Fingerpointing – August 1st

Well, hellooooo August, and hello to digital scrappers and enthusiasts everywhere!  Brenda here, to do a bit of fingerpointing.  Before immersing myself into the galleries, I decided I should do a little housework.  You know how some days you feel like you can do everything, and then some days you don’t feel like doing one single thing?  I think today I can do it all.  Of course I can’t, I just feel like I can, and actually that’s good enough for me.  Now comes the time for me to share some exceptional pages that I’ve found in the galleries.  Is everyone ready?  Here we go.

Summer Sunshine by Anny-Libelle

This beautiful summery page just makes me happy.  The primary colors of yellow and pink stand out almost as much as that adorable photo does.  Wonderful clustering and designing here, and I love the lyrics added to that perfect title.  I’ve already got that song stuck in my head, so this is going to be a memorable page for me.  Mission accomplished.

Dear Madam by Pepette

This is a beautifully vintage inspired page and another example of layering perfection.  Wonderful grungy background here and it’s just perfect for the elements used.  I haven’t seen this style of torn lace before.  It’s very striking and adds so much to the vintage feel.  I like the frameless tilted photo too and the shadowing throughout is very nice.

In My Garden by HeidiH

The simplicity of the photos from her garden are breathtaking.  I’m always in awe of people who have “the eye” for that kind of thing.  And then to be able to further bring out the beauty of the photos by designing around them with the perfect choice of paper and elements and the layering of them all . . . . it’s truly an art form.

7:20 AM Carpool by KayTeaPea

It’s just a day-in-the-life for for this mom, but scrapping it is an absolute must, right?  I mean, years from now the kids will get a kick out of looking back on this.  Not only that, but they’ll be reminded of just a fraction of what the rents have done with them and for them.  This page is so darn fun with all of the colorful patterned paper and cutsie elements, plus that sticker style title.  The journaling says it all. Love this.

Boingy Thing by Kate

Genius title!  This is life according to Gavin.  I chuckled to myself as I was reading his comments.   Well for sure, he’s going to need lots of supervision for the foreseeable future.  It’s going to be an interesting few years.  As for this page, I like the simple black and white theme, so the journaling is easy to read.  The three tilted action photos are cute as can be and the addition of just a few elements make for a great design.

Westmatch by dvhoward

This is a wonderful western style page.  I love the vintage stained and textured background.  The blending is very nice here too.  The photo itself is a treasure and with the journaling, we get a tiny glimpse into the backstory.  This has to be a fond memory and I’m sure it will have a special place in her memory book.  ♥

And with that, I’ll say thank you for your time and have a wonderful first day of August. Don’t forget to scrap whenever possible.  Life is happening folks.  If we don’t record it, who will?

Fingerpointing – July 25th

What a gorgeous morning it is here in Wisconsin!  We have cool temps and plenty of sunshine.  It’s one of those days you just want to get out and enjoy.  I think it’s time to pick up a new pair of earbuds and take them (along with my ipod)  on a little walk around the neighborhood.  Before I do that – I would like to share with you my top 6 picks for today’s Gallery Standouts.

The Vintage Golfer by Anja_77

What a beautiful design!  First off, I really like the “almost black and white but not quite” photo.  The clustering around it is masterful.  Trust me when I saw that I am carefully studying it.  Those soft elements in pale green and yellow, plus the background shading make for a modern type of vintage that I admire so much.

Little-things by silent ranks

The soft gold and gray colors do it for me in a big way.  What a pretty combination to work with.  I like the patterned papers and scattered elements as accents, but of course the best part of this page is her wonderful journaling.  These are the kinds of memories that we want to preserve and the reason we do what we do.  Years from now this will be even more precious than it is today.

Joy by myssp

What a great multi-photo page!  I love how she took this template and totally made it her own by surrounding it with additional elements in beautiful shades of blue.  I also love the little bits of stripes and swirls, plus that pretty ornate, oval frame and a perfect title.  I keep looking at all of those  happy faces in the photos.  What a fun time that had to be for the kids.

Summer by Jacqueline

That pretty background and  bold elements are very attractive to me.  I’m a fan of black splashes, and this page has them in all the right places.  Love, love love the layering here, and this photo makes me smile from ear to ear.  Somebody is having a summer blast!  Too cute.

Enchant by Kellygirl

Speaking of bold . . . . how about these deep rich colors?  While I’m not ready for autumn quite yet, I’m thoroughly drawn to this page with what we consider typical autumn shades.  The placement of those bold and beautiful elements is perfect and overall I find this page to be fun and visually appealing in what I consider to be a steampunk-ish sort of way.  It’s a style I’ve yet to experiment with, but would someday love to try.

New Dog by musicmom3

What a sweet page, dedicated to Buko and his person, the one who literally saved his life.   When I look at his restful face, it’s clear.  He is home.  ♥   The backstory is short, heartwarming and very worth the read.   I love the orientation of the photo, the artsy brushwork around it and that perfectly placed title.  If I could, I’d give him a big hug too.  Many blessings to Buko and his new mom.

That’s it for today folks.  I hope these picks are as inspiring to you as they are to me.  If you have time, please check them out individually and leave a kind word to these scrappers, artists and memorykeepers.


Fingerpointing – July 19th

Good Morning everyone!  Brenda here, and it’s an exceptionally beautiful day today, outside as well as inside.  I’ve spent lots of time  browsing the galleries and have come up with quite an interesting mix of scrapbook pages to share.  To be sure, I wasn’t looking specifically for photoless pages, but in the end, the majority of today’s fingerpointing went in that direction.

First up is Blissfully Unaware by mimsgirl.

To be honest, she had me at the title.  Blissfully unaware and oh so happy sounds like the perfect combination to me.  Her colorful, fun elements and design is just the icing on the digital cake.

Live Life by gina

This gorgeous black and white silhouette is a perfect alternative to a photo.  Not everyone is a fan of oversized elements, but honestly, I feel like there are no “rules” to art and that, at least in part is what this is.  Wonderful layering and a complete black and white page with a great message.  I’m all in.

Parisa by beaute

I couldn’t resist this vintage page that beaute designed.  I love how everything is subtly placed and you almost don’t even notice the individual elements because they all blend so well together.  The splatters, grids, wordart,  texture and text plus the crown, the beautiful gold focal point.  Very pretty indeed.

Cinque Terre by zlemon

So technically this is from a photo, but I’m not looking at it as a photo but rather, a scene.  One simply gorgeous scene!  First off I have to thank her for sharing the name of the app she used for this photo treatment.  I’ll be checking that out asap.  I love it when friends share their interesting photos too.  Armchair traveling can be an excellent way to get your art on.  😉  From top to bottom this page spells art and beauty.

Love by wombat146

Love?  Me too!  I just love the mix of playful patterns used in the background.  That paisley really caught my eye in such pretty colors.  In my mind I see 3 parts to this page.  One being the background, the other of course is that gorgeous photo, and lastly, the floral  cluster.  It sounds simple, but every.single.piece is exactly what and where it should be.  We’re looking at a master scrapper here.  This page is absolutely gorgeous in it’s simplicity.

Christmas At Home by Esther_a

Has anyone noticed that some of the best scrapbook pages come from challenges?  This particular challenge was for Christmas in July.  Esther designed her page with some vintage photos and listed a few of the things she remembered about Christmas as a child.  The clean style and plenty of white space make her page very visually appealing.

Thank you for taking the time to view today’s Gallery Standouts.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them and I hope you have a super nice day.  Adios, amigos.


Fingerpointing – June 18th

Each year on the third Sunday in June we celebrate Father’s Day, along with our friends in Canada and England.  I’d like to wish all the father’s, dads, daddy’s, papa’s and step-dads a Happy Father’s Day.  I would also like to honor the mother’s who fill both the roll of mother and father.  It happens a lot.  One of my boys makes a point to call me on Mother’s Day, but also on Father’s Day.  The first time he did that and explained that understood how I filled both rolls, it brought tears to my eyes.  As it happens, both of my boys are here with me today, so without further adieu, here are today’s selections:

Mollie – 1st Father Day 1968

In honor of this special day, I wanted to share a couple of pages dedicated to the dads.  This page by Mollie is a wonderful vintage page with heartfelt journaling, and it even includes a map with the exact location that they were living at the time.  This page is an absolute family treasure and I just love everything about it.

Walk With Me by cinderella

This is a fresh, modern approach.  I’m not sure if this page is dedicated to Father’s Day, but I see daddy written all over it.  There they go – daddy and Zoe, walking down the street hand in hand.  I just know that daddy is so proud of his little girl.  I really like the fun stripes and chevrons, and of course the title is perfect as can be.

One Mean Mug by mystampin2003

This is so darn funny!  I love how she lined up multiple silhouettes and framed each one with a different mug shot of her man.  This page is definitely a super fun, masculine design with lots of grunge.  That’s my kind of page.

Sunday Drive by Heidi Nicole

I love the theme –  a perfect Sunday drive.  Imagine the group piling into the jeep and heading out for parts unknown, taking each moment as it comes.   Sounds good to me.  The horizontal design looks great with the outer photos in black and white, with a colored center photo.  Check out those smiles!  Makes me wish I was there for the ride.  Gorgeous clusters and colors along with those cute corner tabs and some great journaling make this page a real keeper!

Having a Moment by Joyce

It’s just one of those days for this young man.  I don’t know if we’ve all been there, but I sure have.  Yep, just leave him alone and let him have his moment.  I can’t imagine a different title for this page and it looks great on those paper strips.   I like that the photo is actually part of the background and then the elements were layered over it.  Those pretty red flowers really pop, as does that newspaper flower.  In addition, the black and white dotted borders add a lot of interest.  I hope that in about 20 years, this little guy sees the humor in this page like I do right now.

Chewie by Dunia

I so admire the minimalist approach to scrapping.  This page just stole my heart.  Do I say I’m in love everytime I see a cute pet page?  Well guess what.  I’m in love all over again.  With just a few words, a colorful instamatic frame and some yellow hearts, this page is complete,  And I couldn’t agree more.  Life IS better with a dog.  The little #woof wordart off to the side makes me smile.  Love love love this.

This brings me to the end of today’s choices for Gallery Standouts.  I hope you find some inspiration among these pages and I hope you have had a little time of your own this weekend for some creativity.  It’s so good for the soul.

Fingerpointing – June 8th

Good afternoon to one and all!  I started looking through the galleries this morning and left to take care of some business.  My intent was to come back this afternoon and briefly go through the galleries again and wow, there has been a lot of activity today!  I wish I’d been able to showcase a few more, but rules are rules.  I’m Brenda, and these pages have been selected as gallery standouts today:

On the Beach by profolly

What a gorgeous scene!  This page reminds me of my own two adventurous sons.  I’m drawn to the beautiful shades of blue water and soft wispy clouds, but still the focus is contained to the lower left portion.  Wonderful photo treatment as well.

He’s tough but he loves his sister by Ozegirl

This is a super nice design and it starts out with that sweet brother/sister photo.  I like how the large photo is used as part of  the background and then she layered the four snapshots on top of it. As with the first page mentioned, this large photo has a great treatment and because she made it into a black and white, it really makes the colors in the framed photos really pop.  Love the text strips too.


Look mom, no training wheels!  Now THIS is a must document.  I just love these candid photos of her little one learning how to ride on two wheels.  What a thrill!  Great elements, mix of colors and layered perfectly.  Please give him a yahoo and high five from me too?

Brain Freeze by Cherrylej

I couldn’t pass up this cute page.  It’s just perfect for the season.  All of these cute little elements make me smile.  The springy colors and fun patterns all flow so well together and those clusters look great!

Be Wild And Wonderful by jakrn

I like this advice – Be wild and wonderful!  The photo drew me in at first.  Who wouldn’t want to be flanked like this?  The title on the lower left of the photo is perfect.  The somewhat messy background looks great for this boy page, and yet when I look at it, I consider it to be white space.   How did she do that?  There’s a lot going on, but it all flows so well.  My kind of page.

Kiss the Cook by Angel Jet

Isn’t this adorable?  What a sweet photo.  (insert smily face)  I especially like the background and those well placed food and kitchen elements adorning this mini chef.  Too cute.

Just a quick side note before signing off.  I was thrilled to see that the DigiShopTalk gallery is up and running again.  Welcome back!  (you’ve been missed)   I hope you’ve enjoyed these selections.  Have a great rest of your day.

Fingerpointing – May 26th

Good Morning and a big ‘ol TGIF!  Brenda here, with your Friday edition of Gallery Standouts.  The sun is shining in my part of the world, but there is a threat of rain in the forecast for this afternoon.  I’m going to get straight to it this morning, so I can get out there and enjoy the sun while it’s still smiling down on us.  This is my time of year.

Anything is Possible by Traumelfe

I have to say that when I saw this page I thought, wow, this is busy.  The good kind of busy, you know?  There is so much to take in and it all flows so well.  Wonderful artistry, wonderful title and  I agree, anything is possible.

Hutt valley by LynnG

This is another great design.  What a nice mix of vintage and new, and Lynn’s black and white photo is very nice with such pretty shades of blue.  I’m always interested in seeing how people scrap their precious vintage photos and this one really caught my eye.  Well done!

Botanical by tiramisu

There are so many different ways to place your design on a page.  This one sits at the top and leaves plenty of nearly white space at the bottom.  For me, the blue colors on both the right and the left stand out.  Super cute photo and I love the little clip that holds the photo and those delicate greens together.  Plenty of texture and a great title, all add up to one gorgeous page.

Hold On by Jeanet

L.O.V.E  this page.  Everything works so well together.  I’d say it’s ArtJournaling at it’s finest.   Jeanet says after the week she’s had, she needed some scrap therapy.  It makes me wonder what kind of week she’s had but most of all, I hope it helped.

Moments in time by mediterranka

This is another vintage page that caught my eye.  Such beautiful blending and what a great black and white photo.  I adore the deep colored florals in the top left corner and again at the bottom right.  The quote is perfect and the vintage looking font is just right for this page.  Absolutely beautiful.

First day of school by Shivani.sohal

Isn’t this fun?  I love the multi-photo design (with both color and black & white)  and all of those smiles.  The large title looks great here, as well as the top and bottom borders.  In another ten years, this page will be treasured even more than it is today.

Thank to all for sharing this time with me.  I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s eyecandy and maybe even found some inspiration.  Wishing everyone a happy weekend!



Fingerpointing – May 2nd

Hello everyone!  I’m Brenda.  It’s been a good day so far. I’ve had a leisurely stroll through the galleries and have found these scrapbook pages that I’d like to share with you today.

Bells passed by faby33

There are so many different ways to enhance your photos.  This particular photo treatment looks nice, doesn’t it?   I love the bright blue colors and her brushwork is perfect.  The textured background works well here too.  I like the placement of her vertical journaling as well as the thin, messy left corner border.

Doggy Playtime by bcgal00

I’d be lying if I said the first thing to catch my eye was her layering perfection and great choice of elements, the clustering and soft, pretty background.  What a great design.  And for me that’s what this thing “scrapbooking” is all about.  Setting the perfect scene for your treasured photos, and this particular photo certainly is a treasure.  Too cute!

creative by Mother Bear

This is absolutely gorgeous.  Such a pretty background and the scattered flowers look great around the photo.  I just love the way those two frames are arranged on top of the photo.  It’s very visually appealing.

let’s go outside by Maaike

Such a striking design.  I like the different textures, the splatters and the bold title.  Would it sound strange if I said that I even like the white space?  This has an artsy feel that I really like.

icy treats by Katherine Bley

This is just cute as can be!  I love the grid style, filled with black and white patterns with small bits of red and yellow for some pops of color.  What a cool (or should I say cold?) title, and a nice block of journaling to preserve the memory.  I’m going to make a guess.  Chocolate ice cream?

smile by Isa Marks

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this cute little boy page was . . . . SCRAPLIFT.  What a fabulous overall design!  I just love the messy look that Isa created.  Super nice brushwork, use of splatters and wordArt.  What an inspiration!

These are my standout choices for the day.  I do believe I’ve been inspired to do some scrapping today.  How about you?  If you’ve enjoyed these pages, please consider clicking on the links to leave some positive feedback.