Finger Pointing – June 12th

It’s been a busy Saturday in the garden so far. I’m happy to sit awhile and look through the galleries. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Dragonflies by A-M

The photos in this layout are outstanding. I like the way the brushwork combines both clipped patterned paper and a painterly effect. The clusters are sweet and placed in the appealing triangular formation. The journaling font looks to be handwritten and the label is perfectly placed.

Happy Things by Tinci

This is truly a happy page, not only because of the predominant yellow but the striped background paper also. The floral clusters are so pretty and the lace pieces very delicate. I like the way the labels appear to be curled inward. Great photos too.

Poppin’ Bubbles by Karen Diamond

The masked photo in this layout is precious. I like the framing as well as the dotted brushwork. The cluster is gorgeous and the bubble elements work so well with the theme of the page.

Sophie (1st year) by ernie88

What an amazing newborn photo. The clipped patterned paper makes for a sweet background when combined with the lacy edge and torn pink solid. The heart banner and button are the ideal embellishments and the split title work completes the page exactly right.

Magical by geek_girl

This is another sweet photo. I like the faded text background and the torn paper holes backed with patterned papers is creative and unique. The white title work is the perfect finishing touch.

21june chall NGD by ad77

This eye-catching photo crop caught my attention. I like the pouring out of geometric shapes and the scattering of travel themed elements. The page design is quite creative.

I’ve reached the end of my post and once again hope that you will take a minute or two to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a bit of time to do some creating of your own.


Finger Pointing – May 24th

What better way to begin the week than by browsing the galleries. So much inspiration to be found there. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

May 21 Season by CathQuillScrap

As a lover of all things patterned paper I’m really attracted to the trailing circles placed alongside the large photo.  Including the photo of the tree both before and after blooming is a great idea. Beautifully composed page.


Spring (Ada) by AmaneseFe

These are some seriously cute photos and there’s all that patterned paper again! I like the way the large photo is balanced with the papers and embellishments on the opposite side. Love the title work and the sprinkle of sequins.

Flower Girl by Hidden Artist

I like the way the cards and papers stack up on this layout. The color palette is so soft and pretty and the photos are adorable. I like the juxtaposition of the wood paper with the patterns. The stamp work of the clock and butterfly are subtle but add a lovely design element.


PBP May photo challenge by Poppy

Who wouldn’t love to see this at the back of their yard-I definitely would. The minimalist style works really well with the stacked photos and the word strips are perfect for the theme of the page.

Silence by sterkeurs

Very thought provoking. I like the photo series and the split title and journaling. The brightly colored flowers and papers contrast so well with the neutral background. The tiny, dotted brushwork and bit of white paint complete the page flawlessly.

This by terryb

This must be the week of darling child photos because I realize another of my picks has just that. The extraction is prefect and again the minimalist page complements the photo in just the right way.


I’ve come to the end of my post and I know these well deserving artists would love to hear from you. Just click through the links. Thanks for reading along and have a great week.

Finger Pointing – May 14th

Good afternoon. It’s a beautiful day here in Michigan and even better it’s almost the weekend. I always find loads of inspiration in the galleries and here are my picks for today. It’s Beatrice on the blog with some gorgeous projects to share with you.

Biking Around by Roxana

The variety of photos and crops make for a creative page. I like the way the various loopy bits reinforce the theme of “around”. The clusters are pretty and the stapled and pinned pieces add the just right finishing touches.

Scotch Broom at the Coast by dwsewbiz

I really like the way the papers peel back to reveal the stunning photos. Stretching the large photo across both sides and adding he smaller framed photos is one of my favorite design techniques. Adding a couple of elements, title work and text complete the layout expertly.

Simplette-Sensation LO by Lana 2021 by LanaBeber

The photos in this layout are adorable. I like the way the flowers move the eye around the page in a circular motion. The placement of the word art in opposite corners is spot on.


Tulips by Miki

I’m not sure if the journaling means the artist didn’t get all tulips or the deer didn’t but regardless this photo is gorgeous. The masking and striped lines are lovely and that small framed photo with the deer charm (I think I understand the reference in the journaling) is a delightful addition to the page.

May Scraplift Chain by bcgal00

I can’t seem to write a post with at least one pet page and the composition of this one is so pretty. The brushwork creates the perfect foundation for the framed photos. I especially like the bits of text including the circular title. The black and white embellishments contrast with the colorful parts of the page.

Bubble Fun 2007 by tkradke

The photos on this page are really outstanding. The black and white contrasts so well with the colorful elements. Not much is required to make this a very appealing page.

I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you have the opportunity to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and I hope you have a fun and inspired weekend.

Finger Pointing – April 23rd

It’s nearly the weekend and the perfect time for some advance inspiration before taking time to create for myself. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Joy in the Little Things by CathQuillScrap

This is such a pleasing design with the decreasing circles and simple clustering. These pieces create a great backdrop for the focal photo. I really like the font/word art used for the title too.


Best Life by myssp

I’m always attracted to pet pages and this one is no exception. The combination of the large photo with the smaller framed photos is lovely and I like that some of the photo spots are filled with patterned papers. The word art title is fitting for the page.


Oh Mickeys! By QuiltyMom

The photos on this page are so colorful and captivating. I like the way all the blocks point to the journaling which is a big part of this page. The placement and use of the alphas for the title-work is amazing.


Signs of Spring by musicmom3

These are such gorgeous photos. I really like the multi-photo page and the way the shots are layered to draw the eye in. I like the way the banner is placed horizontally to tie the photos together.



Stourhead by katell

The blended background on this layout is outstanding. I think it’s a combination of a masked photo with some papers. However it was made, it’s a super background for the smaller, framed photos. Only minimal embellishments are required to finish off the page.

Bright Day by Veer

This is such a sunny, happy page. I like the partial framing of the sweet photo. The cluster is perfectly shadowed and the title balances the journaling just right.

In retrospect I notice that all these layouts reflect better weather than what we’ve been experiencing here in Michigan. I can only hope. If you have even a minute please take the time to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and enjoy some creative time for yourself.





Finger Pointing – April 5th

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Egg Hunting by emscraps

First up is the requisite pet page and this is layout stars one of the cutest pets ever. The photos are outstanding- I’m not certain how the artist got him to hunt for the eggs especially since they are plastic but whatever the trick it seems to have worked. I especially like the photo of the large blue egg. Of course, the themed elements work perfectly and the title work is exactly right.

Garden of Happiness by myssp

The dark background makes everything pop. The layering is outstanding and I’m a sucker for anything that looks spiral bound. I like the yellow which is so springy and combines well with the black. The stacked photos are gorgeous and the framing perfection.

Life is Good by Katie Pertiet

More yellow but this time contrasting with a white background. The floral elements are so pretty. I love the hand-drawn look. The bits of black contrast beautifully and the shadowing on the photos is very realistic.

Bloom by Sandra-9663

This page is so simple and sweet. The photo is precious, and the tiny blooms complement so well. I like the stitching and the way it cuts the corners instead of the more typical outlining. The little bird and tiny butterflies complete the page flawlessly.


You Belong among the Wildflowers by navaja77

The colorful elements contrast so well with the neutral background paper. I like the overall floral design.  The floral clusters are so pretty and the cutout butterflies backed with colorful patterned papers really make this page shine. The sprinkling of tiny flowers along with the journaling strips is the perfect finishing touch.

April Scraplift Challenge by Cherylndesigns

The strong framing really attracted me to this page. The shadowing is outstanding and the black stitching helps reinforce the framing. I like the few additional embellishments including the scallop across the bottom edge.

I’ve reached the end of my post and as always I’m hoping you will take the time to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. I hope you all have a wonderful and creative week.

Finger Pointing – March 19th

Only a few more days left until Spring arrives in Michigan and I can hardly wait. I think this mindset may just be reflected in my picks for today. I realized this after the fact but I’m definitely not surprised. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

February 2021 (1) by earlofoxford

I really like this style of page including the simple angled and rectangular template spots. It makes for both a photo focus and storytelling page. The template is used to its best advantage here. I enjoy the serene color combination. Only a few carefully place embellishments are needed to finish the layout. I especially like the stapled flower.

ap-mini-brio_wordy-template_magic_adryane by adryane

This is such a pretty page design. The vertical flow framed by several text blocks works so well for the vintage photos. The masking and clustering in the center create a bit of horizontal interest to the vertical composition.

No Green Thumb by appscrapper

I like the simplicity of this layout including the partial framing. I enjoyed reading the journaling which tells the story of an unusual favorite plant at least to me. I like that the artist was able to complete the page with just a few bits of text, papers and embellishments.

Story Scrapbook Challenge Love My Dog by dvhoward55

I suppose it wouldn’t be a post from me without showcasing at least one pet page. This one is outstanding. The circle stitching clearly points the way to the sweet photo made into more by repeating and stacking. The circle also works to support the clusters and frame the large title. (I definitely share the sentiment here.) The stapled corners and text and subtitle outside the circle complete the page in just the right way.

Winter’s End by bcgal00

I like the large painted title letters in this project. The staggered stamps and text create visual interest while moving the eye over the entire layout. The scribble and paint as well as the masked papers tie everything together. The black in the word strips, ribbon and stitching provides the right touch of contrast to the bright, springy page.

Springish Walk by AmaneseFe

If that cute face didn’t attract me to this page the photo treatment would. The soft colors are so pretty. I like the way the pattern in the fencing is duplicated by the choice of the black, striped paper. The clusters are placed in the ideal triangular formation. Such a delightful page.

I’ve reached the end of my post and as usual I ask for you to take a few minutes to leave these sell deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a warm and wonderful weekend.

Finger Pointing – March 1st

Monday and the first day of a new month. I know I always seem to mention the weather but there’s not much going on here since many are still being cautious as it relates to the virus. Back to the weather mention: it’s finally improving here in MI so I feel somewhat uplifted and as always inspired by your projects in the galleries. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Crocus by oldbag165

The dark background really makes everything shine in this gorgeous layout. The masking, both top and bottom, is amazing. The title work is gorgeous, and the page just flows diagonally.

Backyard Visitor by maggiemae

I really like the variety of stitched rays used behind the adorable photo and journal card. The painted edge and sweet cluster make for a very cohesive page.

Challenge #5 Big Photo  by Betty Jo

The photo treatment and brushwork used on the large photo really transform it into a piece of art. The heart scatter and quote are just right for this page.

Is It Friday Yet? By Kiana

Honestly, the quote on the journal card is the best and really inspired me to add this to my picks. I do like the white space and the way the frame us angled and tucked behind. The peeking sloth is so cute and I like the floral border tucked behind the lovely cluster.

You by Hillary

Must love a good smash cake page! This photo series is so charming. I like the way everything is placed vertically and at the side of the page. The limited, neutral palette really helps keep the photos as the focus of the page

Home, Sweet Home by Eyeore

This is such a magical page. I like the way everything is placed at the left edge of the page. I like the juxtaposition of the vertical branch with the red string which really pops.

As always, I’ve reached the end of my post. I hope you have a minute to leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks, and have a great and inspired week!