Fingerpointing – September 18th

I’m lucky to have had a bit of time this morning to wander through the galleries looking for inspiration.  The weekend is upon us and I’ll be incredibly happy to see it. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Cute as a Bug by geoleoan

This one really jumped out of the gallery for me. That face is as cute as a bug and I love that the artist kept one of the photos large complementing it with the smaller, framed photos. The elements are perfect for the theme and the clusters placed to move the eye down the entire page.



It’s Ok to Cry by dotcomkari

I’m grateful to this artist for being willing to share her feelings. Her honesty is truly inspiring. The floral pattern strip is soft and pretty and the word art and decorative tab reiterate the theme. The gold journal strip really pops.


Smile at Life by leablahblah

There’s just something about toddlers and big hats! The blocked design of this page is highly effective and shows off the varied patterned papers.  What really attracted me to this page was the clever title work combining the font with the alpha.




Explore the Backyard by cfile

This is such a gorgeous, autumn page. I really like the blended background papers, especially the tufted paper on the right. It’s full of dimension and reminds me of fabric. The bottom border and sweet clusters finish off the page just right.



Be Here Now, by ajm

This is a very dynamic page because of the variety of textures. The photo is intriguing and the bits of string and paint scattered about as well as the text walks the eye diagonally down the page. The sentiment serves us well during these difficult times.

Synchronicity by bcgal00

The photos really shine here including the large blend which serves as a backdrop. Adding the paint to the blended photo is a creative touch. The clusters are so pretty, and the flowers look perfect with the lovely photos.



I’ve reached the end of my post and as always, I hope you will take a few minutes to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great weekend.









Finger Pointing- September 7th

Rainy Days and Mondays don’t necessarily get me down if I have an opportunity to be inspired by all the gorgeous projects in the galleries. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Succulents on my Patio by easyeyes4you

This artist seamlessly used quite a few supplies. I especially like the way she creatively used the color swatch and the title-work appeals to me. The varied framing techniques complete the layout in just the right way.


Good Things by IsaMarks

I think it’s easy to identify the layouts by this artist because of her superior, realistic shadowing. The pieces literally jump off the page. I like the way she stacked both vertical and horizontal pieces including the tag. The arrow draws the eye into the page and toward the energetic photo.


Harry Potter Room by amyjcaz

The dot grid on this page makes for an effective pocket style layout. I think any boy would love this space regardless of whether the house was being remodeled or not. The use of the themed elements works so well and finishes the page flawlessly.


Fall by Mum23ms

Autumn is right around the corner in Michigan and this is a lovely, seasonal page. The vertical design complete with tucked in leaves is so pretty. The dark background shows off the paint and scatters perfectly.



Hello Fall by weaselwatchr

Pink may be an unusual color for a fall page, but I really like it as the background. I always look for ways to use journal cards and this fits so well with the horizontal design. The photo is adorable and I like the way the owner’s feet are just peeking out.


Missed This by MamaBee

This is a different way to use a stitched grid and works well as a frame for the sweet photo. Once again the dark background really displays the lighter papers and elements. The bits of yellow including the title really pop off the page.

If you happen to have this day off since it’s a holiday in the U.S., I hope you are using it in your favorite way. If you have a minute or two to click through the links and leave these artists some love you can be certain they will appreciate it. Thanks and have a creative week.

Finger Pointing – August 17th

Happy Monday. I hope today’s post finds everyone safe and in good health. I’m definitely feeling inspired after a few hours wandering through the galleries. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Summer Days by Shannel Tamara

This is such a bright, happy page. I like the white framing including the title-work and the way the open spaces are filled in with papers and photos. Topped off with clusters and word art, the page is completed just right.

Grammie in the news by AZK

I can rarely write a post without including at least one heritage page. This one is gorgeous especially for the inclusion of a newspaper clipping. The clipping works perfectly with the other page elements and the precious photo. I love the pieces of lace mimicked by the lace framing. The shadowing on the photo is very realistic.

Summer Fun by cutiejo1

The colors in this layout are so rich. It was the title-work that really jumped out for me. How creative to place a single alpha character in a small block of paper to construct the page title. The clusters are bright and bold and work so well with the style and theme of the layout.

what makes my souls smile by Sandra-9663

The photo used for the background is beautiful. The framing of the sketched woman is incredible. I like the quote the artist chose. The page is simple, but everything works well together resulting in a gorgeous page.

Right Here by tracermajig

This page made me stop and say why am I never as creative as that? I like the way she used the word art piece to frame and tie together all the pieces of her layout. The photos are so sweet, and the story well told. I’m happy to see a traditional back to school page since they aren’t appearing as regularly as in years past.

August Lynn Grieveson Challenge by Cherylndesigns

The colors used in this layout are perfect for the serene photos. The page design is lovely, especially the frame used within a frame. I like the large, paper leaves and the paint and scribbling. The quote is exactly right for the story told.

I hope you find the time to click through the links in the post and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks for reading along. Have a great and creative week.



Finger Pointing – August 3rd

Good Morning and happy Monday. I’m scratching my head and saying how can it already be August? Despite of staying home (mostly) the summer is racing by. I hope you are all well and can enjoy some inspiration. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Running at the Cabin by digigrandma

The horizontal flow of this page is just lovely. I like the way the title and journaling are placed perpendicular to the photo and paper stacking. The way the artist used the frames to highlight the embellishments is very creative. The bits of tied string are a great added touch.


Hank by mom2my2monkeys

Call me just another blogger that loves a pet page. The large photo and sweet journaling are what made this layout jump out for me. The themed embellishments and big title letters are the ideal size for the page design. The circle pieces of patterned paper are the perfect foundation for the embellishments.

My Hero Water Ball by meggersjm

I’m not certain if this photo has been edited or if it’s straight out of the camera but regardless it’s amazing. I love the silhouettes and the bits of color I assume are reflections of the water. The split page design and use of the black paper make the photo pop even more. The title is very clever and supported by the story told by the artist.



a lazy day by huyentrang43

This is such a beautiful white space page. The photo is adorable and converting it to black and white makes it fit with the colors and style of the page. The shadowing on the papers and photo is very realistic and adding the paper strips at the bottom edge of the page to create a border is unique.

Nautical Memories by lencik_vredniy

My goodness- you can feel the joy in this photo series. The style of the layout keeps the focus there. I like the bits of paint at the edges of the page and rotating the title is highly effective. The bits of netting and shells are the only embellishments needed to finish off the page exactly right.


August Passport Challenge #13 by JillW

This photo-less page is dramatic in both design and sentiment. I like the combination of neutrals with the bits of blue and the hand-drawn with the realistic embellishments. Everything about this page meshes flawlessly. The journaling was a great read and I think it’s important to capture things about this time in order to look back and remember. The combination of fonts is perfect for the title-work.


I notice that while I never really follow a theme, I was attracted to neutrals today. I hope you have a chance to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks for reading along and I hope you have a safe and creative week.

Finger Pointing – July 20th

So many amazing projects in the galleries. Is it an outcome of sheltering at home for so many of us or is it just too hot to be outside for long? Regardless there is a lot to see and be inspired by. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

SSL – Full Page Detail – July 4 by wsprite_ad

Combining a full page or large photo with smaller framed photos is such a creative technique. I really like the way the photo fades at the edges and the way the left edge photo is even more opaque. A stunning page needs very few extras; a simple title and a few embellishments complete the look flawlessly.

Border-bridge by KarenW

It was the color combination that drew me to this page. The perspective in the photo is outstanding and the choice to use multiple frames keeps it the focal point of the page. The painted background contrasts perfectly with the scattering of elements. The combination of font and alpha for the title works well here.



Decisions Anna Color Challenge by AZK

This is such a soft and pretty page. The pastels in the papers work so well with the photos. I like the bit of stitching adhering the smaller photos to the page. The curled corners are quite realistic. The title font complements the page and the doily and candies are just the right addition.

Japanese Garden by taxed4ever

The overlapping photo design is very pleasing to the eye. I like the way the edges are lifted and the way the journaling wraps the side of the photo. The elements and title work are carefully tucked into the empty spots. The painted background is so pretty and really makes the photos pop.




Pure Magic by immaculeah

This brightly colored page definitely contrasts with the soft colors of my other picks. I would love to attend one of these events and often mark it when it’s nearby. The photos are amazing which I’m certain was no easy feat. I like the vertical page design. The clusters are lovely and the title work is stunning.




Bubbles by corrin

This is such a clever page design. The white background keeps it from looking too cluttered. The circles mimic the subject of the project. I like the way the title alpha is tucked into the stitching which holds everything together on the page. The journal strips conform well to the simple page design. The bits of paper at the top are the ideal addition to the page.


I hope you have time to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists from love. Have a great week; stay safe and cool!


Gallery Standouts – July 10th

Good morning. I imagine most are ready for the weekend. I was confused initially thinking it was Saturday. I’ll blame it on the heat here in Michigan which is relentless. Our power went out last night for the second time in three days. At least viewing the galleries doesn’t require any energy and the end result is lots of inspiration. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Mail Call by Vrielinkie

Happy mail has taken on a especially important role during this time of shelter at home. The subject of this page is as creative as the design. Placing the smaller photos inside the envelopes is a great touch. The scalloped borders frame the page and the small clusters complement it perfectly. I envy the lucky recipients of this special mail.

Celebrate by Florida Granny

I really like the photo treatment used to display this photo taken during happier times. Framing the subjects places the focus there. The boats almost appear to be sketched in the background. The bit of pink in the paint and flowers adds additional interest to the photo. The title font fits the style of the photo exactly right.

Make Your Own Path by mywisecrafts

This is a very intriguing page. The paint and elements direct the eye to the photo of a path. I like the bits of word art scattered about the page. Using the stitching to tack down the balloon is unique. The colorful border barely showing frames the black perfectly.


Memories by Amy L

This page went directly to my favorites. There is a great deal of movement present in this photo series and the joy is palatable. I like the curved top which is more interesting than a plain rectangle. The title work blends with the photos and the small strips of paper added to the bottom edge highlight the journaling.

Paddle boarding by eve11ne

I seem to be repeatedly attracted to large photos used as the background of a page. The clustering and paper strips at the top and bottom of the page frame this photo ideally. The blue paint almost looks like a moon with the stars spilling out. I like the way the themed journal card is tucked into the cluster.


Independence Day by tiffany scraps

The blocked design of this page is very appealing. Placing everything in the corner furthers the interest. The photos are outstanding. The placement of the journal completes the design. the arrows point the viewer into the page and the small cluster complete with string balances the photos flawlessly.


I’m off to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day by staying inside in the air conditioning. I hope you have a minute or two to click through the links and leave these artists the love they deserve. Thanks and stay cool!

Finger Pointing – July 8

Good morning. I don’t really have anything clever to say to start off my post other than if you live near me in Michigan you know it has been hot hot hot! Perfect for staying indoors whether you are sheltering or not and enjoying the inspiration offered by browsing the galleries. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

House Build by Miki

I’m always impressed when an artist combines a variety of techniques such as blending, framing and sketching as in this page taking advantage of the many tools available digitally. I like the bits of color added via the yellow elements. Framing one of the photos with the split journaling looks exactly right.


Meryl by Meryl

This artist’s ability to manipulate shadows never fails to catch my eye and she is an expert at extractions also. I like the clean look of this page which focuses on the photos. I should mention that taking gorgeous photos is just another of her talents. The title-work in the corner is carefully crafted and fits the style of the page perfectly.

Happiness Comes in Waves by bcgal00

This is such a happy, carefree page. I like the way the artist combined the painted, paper and realistic flower and foliage elements. The photos are outstanding and the focus remains there. Of course, I am always a fan of a pet page. Combining a variety of elements to create the centered title is very creative and works fantastically here.

COUNTY FAIRS_LynnG Vintage Photo Challenge by NettieBee

I always seem to find at least one heritage layout to feature in my post. The simplicity of this page really appeals to me. The monochromatic feel works with the photo. Placing the elements behind complements the focal point and the journaling is an interesting read.

packing up the goods by Tronesia

It’s always notable when an artist uses a themed kit to create in a different way. The stacked papers fit the framed photos perfectly. The floral clusters move the eye around the page. The black in the stitching and title-work contrasts with the red and blue colors in the papers and the elements. Outstanding page design too.

Turn it Around by lmaggs

This is such great advice. I know I can use it myself and definitely plan to try it out on my grandsons who seem to seek every opportunity to torture one another. I like the simple page structure. The black and white striped paper peeks out and serves to point to the main subject of the page. I like the framing created with the borders and doilies and the title-work in the speech bubble is just right.



It’s babysitting day for me so I’ll finish up my post and say I hope you can click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks for reading along and have a creative week!