Fingerpointing – February 5th

Is everyone enjoying the first Monday in February?   I’m Brenda, and I’m happy to be hosting today’s Fingerpointing blog post.  Over the weekend there was plenty of activity in the galleries.  It certainly was a pleasure to browse through them looking for a handful of standouts.  These are today’s choices:

Spring by Mary 11

Today especially I’m looking forward to spring.  We had horribly cold temperatures overnight and this beautiful page was just what I needed to warm my heart.  Such soft beautiful shades of yellow and green, and the blending is fantastic.  I like how the design is placed on the top of the page, which leaves ample white space below.  The simple title is a great finishing touch.

keep trying by gina

This page is a great example of ArtJournaling.  I love the sketchy appearance here.  The message is clear and well received.  The wordart and scribbles and her choice of elements for her theme are perfect.  The limited number of colors helps with the flow.

XPT by jak

What a nice travel page.  I like the multi-photo design and all of the fun wordstrips, not to mention the colorful clusters at three points.  This page will be a wonderful memory to share in years to come.

Wanna Play?  Ed by PatySampaio

I’m not sure which is cuter, the doodled out paper, or Ed.  What I do know is that the message, “life is better with a dog” is absolutely true.  I’m curious though, is Ed a teddybear, or a mixed breed, or a doodle, or ?  Anyway you look at it, this page makes me smile!  The red heart tape is an awesome touch.  Lastly, YES, I wanna play.  ♥

Life is Gritty by Shannamay

#roughage.  That cracked me up!  Love the humor in this page, but so much more than that, this photo is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.  It reminds me of a photo I have of my boys playing in the mud puddles with dirt all over their faces. Love the shadow work here too.  Those red hearts seem as though they’re jumpring right off the page.  Yes indeed, these are the days to remember.   I couldn’t agree more.  This is a very nice keepsake, as well as a nice valentines day page.

5 Favorites Challenge by OKate

This page came from a challenge to create a list of favorites.  I like the numerical format, and a horizontal design with coordinating photos as examples.  I also like the slightly grungy background for a little interest without being overbearing.  Most of the time we scrappers are busy creating memories of everything else but ourselves.  It’s nice to take some time to include “me” pages here and there.

With that, I’ll finish today’s post, and wish you a nice rest of the week.  Thanks for spending a bit of time with me here.  I do hope you can take some time to be creative, in whatever form that takes.  It’s good for the soul.


Fingerpointing – January 23rd

We have been having some weather the last couple of days.  Yesterday started out with rain, then freezing rain and then an all out snowstorm.  The flakes were beautiful, huge and heavy.  The kind of snow that is perfect for making a snowman.  I’ve been content to stay indoors and enjoy the view.  And speaking of view, today’s gallery browsing mission was successful.  Hi.  I’m Brenda, and here is what I found for today’s top six:

Solitude by bcazzell

I couldn’t resist this wintery scene that reminds me so much of what many of us are experiencing right now.  The heavy snow that clings to the trees is so beautiful with just a hint of pine needle green peeking out.  The texture on this page adds so much dimension and the wordart is just enough to add interest to the overall design.  It was interesting to read the technique used for this page.

MY HAPPINESS by Justagirl

On the opposite hand, here we have sunshine, beaches and someone’s happy place.  This is a wonderful horizontal design with what appears to be a band of blue sky across the page, and layered on top of it is a beach scene where I would love to be at, right this very minute.   (yes I would give up this beautiful snow for a beautiful beach anyday)   I love the playful colors and patterns layered behind it.  How lucky this designer is to be able to say “my local beach.”

Loved This #happyPLace by Dalis

Our next destination page is chock-full of  fun and colorful elements, designed to support the “happy place” story.    This is wonderful journaling, and will be as interesting to look at in twenty years as it is today.

MOC – Day 21 by KarenB

Be still my heart.  I’m a bit white space challenged myself, so I always admire someone who pulls it off as well as this designer did.  But really, what else is there to look at aside from this adorable furbaby photo?  Keeping the design simple with minimal elements was inspired.  I love how she framed the photo, and then used a simple dark patterned paper behind it.  The addition of the small bit of twine with a single button, and that one word title make this page absolutely perfect.  Here is where we all say, awww.

Talent Balance Auggie by Roboliver

Who would have thought there would be two inspiring pet pages today?  But look at this.  How could I resist?  Auggie is so talented and I love that his talents have been recorded in a scrapbook page to preserve for all time.  I like the white textured paper with hand drawn stars and splatters on top of it.  The weathered wood alpha looks great here too.

in my defense by Kellygirl

I had to laugh when I saw the wordstrips on this page.  Love love love all of the circles in various sizes and colors.  And talk about color overload in the best way possible.  The black background was the best choice, right?  This is so striking that I can’t stop looking at it.  It’s pure eyecandy.

This is it for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks. If you have time, please do take a closer look in the galleries and take a couple of seconds to leave some positive feedback.  It’s always appreciated.

Fingerpointing – January 9th

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s Fingerpointing spree.  I’ve been having the best time browsing the scrapbook galleries this morning and I can’t wait to show you some of the gems I’ve found.  Ready or not, here we go.


This is such a fun page, filled with lots of digital goodies, including these these super cute black and white photo strips with various poses.  Love the design, layering and choice of elements.  Most of all, I like the quote which is something we all need to be reminded of now and then.

a-letter-to-self by AnneofAlamo

What a project this must have been!  This is a fabulous photoless page, filled with journaling and various notes to self.  Wonderful layering here and it looks like everything is placed perfectly.  Be sure to check out the list of credits.  (It’s the longest list I’ve ever seen)  I only have one thing I’d like to mention to Anne.  If you take the time to read her notes, I think there is room for 5 black shirts in your (my) closet.  One long sleeve, one short sleeve, one dress shirt, one polo . . . etc.  *wink*

Us and Ours by Barbara Houston

This page combines artsy and cute all in one.  I like the curled paper, the brushwork and soft muted tones of the background, and of course that adorable subject, Maxwell.  He looks warm and cozy right where he is.

First Snow by mrivas

This is a super nice winter page in what is becoming a beautiful winter color palette.  I love the cluster of stars, snowflakes, a few well chosen brushes and the perfect title.  What a great photo to work with.  A fun quote around the photo frame is an inspired touch.  The journaling below will ensure that this memory will be preserved for years to come.

snow wonder by dziuniaf

This is a beautiful winter design with frosty leaves, flowers, and various other elements.  I like that the photo is tucked under a branch, and atop the branch, sits a little bird.  I also like the tilted background, with another dark background behind it.

Make It Count by sucali

I’m so in love with this trend of pastel winter pages.  Starting with a soft black and white photo, she layers in some beautiful patterned papers in soft pastel colors and tops it off with some pretty elements, including that winter fox complete in cap and scarf.  Too cute!  I like the ample white space and simple title below.  I’m reminded that even the most simple, clean looking pages have to be carefully planned out in order to look this good.  Well done.

That’s it for me today, folks.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these selections, and I hope you can take a few minutes to visit the galleries and leave some positive feedback.  I’m off to get an overdue oil change today while the temps are above 0.  That’s life in the north.


Fingerpointing Dec. 11th

Ho ho holy guacamole!  We are well into December, and for a lot of us, we’re walking, running or driving in snow.  Thankfully not a lot of it here, but definitely enough that we need to slow our roll.  I have enjoyed strolling through the galleries today and found so many wonderful winter pages.  These are the beauties that made the cut:

SANTA BABY by conniesmiles

Babies in a Santa hat always make me smile, and these photos are simply precious.    Everything is nicely placed.  I like the santa title and cute elements throughout, including that great edge overlay.

Winter Cold by bcgal00

The sharp to soft focus on the photo is gorgeous.  I like the appearance of the hand written note, which is spot on.  The weather can change in a matter of a few minutes here in the north, so we just have to take it as it comes.  I like the vintage look to the paper with bits of white lace, and the colorful clusters on both sides of the page really draw your eye to the center.  Very pretty!

Winter Wonderland by katie pertiet

I’m going to call this style . . .  artsy clean.  The overall appearance to me is definitely clean.  Not a lot of fuss, except for a few extra elements along with some brush work  in the vertical direction, but it’s that little bit of extra that makes all of the difference here.  The fact that it’s a pink winter page makes it even more attractive.  Love the white space too with the gray shading behind the photo.

Finally Feels Like by Roxana

I love the small pieces of patterned paper on the side and lots of white paper on the other.  The polaroid framing is a nice touch, and the winter photos look very nice, especially with the winter stamp in the upper corner.  The scattered snowflakes look great and the shadowing is perfect.  This is such a pretty winter page!

Time to Celebrate by alannabanana

This is such a pretty winter page, with a unique blend of orange and beige colors.   The wide square frame looks very nice, and of course the photo is delightful.  Great shadow work and  I also like the grungy look to the background.  Every time I look at it I see something different.  Simply gorgeous!

Challenge 1 by Madi

Everything about this holiday page is adorable!  I love all of the elements layered in her makeshift headdress.  The smile on her face matches mine.  *big smile*  Great texturing too.  I like the dark background because it makes those splatters and white snowflakes pop.  Fun fun fun.  It seems like some of the best pages come from challenges.  I’m looking forward to watching this season brings.

That’s it for today, friends.  I hope you have enjoyed these selections, and I hope they have inspired you to take some time to keep those memories alive.  Happy Holidays from me to you!

Fingerpointing – November 22nd

This is such an inspiring time of year and I’m betting that everyone wishes they had more time to sit down and do some scrapping or journaling or maybe to design a bit of digital art.  If you’re like me, it’s the perfect way to start your day, or for that matter, to relax at the end of a long day.  This morning I was up early.  With a cup of tea by my side, I took a leisurely stroll through the galleries, and these are the pages I’d like to share with you today.

Scent of Winter Berries by Chic_lady

This is such a pretty corner design with plenty of white space and some winter favorites like pine branches, a christmas tree and snow.  I really like the small bits of color and the black splatters.  The simple wordart at the bottom is perfect.  As I  gaze at this piece of art, it sort of gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Christmas spirit by Ashleywb

Here is another festive page in a more traditional scrapbook style.  The photo is adorable and it does look like the girls are getting into the Christmas spirit!  I like the stack of papers behind the photo with just a hint of blue and green grunge.  Finishing if off nicely is a festive cluster and a bit of documenting the memories.

You are my star by huyentrang43

I can’t start with anything but . . .  how cute is this baby!?  She just makes me smile!  (I’m guessing it’s a girl because of the bow on the headband)   The lightly patterned paper looks great for this design.  I love those bold stars, the side clusters and sticker title.   Am I the only one that wants to do a lift?  This is a total winner for me.

The Big Chill by caliten

I’m totally in love with this vertical design in circles filled with patterns, wordart, shapes and grunge, not to mention the brushwork.  Love that underlined title with the journaling below too.  The single photo really stands out in the best way possible.

A funny face by faby 33

The photo and photo treatment is gorgeous here.  I like the almost monotone color scheme with small pieces of patterns skillfully arranged for interest.  Other than that – I’ve seen “grimace” a time or two while trying to photograph my own boys.  You never know what you’re going to get, but they’re all part of the subjects character.  Personally, I think it’s adorable.

tuckered out by nancyr

This is a great multi photo page dedicated to Luther and his first trip to the Jersey Shore.  Lucky guy!  I love the flow of this page and the blending is great.  I like the large photo being part of the background.  The scattered shells and stitching are nice touches, and the odd sized alpha title is perfect.

That’s it for me today folks.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these scrapbook pages and digital art pieces.  You can get a closer look by clicking on the title.  Till next time, keep creating and have a great day!

Fingerpointing – November 17th

It’s a dreary Friday here in my corner of the world.  Life is happening today, and not in the best way possible for me.  My day started out with tired, sore eyes.  There was plenty of eyecandy in the galleries though,  so I’m going to get right into sharing what I’ve found.

Novemberrr by PLM

I was struck by the mix of colors, and that adorable little guy in a bright red jacket.  Wonderful choice of elements and perfect layering, along with a good amount of white space which includes the snow from the photo.  Very pretty indeed!

You Are Adorable by Rosie

I adore these soft colors of blue and gray along with the bits of silver metal and what a wonderful choice for a background.  The layering is absolutely inspiring and draws your eye right into that sweet photo.

Grateful by Annemiekkok 

It’s that time of year when we give extra thought to what we are most thankful in our lives.  This is a super nice page doing just that.  This is a great design, and I love how the wordart is arranged around the photo.

Let It Rain by Norma

What a gorgeous mix of colors!  I like how she framed that nicely masked photo and added corner clusters with the prettiest flowers!  The turquoise raindrops and umbrella are an extra nice touch.

The first snow by Mary-11

Some of the holiday pages are trickling in and this one caught my eye today.  Love those cute photos, and the clusters with flakes, pine needles and berries.  The large red and white stripes are great accents, and there is plenty of white space too.  Such an inspiring page to get us in the mood for the holidays.


Oh yes, we are a force to be reckoned with!  I could not pass this one up, coming from a male dominated workforce.   This page is vintage in the best way possible!  The design is just wonderful as are the elements used.  This page is “I want to hang it up in my room” good!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, won’t you stop by the galleries and leave a positive message for these artists?  Until next time, happy scrapping everyone!



Fingerpointing – November 2nd

October is in the rear view mirror, and November is full speed ahead.  I’ll be sad to see all of the fun Halloween pages fade away, but we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays now in the galleries.  We still have plenty of time to share our colorful autumn pages though.  Officially, winter doesn’t start until December 21st.  Speaking of holidays, I hope you don’t mind if I just share one more Halloween page that caught my eye. Here we go with today’s Gallery Standouts:

Happy Halloween by Kellygirl 

The design of this page is fantastic.  I love the oversized corner flowers along with the rest of the elements she chose.  Everything works so well together.  Love love love the background, brushwork and that cool title.  I want this costume for next years Halloween party, crows and all.

A Beautiful Mess by tracpitch

What an interesting design.  I’m drawn to the grunge and this is chock full of it both in big and small ways.  The title says it all.  I think most of us are (a beautiful mess) from time to time.  The fact that I keep studying this and finding new and interesting bits and pieces to it means it’s truly a standout.  This is a great piece of art.

Cock and Bull Challenge – Bathing Beauties by A-M

Just to explain, Cock-and-Bull is an absurd, improbable story presented as the truth.  What a fun idea for a page!  I love the vintage photos and as far as the journaling goes – well, ANYTHING goes, and a good imagination is a big plus. I like the little horizontal ribbon cluster as a final touch to this masterpiece in deception.  (and I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

SWEET by by AnkeKramer

I was drawn to this adorable design, with only a soft muted peach for color.  The photo is cute as can be and looks to be somewhat vintage.  The cluster behind the photo is perfect, especially with the cutout pattern and I especially like the shadowing of it.  The short and sweet title (pun intended) directly below goes into a nice vertical design with hearts and finally a small wordstrip for a nice ending.

FALL by aasta

This is an absolutely adorable fall photo.  The addition of those autumn leaves is basically all that is needed to make this into a work of art and something I’d most definitely print to hang on a wall.  I’ve done a fair amount of staring at this page and I just can’t help but smile from beginning to end.  Anyone else besides me want to lift this page?

LOVE by faerywings

I ask you . . .  what’s not to love?  All of the focus goes exactly where it should.  The dark brown background is a great choice for the white frame and photo.  A simple title is perfect because honestly, where are your eyes drawn?  I can’t stop looking at that face!  ♥ The challenge was to use a large photo, and lots of white space.  Nailed it!  The backstory – this beauty is a rescue.  She is now healthy, peaceful and content in her new furever home.  *sigh*

I’ve come to the end of today’s post.  Hopefully you have found some inspiration from these selections today.  If you have time, could you stop by the galleries and leave some positive feedback?  Till next time, happy scrapping everyone!