmas Frost by Rfeewjlj | What a gorgeous page. I love the way everything lines up down the center of the page and the pine needles on top and on the bottom that frame it all. Her shadow work is perfect and I like the way she placed her date in the pennants. That background paper is gorgeous and perfect for the photo with the frost on the tree. Beautiful!

5th Saturday by kmchambers64 | I love pages with large photos taking up the entire page. I really like the text she placed over the photo and the varying fonts and blending. Simple and perfection!

Coming Home for Christmas by zanthia | What a sweet page. That happy photo of the little girl in the santa hat is great. I love the blending and the textures and the mix of popped stickers and blended images. It’s quite a lovely page!

I hope you enjoyed the layouts I chose for you today. If you have a moment, I’ve  linked the titles to the layouts in the galleries. If you’ve got a moment to leave the artists some love, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Happy holidays!