Fingerpointing – October 16th

Hello to everyone, and thanks for joining me for today’s Gallery Standouts.  The galleries are filling up with lots of oranges, yellows, golds, and reds in honor of this wonderful autumn season that is upon those of us in a 4-season world, not to mention those of us who are getting ready to celebrate Halloween.  As always, there was no shortage of eye candy today.  Here are my top 6 choices in various colors and styles.

capturing october by sylvia

We have had many October mornings that look exactly like this.  It’s a beautiful capture of a day in the season.  I like the background which seems to match the mood of the photo, and the minimal bits of soft blue elements.  The grungy page framing adds so much to the overall look, and the simple title says it all.

Beautiful Autumn by MaggieMae

With the addition of just the right background paper and seasonal photos, this layered template was turned into a work of art.  Wouldn’t this look great hanging on a wall for the autumn months?  What a great design.

Hide and Seek by joyg

This is such a beautiful work of art.  The brushwork and elements surrounding that adorable little owl are perfectly placed and the overall look is perfection.

Highlands by magnolia2907

Everything about this page is beautiful, from the photo to the blending to the clustering and choice of colors, elements and brushes.  In a word – perfect.

Venice Backwaters by profolly

The first thing that stands out is the photo treatment, and then the scene itself.  I love the splatters of color and bits of text with a healthy dose of white space below.  I also like the thin font used in this title.  Every picture tells a story.  Isn’t that the truth?

Catrific by EHStudios

Oh my, isn’t this adorable?   This is an excellent example of minimal, right down to the tiny kitten in the photo.  I just love this!  The fun (almost) circles in various colors in this horizontal design look great, especially with the black specks, and the addition of those two tiny kittens to help frame the photo is super cute and playful.   This page had to be so fun to play with.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these selections and maybe they’ve even inspired you to do some scrapping of your own.  How about a scraplift of one of them?  I have my eye on one of them to lift real soon.  If you have some time, won’t you please take a closer look in the galleries and maybe even leave some positive feedback for these artists and scrappers?

Fingerpointing – October 9th

Hello and welcome to the October 9th edition of Gallery Standouts.    I’ve been browsing the galleries in search of some beautiful pages to share with you.  There was an abundance of inspiration today, and these are my top six choices:

Leaf Peeping by christa

I admit to being a leaf peeper myself.   The fall color report map shows that we’re about 75% into peak colors.  Maybe next weekend I’ll be doing some peeping of my own.  This is such a pretty autumn page!  There is plenty of white space here, which guides your focus to those black and white photos.  I like the patterned paper in rectangle shapes behind the photos, and the 3-point leaf placement.   Awesome shadowing on them by the way.

Project Life Spread by LauraWonsik

This is an interesting design for Project Life.  I like the journaling placement as well as the thin horizontal lines, just a hint of pattern and elements, and the corner title.  Most of all, I was drawn to something as simple as a slight rotation.  It really makes a huge impact.

Autumn by beaute

What a great vintage photo to frame.  Speaking of framing . . .  I really like how she used these frames in such an artistic way.  I also like the wordart, and the horizontal paper strip behind both the photo and wordart.  There is plenty of subtle brushwork, and white space too.  Beautiful design!

You by keepscrappin

This is such an interesting design.  I love the bold black and white pattern as a background, with the torn paper on top of it.  Wonderful layering of papers and elements with both bold and soft colors and patterns,  all drawing you into that sweet photo.  Love the large title too, and some scribbles for good measure.    I REALLY like this page.

Photo Adventures by suzanner

What an interesting page!  I love the lengthy journaling that hugs the shape of the main design.  The placement of the multiple photos is totally creative and I just love how she included a cropped selfie photo in her travel photos.  This is super fun.

Glorious Days Of Autumn by lenak

This is the perfect way to end an autumn post.  These bright autumn colors make my heart sing.  The photo itself is gorgeous, and the floral cluster on the side simply adds to the beauty.  I like the artistic background, the black swirls, and what a great title.  This really makes me want to go out and enjoy some of my own autumn beauty.

And with that I’ll call it a day.  I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s selections, and have a little time to do some gallery surfing of your own.  It’s good for the soul.

Fingerpointing – September 29th

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s Gallery Standouts.  There is no lack of beautiful, artistic and just plain fun pages in the galleries today, and I’d like to share six of the pages I found that stood out.  Ready or not, here we go.

Cher at Lake Paulina by dwsewbiz

I like that most of the background is actually one of the photos, and the cardboard paper blends in beautifully.  The bits of stitches and messy strings on the photo frames looks great, and I like all of the texture.  Cher looks like she’s enjoying the day.  Is that a hat she’s wearing?  Too cute.

Perfect Conditions by cinna

The wordstrips tell a story on their own, and how true that sentiment is.    Beautiful layering here, and I like how she included a few different text styles.  Very pretty choice of colors and elements,  and I really like the addition of the textured white space on the right.  Great the selfie too.

Enjoy Life by SanVHM

This page is bright and happy and it makes me smile.  The yellow and turquoise colors look fantastic together as a background, and the white space above is perfect.   What a nice photo, and I like the double polaroid framing.  The addition of some colorful patterns layered behind and near the photo adds interest too.

I want to tell The World About you by dotcomkari

This is a project and a half, and for me it was well worth every minute spent on it.  It’s one of those ARTjournal projects that just knocks your socks off.  I’m crazy about all of the black doodles, journaling, scratches and word bits.  Then throw in  all of these little colored elements spaced nicely throughout the page and all of a sudden you have a masterpiece.  I’m still studying it.

Love This So Much by Kayleigh

Kayleigh captured soft, sweet, playful and spunky all in one gorgeous page.  I love the soft colors and ever so slightly vintage elements with these photos of her adorable but very modern little girl. As always, the layers are perfectly placed and dotted with a loving title and wordart.  For me, this is as close to perfect as it gets.

September Garden by Jacqueline

I love everything about this page.  It is so visually appealing.  The grungy multicolored background looks great, and the clusters surrounding her sweet photo are simply fantastic!  This page is a definite two thumbs up for me.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Gallery Standouts, and I hope they have inspired you to take some time to do a little creating and memorykeeping of your own.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more inspiration.  Enjoy your weekend!

Fingerpointing – September 25th

Hello, and welcome to today’s edition of Gallery Standouts.  We are now on day 4 of our fall season, and I really do love all things fall.  However – for today at least, I’m finding it a bit difficult to let go of summer, with temps in the mid 80’s.  For that reason, I’m starting out with a sweet summer scrapbook page.  What else did I find to share with you?  Well, let’s just see.  I’m Brenda, and here are today’s selections:

SUMMER FUN by Tachita55

I was drawn to these vibrant colors, the yellow splashes behind the photo, and how she kept the photo black and white to really allow you to zero in on it.  Super nice clusters and fun flowers too!

5 Things I Miss by Roboliver

For all of the parents of adult children, can you relate?  I sure can.  I just love this design.  The background filled with kisses and hugs, the nostalgic photo of the kids playing on the playground, the list of memories, good and not quite as good.  It’s all part of the big picture.  We love them, nurture them and then when it’s time, we watch them take flight.  These cute little elements sprinkled here and there are so darn cute.  This page is lift worthy, if ever there was one.

Autumn Bits by AliceM

This is such a fun page, and I like that it is mostly in non-traditional autumn colors.  Love the split background and paper strips going in different directions.  Lots of patterns and colors add a lot of interest to this page, along with that cute round photo, framed in white.

Where The Story Of Our Road Trip Begins…  by Vrielinkie

This is a great way to document a trip.  The yellow patterns behind the photos really make them pop.  I like how the photos are numbered and in her journaling, she uses that yellow dot theme to describe each photo.  I like that idea.

Autumn is my time by A J M

Now this is a full on, traditional Autumn page!  Beautiful artistry and autumn elements.  They compliment her photo very nicely.  I like the artsy looking background, and the white space on the right hand side.  Very pretty!

We Go Together by carrie1977

This page is very cool!  I love the heavy and light black spaces, right down to the little scribbles.  The splashes of red add just enough color to make it extra interesting.  The brushwork is perfectly placed, and as far as grunge goes, this is perfect in my book.

That’s it for today my friends.  I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s GSO’s.  I’ll be back soon with more gallery goodness.




Fingerpointing – September 12th

Goodmorning, scrapbook enthusiasts.  You know it’s a bad day when you have no desire to even attempt to scrapbook.  I picked something up over the weekend that had me in such a state.  For the long weekend I was down for the count.  I’m so glad to be feeling better today, and I’m happy to be back in the galleries to see what I have missed for the last 3 days.  There is a subtle shift towards autumn, which in itself makes me happy.  Want to see what I found?  I’m Brenda, and these pages caught my eye today.

Marilyn by Anita

There is always room for a tribute to Marilyn,  and what a beautiful tribute this is.  Wonderful photo itself and edited with a definite artistic flair.  The soft colors and florals add to it’s beauty as does the pops of black that enhance the photo even more.  I admit to studying this one for a long while.

Girl Power by Azeline

Yah for girl power!  First of all, I like this mainly black and white page with just a few pops of color.  This series of photos is totally adorable and with those matching edgy elements in various colors and patterns behind them, it really draws your focus to them.  Lastly, the frames are a fantastic feature, especially for these fun photos.

Simply Sweet by Rosie

Perfectly titled I’d say.  How about you?  One adorable photo plus gorgeous blending and layering of these soft, pretty and well balanced elements, equals a page that deserves to have one of today’s GSO spots.

Just Me by bbymks5

I just love this “me” page.  One side has a photo and a few well placed elements and brushwork,  and the other side is a list of what she’s all about.  I didn’t notice at first that inside the jar has some fun WordArt among the stems and other elements.  What a great idea!  I love the subtle shadowing too.  This is another page I’d like to lift.  (and the list is growing)

Sophie’s Pot by KarenB

I like the clean look to this page with plenty of white space.  The simple title and well placed layering with the patterned paper and a small floral arrangement look great.  I’m not aware of a pot painting café in my town, but that sure does look like something that would be fun to do with a few good friends, or even a way to get away for a bit of mother/daughter alone time.

Queen of Ruby by Jana Holden

I just love this deep, rich color of red that is used in the elements.   Speaking of elements, I think they are placed perfectly for maximum impact.  The addition of some bits of gold are a beautiful accent.  I I especially like the golden splatters and streaks.  This is Victorian artistry at it’s finest.

Thanks to you all for checking out today’s choices.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  If so, please stop by their galleries to share some positive feedback.  Until next time, keep the memory keeping alive.


Fingerpointing – September 1st

“The morning of the first of September was crisp and golden as an apple.” — JK Rowling

Goodbye August and hello September!  I woke up to a cool 50°, and in a few hours there will be plenty of sunshine and a perfect (for me) 70°.  In my world, we enjoy all 4 seasons and I have to say that Autumn is a favorite of mine.  Officially it starts later in the month, but as soon as September 1st rolls around, I’m dreaming of leaves turning shades of crimson and gold, pumpkins, red and green apples and all things fall.

Moving right along . . .  there was no shortage of eye candy in the galleries this morning.  I’m Brenda, and here are today’s Gallery Standouts:

Summer’s Remains by dfwest

This page seems appropriate for today and I think it’s simply gorgeous.  The mention of losing petals of the flowers one by one is a reminder that summer’s beauty is fading in small but noticeable ways.  I’m in awe of the detailed brushwork here and the subtle hints of color.  It’s a lot to take in, and well worth the time spent.

Fall by IntenseMagic

It appears I’m not the only one who is thinking about autumn.  This page makes me smile with that sweet photo and the fun note beside it.  There is lots to look at here too.  I love the mix of patterned papers and splashes of color, and the vertical lines is a nice touch.  If I say this page is a beautiful mess, I mean it in the nicest way possible!

meeting snoopy by elenasworld

First of all, how cute is that photo?!    There are plenty of tiny details to show it off including the understated background, page border, pink balloons and floral cluster.  This page is simply put, soft and sweet.

In the garden by LynnG

There are some scrappers who just seem to have a knack for matching the background, to the photo.  I saw this page and I thought, wow, everything matches perfectly, and one compliments the other.  Plus, the colors are so pretty!  I’m drawn to the design of this, with a heavier pattern on one side, and much lighter on the other, and the amount of white space seems just perfect.

Fresh Air by Scrapalily

Here’s another page that made me smile today.  The photos are totally adorable and I like that they’re in black and white.  The pops of yellow and black are really eye catching and draw you in.  I like the combination of oval and square frames, the black triangles on either end of the design, and the little stitches and tiny black flowers.   Once you study this, there certainly is more than you think, to meet the eye.

Time flies by Ga_L

How time flies.  Isn’t that the truth?  I’m betting this page is going to be looked back on with fond memories.  I like the candid photo taken from the back side, the split background with subtle patterns, and the gold paper strips peeking out behind the photo.  Great brushwork too with the references to time.  I also like the bit of shadowing on the page itself.  It gives the top left corner a nice little curl.  Again, subtle but really effective.

And with that I’ll end this post with a wish for everyone to have a wonderful day and beginning to your weekend.  Thank you for taking the time to do some gallery browsing with me.  If you have time, please do stop by and leave a comment.  This I know – it’s always appreciated.



Fingerpointing – August 18th

Today it is my pleasure to share with you, some of the prettiest, most interesting and artistic scrapbook pages I’ve found throughout the galleries.  Every gallery has many standout pages and it’s not easy to narrow it down, but narrow it down I must.  This is Brenda, and these 6 pages made the cut.

enjoy everyday moments by Anne PC

Yes indeed, he does have a beautiful smile, and his facial expressions make me smile too!  The series of tilted photos in a horizontal design look great, and I like the orange based colors and patterns that contrast with the purple T-shirt.  I also like her use of minimal elements.  Lots of white space drew me right in to the subject.  This is a real winner.

In-your-quirky-little-head by Shivani

This page is the opposite of minimal,  and I love it!  I look at this and think . . .  wow, there was a lot of work put into this page.  Love love love all of the different colors,  journaling,  and the large sticker style title.  This page is busy as can be, but I think because the background is basically white, it seems to flow nicely.  What a fun page.

Unforgettable by ChaosLounge

This is another somewhat busy page, but in a block style.  The many elements scattered throughout certainly create interest, and I like the different patterns in shades of pink.  The design looks perfect for this girly page, and those sweet monotone photos.  Simply adorable.

Sweet Little Dove by lieke

This page is beautiful it it’s artistry.  Those rich colors and the detailed elements make this what I call “eye candy.”  What a wonderful design.

Super You by Shannamay

Scrapping perfection.  This is all about the her “super” photo.   Love the shadowed frame, the large super tag, the soft watery painted foliage, the scripted photo border and those tiny bits of red.  Again, plenty of white space to really draw you into the photo.  What a nice page this would be to lift.  Just sayin.  😉

All The Best by tiramisu

This page is completely calming and peaceful to me.  The background is beautiful in itself with such pretty colors and textures.  The cluster under the photo looks great with the black scribbles and scattered buttons.  Such a pretty scene!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s selections.  Maybe it has inspired you to do a bit of scrapping and memorykeeping?  Tomorrow we’ll be back with more fingerpointing.  Until then, be well everyone!